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Margarets Pages - Personality Style for Dressing
Your personality dictates your style which is your own interpretation of fashion.  Analyse fabrics, textures, prints, details and accessories you like the most, as well as which colours and styles suit you, and aim to build your wardrobe around these. If you ignore your personality and buy clothes influenced by magazines or what looks great on your friends, you end up with a wardrobe that is a muddle of styles.  This limits flexibility in mixing and matching to create combination outfits, and you are getting less value from your clothing investments.
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Colour Imaging and Image dealt with physical characteristics - your natural colouring and your body shape.

As our moods vary, so do the social requirements of our lives.  Special and routine occasions, call for different looks -- days when we want or need to be
dramatic, classic, natural, romantic, chic or creative.
When you dress in styles and accessories that reflect your personality, we notice
you first, then your clothes.  You look and act yourself.  When you feel at ease with your image, you can be more relaxed. 

The following style personalities are not absolute - you may be dominately one type, but have a strong 2nd preference.  Learn more about interpreting your "personality" from the following and follow your own instincts.
DRAMATIC - a bold sophisticated style.  You are the woman who walks into the room and knocks them dead with your poise, confidence and individuality.
Your colours are strong,and the primaries - red, blue, yellow - when offset against black , create a favourite look.  You need only choose the strongest colours from your palette and wear them in contrast.
This personality avoids prints, and anything fussy, floral or too feminine.
Your choice seems to move towards pop art, geometric or "conversational" prints (such as a cola bottle, or smarties dancing all over your back.

Dramatics come in all shapes and sizes and dont wilt with the years.  The most obvious are the tall, lean angular types who wear, overscaled striking designs so wonderfully.  Petite women with dramatic personalities, can achieve the look by avoiding the obvious -- cute petite clothes and choosing rather their boldest colours in designs suited to their small scale.  If you are more curved, and dramatic, let your accessories and hair create your bold sophisticated look.

COLOUR - the primaries reds, blues, yellows in your season.  Solid blocks of colour with a simple bold accessory.  Black is a favourite, but choose the black that suits your colouring.
STYLES - striking proportions; the long jacket and short skirt; flowing culottes with a bolero; oversized shirt with leggings.  Avoid the predictable.  Dont buy the complete look from one designer.  Choose the most striking items, perhaps the jacket or the skirt
to team up with something wonderful already in your wardrobe.
ACCESSORIES.  Need to have a modern edge with minimal design.  Select one piece as a focal point - large brooch, striking earrings or a one-off belt.
Your shoes can not be an afterthought.  Go for the opposite of others - the "shoe boot" with the short skirt
flats with trousers, and the brogue with culottes.
MAKEUP must also make a statement.  best is the pale, matte foundation, deep natural tone eyeshadow (grey or brown tones) and strong lips ( your red). Always use shades from your correct colouring palette to achieve your  dramatic look.  (see Makeup)
HAIR - if straight, have it cut asymetrically; keep short and sleek for greatest effect.  If curly, an angular wedge is very dramatic.  Dont forget to take your face into account.  
(see Hair)
CLASSIC TYPE. The timeless elegance of this style is best reflected by women who value quality more than quantity, style more than fashion.
You dont want your clothes to scream "look at me", rather they are understated.  You like to blend your colours in a way that is never contrived.  A real Classic Woman chooses uncomplicated, simple designs that look superb. 
The fabrics you choose are never extreme; too much texture makes you feel uncomfortable.  So rather than a large overscale bulky jumper you go for the tightly woven, well-fitted style.  Anything too fussy, frilly, silky or slippery is out; quality natural fibres are for you rather than beaded, emboldened, trimmed or dedazzled anythings.  You remain unswayed by fashion trends or pressure, and can create a wardrobe that will  take you anywhere.
Your styles combine beautifully, so the business suit can easily and effectively be transformed for evening by a simple change of accessories.

COLOUR - the mid tones (blue, greens, purples) and the neutrals (cream, stone, mushroom, pewter, grey or brown) form the foundation of your wardrobe.
Many classic types also like the richer toned pastels, as the pale ones tend to make you loose the classic elegance.
Traditional combinations of navy and white are great.
STYLES - nothing extreme.  Your elegance relies on you looking great.
Your proportions are balanced and you pay close attention to a good fit.
The Classic Look gets lost if a skirt is too short or too tight, or if the jacket length is unflattering.  Buy a co-ordinated look from one designer to achieve your most successful classic balance.

MAKEUP.  Your goal is an elegant polish so dont skip the complete routine of foundation, powder, blusher, shadow, mascara and lipstick.
ACCESSORIES - keep it simple but never ignore the importance of earrings, your key accessory.  Classic Women avoid loud, dangly, excessive styles and look best in simple current designs, such as the large button gold/pearl earrings, the string of pearls and a quality watch.

HAIR is never unkempt and uncontrollable, and the style doesnt demand excessive daily attention.
You rely on great cut to suit the face shape, with a sleek rather than a frizzy finish.
NATURAL TYPE. This type has a relaxed style that begs ease of movement and fun.  Your instinctive style draws you to nature, which inspires most of your colour.  Nothing neon for you, you are attraced to to vegetable dyes like sienna, ochre and indigo.
For prints, you prefer paisleys, checks, plaids and stripes (but not too bold).  You love texture,and can wear woolly woollens and nubby fabrics.  Mistakes in your wardrobe would include frilly blouses, silk dresses and exaggerated designs.
Your styles require movement, so suits can not be too form-fitting and skirts must allow you a generous stride.  Even though you are probably slim, you prefer eased waistlines.  Inverted pleats or soft gathers give you the freedom you need.

COLOUR - nothing electric for you, and the best are the ecological tones of browns, russets, greens, yellow golds and hues from the sea - deep blues and sea-greens and sand.
For best results, blend tones and add a flash of colour, with a   scarf, collar or waistcoat.
STYLES - nothing too fitted, with enough room to layer.  The natural loves to pile on layers, adding and subtracting as weather dictates.
Woollen shawls and opaque or ribbed tights are more your style than chiffon scarves and fine denier hosiery.
MAKEUP - just the bare minimum.  Try a
tinted moisturiser, neutral earth-tone eyeshadws, brown or black mascara and a natural lipstick or gloss.  Be honest with yourself - you really do need more than a scrubbed clean face and a touch of lipstick.
ACCESSORIES - you are best enhanced by accessories that are rich yet rustic.  Handcrafted leathers and rough stone beads blend with suede, knits and corduroy.  Best investments would be a quality leather- braided belt, bronze loop earrings and an antique-styled stick pin for your lapel.  For chains, choose nothing too shiny or delicate.
HAIR - you dont want to devote too much time fussing with mousses, gels, hair-dryers or curlers in the morning, so choose a short style or a long one that looks wonderful when easily pulled up or back with a clip.
ROMANTIC - a true Scarlett O'Hara who can create an alluring outfit from anything in your wardrobe.  You are a woman who hates jeans and prefers a flowing feminine skirt and pretty blouse - even to do the gardening in !

You pay great attention to detail, from your choice of earrings and the collar on your blouse, to the colour of your tights.  You wouldnt dream of dashing out in any old thing - you take your time to get ready.
You love colour and avoid dusty, dark shades, preferrring to accent your eyes, hair and skintone with better hues.  Fabrics are soft, fluid, and rich. Velvets, lace, silks, and jersey are favourites.

COLOUR - passionate pinks, reds, plums, purples and violets worn with delicate pastel or  light coloured lace and soft blouses.  If you are blonde, redhead, brunette or grey you will need to adjust colours and complement your skin, and eye as well as hair colour.  You avoid neutral browns, greys, navies and black.

STYLES - for work the Romantic Woman should avoid classically tailored styles, which make you look,  and feel boring.  Opt instead for softer cuts, which are more feminine but still professional.
You will love the dresses and shawl alternative to the suit as a way to express your Romantic style, but remember not to be too frilly or silly at the office.  Off  duty, blouses and skirts are your favourite.
ACCESSORIES - your baubles are fine, delicate and detailed.  Antique gold and pewter mixed with stones complement your style along with Grannys well-worn and well-loved cameo.
You love shoes, but keep the styles useful.
MAKEUP.  You already know that a few minutes spent on your face completes the look.  Dont get stuck in a rut, by using techniques and colours from your school days.  Keep up to date.

HAIR - no crisp cuts or functional bobs for you.  If you don't have natural curls, waves, or enough body to give a sensuous style, get your hairdresser to advise.  A true Romantic can not be happy with sharp or limp hair.
EUROCHIC TYPE . The keys to chic is simplicity.  Your attitude is assured, elegant and relaxed.  Your style reflects all that and more.  In the morning you dress confident that if you were whisked off to some unknown venue or unexpected meeting you would be well-dressed.  You may have been a Classic type in the past, but extensive travel has made you realise there are ways to look timeless and chic.  You may have been a Dramatic who tired of uncomfortable "fashion-forward" styles though you still can exude a very personal drama yourself.

COLOUR - blended, elegant combinations, never shades that are too bright, garish or clashing.
Staples will include ivory, charcoal, taype, stone and pewter, which team well with monochromatic pieces or are enlivened with a dash of rich colour - olive, jade, slate or crimson.  Whatever your "season" you can select your favourite neutrals and blend them with complementary tones.
STYLES - relaxed, soft and fluid, never too severe or too body hugging.  An elegantly loose fit is your goal.  Knits, jerseys, and quality wool crepe are terrific for cooler days, with stone-washed silks and linen for warmer ones.  Opt for good quality versus bargains.  The wardrobe will be lean but the possibilities  will be endless.
ACCESSORIES - hunt for quality junk jewellery, avoiding extreme styles.  Chanel-style costume jewellery is a good bet to complement the  EuroChic look.  Accessories are important but shouldn't overpower your clothes or you.
MAKEUP - no garish or bright shades.  Choose natural tones to complement your elegant polish and always use matte eyeshadows, never frosted or pearlised.
HAIR - whether short or long, keep it in good condition.  If grey is showing get advice on options for a tint, rinse or henna treatment. Avoid frizzy perms or fussy styles.
CREATIVE this covers the individual stylist who refuses a packaged look.
The more mature of this "type" has an original look which to others is artistic.  At work, you look professional but never stuffy because of the unpredictable way you mix separates and accessories.  A true Creative probably nevers wears the same look twice because you image always reflects your moods which, having an artistic nature, are rarely certain.
You are an expert at scouring charity shops and dress agencies for rarities passed over by others, but spotted by your discerning eye.
Pressure is always there for you to be more conforming and conventional.  Resist, because if you dont express your creative style, you wont be able to flourish in your personal and professional pursuits.
COLOUR  nothing predictable, here.  Clash, astound
or blend in a way no one else would dare try.  Experiment with fabrics and textures that creat different effects with colour, from neon lycra to luxuriant rich velvets and tapestries.  At work opt for eclectic separates, using layering and accessorising to express your innovative style.
ACCESSORIES - from your glasses and hair clips to your belts, buttons and boots, you will want to do what isn't being done by everyone else.  If you wear spectacles, go for a fun, bold colour instead of conventional neutral coloured frames.  Hunt for unusual buttons to transform ordinary shirts and jackets and use a favoured leather belt with rich details to interpret an outfit in your own way.  You can wear shoulder dusting earrings with great panache; never little pearl studs.  Pile on beads and bangles when not working, but remember to cool it for the office.
MAKEUP - make your eyes the focus.  Define and deepen with kohl pencil liner in a colour (never black) to enhance your eyes.  For lips, start with a neutral base in your colour palette, then accentuate the centres with your richest wearable red.

HAIR - no holds barred.  If you hair has good body and texture, show it off.  Severe controlled styles contradict your creative style.  Take risks with colour (within your seasonal guidelines).  If your hair is straight try a perm for a wild carefree look.  Just remember to control your creative tendencies for work.
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Updated 12 Feb 2005