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On this page, I show some colours that different skin tones should wear/use for the bride, the bridesmaids and the mothers. (see also Makeup and Colour Imaging pages)
If your colouring falls into the DEEP category, the overall impression is strong and rich  projecting strength. You need strong colours primary and clear.  Pastels are sickly on you.
DEEP AUTUMN brides should look to Soft White, Ivory or Cream for their wedding gown, and bridesmaids and mothers could choose from Purple, Teal, Soft Navy, Pine, Emerald, to yellow based Reds, Mustard, Moss to name a few.  Add Terracotta, Rust, Olive, and Bronze.
Makeup colours for cheeks should be in terracotta, salmon, cinnamon or a red shade.  Lipstick should be in true red, cinnamon, terracotta, mahogany shades, and eyeshadows can be chosen from apricot, lemon, pea green, spruce, grey, melon, purple, and brown shades. Eyeliner can be black, pine, plum, brown.
DEEP WINTER brides can go for Pure or Icy White for their gowns, and a striking impact can be made with Black, Navy, Purple, True Blue, Pine, Emerald Turquoise, Periwinkle, Lemon, Emerald, Blue Red.  Choose vibrant primaries, deep neutrals, and rich shades.  Bring in some hot pink, icy pastels, pewter, charcoal, deep brown.
Makeup colours for cheeks should be in shades of red, bronze, plum, grape.
Lipstick can be chosen from shades of mahogany, plum, burgundy, true red, raspberry, hot pink.  Eyeshadows need to be in shades of apricot, mint, champagne, purple, spruce (green), aubergine, deep grey, grape, deep mauve.
Eyeliner can be black, navy,  pine.
For CLEAR COLOURING the impression is bright , clear and contrasting.  Jewel tones are best for your skintone - vibrant and striking. Mix light and dark colours together.  To take the edge of black, near the face, use another colour in scarf or jacket - something like lemon, taupe or pink.
CLEAR SPRING bride should look to Pure White or Soft White for the gown, and bridesmaids/mothers can seek out deep rose, clear red,  scarlet, forest green, true green, clear teal,  bright golden yellow, coral, warm pastel pink to name a few.   Keep the neutrals rich and inky, from jet black and navy to charcoal and black-brown.
Makeup for cheeks should be chosen from salmon, soft red, hot pink shades.  Lipsticks should be in tones of clear red, warm pink, strawberry, coral, true red, plum or grape.  Eyeshadows can be chosen from shades of soft pink, pewter, lemon, spruce, deep brown, grape, teal and navy.  Eyeliner needs to be in black, navy, grey, plum or spruce.
CLEAR WINTER should look to Pure White for the Bridal Gown.  Colours just need a little more depth than Clear Spring and bridesmaids and mothers can choose from navy, royal blue, true blue, purple, pine, emerald, turquoise,violet, raspberry, clear and true red, bright and icy yellows, black, taupe, and icy violet, pink and blue.
Makeup shades  for the cheeks should be found in red, plum, hot pink, or soft red tones.  Lipstick in pink from hot pink to strawberry, true reds, clear (not dark) plum, grape.  Eyeshadow in tones of lemon, champagne, pink, with spruce, plum, grey, brown, taupe , navy should be considered. Eyeliner in tones of black, plum, navy, grey or spruce would suit.
If you are COOL the impression is rosy/grey,  clear, cool and soft.  Avoid any yellow, green or brown undertones, and look to pink or blue-based shades.  Plum is a great one, and navy and charcoal.  Use pastels for blouses, dresses, jackets.
A COOL WINTER bride should look for a gown in Pure White, and bridesmaids and mothers can choose from plums, purple , navy, royal blue, medium blue, emerald turquoise, blue red, deep rose, rose pink, pewter, taupe, and some of the medium and light greys.
Makeup for the cheeks should come from tones of deep rose, plum, soft fuchsia, blue reds, plums and soft burgundy.  Lipsticks in tones of raspberry, plum rose, strawberry, soft fuchsia, rose pinks, soft hot pink and dusty rose, should be considered.  Eyeshadows that suit include tones of soft pink, icy grey, lemon, champagne, slate, plum, aubergine, navy, grape.
COOL SUMMER probably wears a lot of blue shades, from blue grey to rich royal and navy. Pure or Soft White for a bridal gown, and for others rose beige, stone, fuchsia and rose tones of pink, soft teal, burgundy are some to choose from. Aim for rich colour, not bold colour.
Makeup for cheeks should be chosen from shades of rose, soft mauve, soft fuchsia, soft plum and soft burgundy.  Lipsticks from raspberry, plum rose, red geranium, soft mauve, fuchsia, and blue red tones are good.
Eyeshadows should include soft pink, pearl grey, steel grey, navy, plum, spruce, lemon and eyeliners can be navy, pine, plum with some soft grey on top.
LIGHT women  are fair, pale, delicate, translucent and soft.
The colours should not be strong or deep or with high contrast patterns.  You look best in delicate pastels.  If you wear black, soften the neck area with another colour.
LIGHT SPRING brides need to chose a wedding gown in Soft White, or Ivory.  Bridesmaids and mothers can choose from light navy, violet, medium blue, powder blue, clear aqua, bright yellow green, golden yellow, buff, clear red, watermelon, coral, salmon, stone, taupe, blue charcoal, khaki, and camel to name a few.
Makeup for the cheeks should be in tones of salmon, peach, or warm pink.
Lipsticks in tones of peach, salmon, coral, clear red, warm pink would suit.
Eyeshadows in champagne shade, apricot, soft pink, pale aqua, honey, cocoa, teal blue, violet, spruce, soft blues, soft grey would be good.
Eyeliners in shades of navy, grey or teal, softened with a little taupe or cocoa coloured eyeshadow.
LIGHT SUMMER brides should choose a gown in rosey beige, soft white or cream. The bridesmaids and mothers can choose from colours like light navy, medium blue, lavender, periwinkle, violet, spruce, soft teal, light lemon, clear red, rose, clear salmon, deep rose, taupe, rose brown, cocoa, or grey blue to name a few.  The colours of sweet peas look great on this tone...pinks, lavenders, dusty roses, periwinkles.
Makeup for cheeks needs to be in tones of soft rose, salmon, warm pink, peach, pale pink.  Lipstick in dusty rose, soft plum, rose pink, soft grape, salmon would be a good choice.  Eyeshadows can be from soft pink, lemon, pewter,champagne, blue-grey, soft teal, slate, pllum or cocoa tones.  Eyeliner in navy, grey, or teal softened with a little eye shadow would be idea.
The  WARM women has a golden look either rich or fair.
This lady looks great in clothing with gold undertones. Keep right away from blue toned clothing, unless its warm-toned aqua and teal-toned blues. Keep colours like terracotta, golden yellow or salmon close to the face.
WARM SPRING brides should choose a gown in buff, or cream.  Bridesmaids and mothers of this tone can go for autumn toned colours - moss  green, mustard, terracotta, warm browns.  Rust, Tomato red, coral, bright yellow, light true green, jade, teal, deep periwinkle. light orange, peach, camel, bronze, stone, dark brown to name a few.
Makeup for cheeks needs to be in tones of salmon, spicy peach, light cinnamon, apricot, terracotta.  Lipsticks look best in tones of warm pink, coral peach, spice, cinnamon, terracotta, orange red.  Eyeshadows can be chosen from apricot, lemon, pea green with moss, plum, sage, spruce, sea green, grey, cocoa brown.  Eyeliners in tones of teal, olive, purple would be good if toned down a little with soft brown eyeshadow.
WARM AUTUMN brides need to look to cream or milk coffee colour for their gown.  Bridesmaids and mothers can look to light navy, deep periwinkle, purple, teal, emerald, mustard, bronze, rust, light moss, yellow gold, salmon, deep peach, coffee brown, golden brown to name a few. 
Makeup for cheeks would be terracotta, salmon, or spice toned. Lipstick in shades of terracotta, cinnamon, brick red would suit.  Eyeshadows can be chosen from apricot, light gold, peagreen, bronze, brown, medium purple, spruce, and moss.  Eyeliner is teal ,olive, purple, soft brown, all softened with a little brown eyeshadow would be good.
A SOFT woman is muted/mousy, blended,and in some instances rich.  Blended shades, monochromatic shades and matte fabrics are best for you.  Think subdued when thinking colour.  Whether light or deep, colours need to be rich and blended.
A SOFT AUTUMN bride should look to Ivory, Taupe, or Soft White for your wedding gown.  While bridesmaids and mothers can look for muted subdued colours like soft peach, salmon, deep rose, camel, khaki, salmon, bittersweet, rust, buttermilk, mint, bronze, aubergine, purple, forest green, light moss, even a light navy.
Makeup for cheeks would include cinnamon, salmon, spiced peach, terracotta.  Lipsticks in spiced peach, mahogany, terracotta, brick red, tan pink,  tomato red, would be good.  Eyeshadows in apricot, lemon, champagne, bronze, moss, olive, purple, brown, warm grey,  charcoal, spruce, grape are fine..  Eyeliner in shades of charcoal, pine, plum softened with a taupe eyeshadow.
A SOFT SUMMER bride should look for a gown in Soft White, or Ivory.  Bridesmaids and Mothers can look towards
shades of medium blue, purple, amethyst, charcoal, light navy, teal, forest, mint, light lemon, burgundy, deep rose, raspberry, orchid, dusty rose, cocoa, rosey beige, rose brown, stone, pewter to name a few.
Makeup for cheeks needs to be in tones of pinky brown, soft plum, rose.
Lipsticks should be from a choice of tan pink, dusty rose, plum rose, claret, grape type colours.  Eyeshadows  could be soft cocoa, grey or slate blue, pale melon, charcoal, spruce, soft grape, jade, lemon.  Eyeliners in tones of charcoal, pine or plum softened with a taupe eyeshadow, are good.
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