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Fan Art


Hello and welcome to my fan art section.  This is where I post all my doodles I have done when I really should have been doing something a bit more constructive.

Drawing is one of my favourite pass times, but as always it is not a skill that comes naturally at me.  I'm sure like the vast majority of fans out there I have to work at my 'artistic talents', but as they say practice makes perfect and no many people are born able to draw ninja turtles.  Here you will find my early attempts at fan art as well as some more recent works.  It goes to show, if you keep working at it you'll get there in the end.  I'm sure you'll all agree I have definitely improved.

Another thing, you don't need expensive artists pencils or art supplies to get great effects.  All the art on this page has been made using pencils and gel pen available from your average Stationary Store.

If you would like your fan art hosted, feel free to email me.



Early work



A small pencil sketch of my favourite turtle.

Coloured  version 



Another pencil sketch.  

Coloured version 



A pencil sketch, that I am not too happy with.  

Coloured version


Raphael and Leonardo  

A coloured pencil drawing.



 A pencil sketch of a character (Raphael's fox girlfriend) from the Archie comic series.


Azure A pencil drawing of a friend from the Technodrome Fan Forum.



More Recent Work



A drawing coloured with gel pens. (Mirage style)



Another gel pen drawing. (Mirage style)



Another gel pen drawing. (Mirage style)



Another gel pen drawing. (Mirage style)



Yet another picture of my favourite turtle.  I liked the way this turned out, although I think I made him a little too dark.


  FoxBox Leonardo  

An attempt at drawing fan art after a 2 year  absence from the fandom!  I am pleased with the results, but it could have been better.


FoxBox Raphael

This has to be my favourite picture that I have draw to date.  I am especially pleased with the shading effects.


FoxBox Donatello

Another attempt to draw a turtle in the FoxBox style. 

FoxBox Donatello (Shading only)



Splinter's Scream

I was inspired to do this doodle by the news that Edvard Munch's masterpiece The Scream was stolen in an armed raid.  



Fan Fiction Art

Drawings from my fan fiction.



A drawing of one of my fan fictions by the same name.  Done in an Archie style.



Not on your life   Don't Touch

A few fun drawings of a little character in my fan fiction story Pollygone.  




All RPG characters profiles can be seen in the Turtle Tracks section.



One of my  RPG Characters 


Frost and Blane

Yet another picture of my RPG persona, this time with an ally named Frost.



A character I hope to introduce into a Role Playing Game soon.



A character I hope to introduce into a Role Playing Game soon.



My Daughter's Fan Art


Super Turtle  A wonderful picture of a ninja turtle, drawn by my daughter Anastasia, aged four.