Pictures courtesy of  Ryo_Chan


Name: Leonardo

Sex:  Male

Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York City, New York

Species:  Mutant Turtle

Eyes:  Brown

Weapon of Mastery:  Katana


This all depends on which universe your looking at, so I will give you a brief History.

Leonardo was one of four baby turtles accidentally mutated after falling into a sewer.  The turtles were adopted by a rat called Splinter. He trained them in the art of ninjitsu, in the hopes that they would one day avenge the death of his master Yoshi. 


Leonardo is often seen as the Leader and big brother of the group.  He believes strongly in the code of Bushido (Samurai codes of honour) and Budo (The code of war).  He is the most likely of all his brothers to choose the honourable path and is the most spiritual of the group, sharing a close rapport with his master Splinter.  Leonardo is the most guided, authority being his middle name.  He seems unable to understand anything that is not ordered, this leading to many 'disagreements' with Raphael.

My Views:

I believe all the above to be true, but the urge to 'typecast' Leonardo as the straight laced, honour bound warrior seems too great for most fans to ignore.  There is another side to Leonardo, a side that wages a war to be set free.  Failure and imperfection are Leonardo's worse enemies and thus he hates to show his weaker side.  But do not be fooled by his stiff demeanour, because when it comes to letting lose and getting into trouble, he can run with the best of them.


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