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Margaret's Pages - Fashion Series - selecting the hat
You either like wearing hats, or you don't ! 

But knowing how devastating the sun is for our skins, more women are wearing hats, especially in the summer months.

Some details here might help you in your choice of hat - to suit the face shape and maybe even be stylish to those on a budget.
Fashionable clothing, is more relaxed these days, for general wear, but for some, hats still play a role in smart and elegant dressing.

When choosing your hat look for style, balance and colour.  Small women look better in small hats and larger women need larger hats. Let your outfit dictate the style, if you wish.
For women having a day at the Races, a hat is a must to complete a special outfit.
Change your decoration now and then and your hat will look different for different outfits.
If wearing a soft style of dress, look for a soft hat and a hat made of same fabric of an outfit looks elegant if outfit  is a jersey or drapped wool.
If you have a very special occasion where a hat is necessary, perhaps a Milliner can make something "just for you and your outfit".
Take their advice on the best type of material - wool, fabric, straw or felt.  Perhaps even in the exact fabric as the outfit for a stunning look.
Straw hats come in various shapes and sizes and are an ideal medium for all sorts of decoration depending on what you are wearing.

Something in a neutral shade can be dressed up with a silk flower, flowing scarf or piece of soft fabric like chiffon, organdie or silk. Some ribbons of various sizes twisted about the crown can give a nice inexpensive effect.
Casual straws can be decorated with cotton scarves, or pieces of fabric that match your top or skirt/slacks/shorts.

TRY lots of hat styles on, and look in the mirror from all angles - this way you will see the style/shape that best suits your face shape.
A very special occasion hat could be decorated with tulle or spotted net for a great impact to an outfit.

Too much hair around the face doesn't look good with a hat, so pin hair back.  Maybe in a rolled pony tail, french roll or chignon.
Then the hat is the obvious accessory.
When the weather turns cold, a beanie is wonderful to keep the head warm  with very casual clothing  - hand knitted can be made to match many outfits.
The fedora looks great with pants and jacket, and with a winter coat, a snug fitting hat always looks smart.

Fur hats are still popular (fake or real) and come in many colours that most certainly will suit every skin tone.
For winter casual or smart dressing, a snug-fitting hat in felt type fabric  is a great accessory.  A hat can be made by handknitting a beanie type pattern then washing in very hat water.  Wringing out and place in shape on a wig stand and when dry,  the result is a felt-like look that is near water-proof and very warm. Can even have a little turn up brim as well.
A great winter hat - the Beret - suits all ages, and always adds a stylish touch to winter fashions.
Many styles are available, in various fabrics - find one to suit you and get several colours for different outfits.
This winter suit (left) is really set out beautfully by a wonderful large-brimmed red hat.
Just right for a day at the Races.
For winter a pillbox style, perhaps with some decoration from same fabric as the outfit, will be something you can wear.
Stylishly simple and elegant.
And the Bride wore a hat --
Some Brides like  to wear a hat instead of traditional headpiece and veil.

Look for a style that suits your personality, face shape, the gown style, and the theme you want for your wedding party.
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