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Margaret's Women's Series -- WELCOME
This beautiful painting of a woman  welcomes you to my index page for Women.  With this page I am putting all my titles for women's subjects  together, and will add to it in the future.  Enjoy.
FASHION - styles for the larger women, mature women, plus-size, petite,  & wearing stripes. Choosing a swim suit,  hats, looking after the skin, choosing spectacles that suit.
The Working Woman's Basic/Core Wardrobe & Selecting Jeans for your Body Shape
COLOUR IMAGING the right colours for skintone etc
IMAGE No Bodys Perfect - see how your body shape can affect clothing choice
PERSONALITY STYLE   dressing to suit your personality
BRIDES makeup    makeup tips for the bridal party
BRIDAL GOWNS gowns for body shapes, veils, flowers, etc.
HAIR styles   hair styles to suit the face shape
MAKEUP    thoughts on makeup application
AROMATHERAPY using flowers for health and beauty
BRIDAL DETAILS - gowns etc for bride, mother, bridesmaids ++
BRIDAL NEWSLETTERS - monthly articles to help the Bride
My A-WEDDINGDay site - hints for the Bridal party
Natural  Aloe-vera based Skincare - click here to view site and shop online
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Begun 2001.  Last updated 17April 2008