This page is not about trends, and fashion fads.  It is about style for the body shape, and colours to suit the skintone.  It is about dressing for comfort in clothing that suits you and your lifestyle.
When you look good, you feel good.  Image can affect performance.
Your appearance affects you as much as others with whom you live, work, and meet each day.
This page is just covering a few ideas for presentation of self, covering body shapes (no bodys perfect), hair styles for face shape, and clothing colours for skin tone.  This is only a guide presented in a fun way, but finding clothes that suit the body shape is a great start to making yourself look and feel better.
But remember remain true to yourself.
HAIR - keep it clean.  Cuts are a personal choice but a good hairdresser should be able to advise a cut that suits face shape, build and lifestyle.
This style is smooth, sleek and smart.  The style looks best with an oval or square shape face, and hair that is medium to thick, naturally wavy or root permed.
It emphasises the eyes, cheekbones, and jawlines, and disguises strong crown growth patterns and small foreheads. Needs a trim every 2 to 3 weeks and is cut short at the sides and back with longer top hair.
For casual styling this easy to manage bob is great for men with mid-length hair. It suits an oval, heart-shaped and long face shape, and is good for hair that is medium to thick, naturally curly or permed.
The style emphasises eyes, mouth and hair condition,
and disguises large ears, awkward napes and uneven front hairlines. This style needs a trim every 6 to 8 weeks.
This style is no fuss and drips dry! Suits men with an oval or heart-shaped face, and suits medium to thick naturally curly or permed hair.
This style is clipped in at the nape, with longer crown hair, and needs a trim every 2 to 3 weeks.
Will emphasise eyes, cheekbones, and jawlines, and disguise narrow temples, and strong growth patterns.
This style suits a man with either an oval, round or square shaped face and with hair that is medium to coarse, naturally very curly, or relaxed Afro hair. It requires minimum styling and will emphasise the eyes and head shape, and disguise a lack of height.
The hair is closely clippered at sides and back with slightly longer crown hair.  Trim every 3 to 4 weeks.
We all know that "no body's perfect" ..... In order to appreciate which styles of clothes, fabrics, weaves, patterns etc that are most complimentary to you, its time to consider your body type -  (how you are built).

You may not be an exact match to any one shape illustrated here, because there are variations, but one may apply more than others.
THE INVERTED TRIANGLE - broad shoulders and narrow hipped, that could be muscular or lean.
Look great in suits that emphasise their natural silhouette.  Beware of selecting exaggerated designs with shoulders that are very broad, and wider than your own naturally are, as they will make you look severe.  Look for a European cut suit for work or special occasions , and keep unstructured, loose-fitting
jackets for the weekends.
Your trousers can be neat - slim cut with little pleating or maybe go for the fashion-forward pleated styles which look great if you have narrow hips and a flat bottom.
Look for tightly woven woven material, and complement the look with crisp cotton shirts and traditional or cutaway collars rather than the softer Oxford cloth and button-down styles which would break the look. 
With ties look for tightly woven silks, with a slight satin finish.

STRAIGHT body - shoulders and hips much the same in line so outline of body is a sort of rectangle. Can be trim/slim or portly.
If tall, the European style suit is a great option.  If average to short go for the Modified European cut, or even the British cut.
For trousers go for negliible pleating.  If bottom is broad, some pleating will be comfortable.  Check trousers effect without a jacket to get a flattering style.
Shirts and collars would be similar to the Inverted Triangle.
Traditional shirts in poplin and standard collar will be OK.  If neck is short or thick though, keep away from Oxford cloth and button-down collar.
PEAR-SHAPED. Shoulders are more narrow.  Dont wear a suit that is too snug in fit.  Try for a Modified European cut suit which will artificially extend the shoulders to balance the hips and project more strength.  Peaked lapels create a broadening illusion of the shoulders.
Shirt with a cutaway collar will draw the eye out, unless neck is too short/thick.  Ties need some width, but still need to be fashionable.
Narrow ties will emphasise the narrow upper body, so avoid them.  Men with thick or short necks need to avoid high-styled collars.  A narrow spread with longer, pointed tips, creates a vertical "break" making your neck look less full.
APPLE SHAPED body. If you have a paunch this may be your shape.  This shape can be with the fit as well as the unfit..
Some men who are athletic, with broad chest, rounded back and often rounded shoulders will create this round shape.
Many portly overweight men also fit this shape.
This shape would be more comfortable in a American sack style suit.  Also many could wear the British or Modified European style. Keep away from overscaled suit styles.
Ties should not be boldly patterned.  Go for elegance in ties so attention isnt drawn down to the midriff. 
Shirts that are very crisp cotton on a full neck man, will be very unkind.
Oxford cloths and weaves with a colour thread mixed with a white thread, are easy for this body shape to wear and a softer button-down collar is more comfortable.

LONG BODY with short legs.
  Dont wear a long jacket.  Keep the cut to where your bottom ends, and make your legs look longer.  Trendy exaggerated suits do not suit this proportion at all.  Go for jackets that button high on the waist, not low, at the hip.  Never wear turn-ups on trousers as they make the leg shorter looking.

SHORT BODY but long legs and arms. 
If this is your description, dont wear very fitted suits.  Go for European style suits that make the torso appear significant and reduce appearance of leg length.
Avoid loose fitting trousers- go for those with some width.  Turn-ups are great and will shorten the illusion of length.
YOUR SCALE - height and bone structure.  Your scale helps you in selection of fabrics, texture and patterns.

A big chap needs to wear bold patterned ties to balance his body, not little polka dots!

Men with slight bones or short bodies need to steer clear of bold striking patterns that are large, and go for mid-size or fine designs that create a better balance.

Knowing the correct "colours" for you makes you look healthier and more interesting.  Your skin looks clearer, eyes brighter, and you are noticed.

What I show in the following section are the types of colours different men can wear.
Have your Colours done by a professional Image Consultant.
You can gauge an idea, yourself though,  by looking in a mirror and taking into account hair , eye and skin colour.  Are you strong and deep, cool or clear, and dusty and muted.
This gives an idea on basic colours on which to build a co-ordinated wardrobe.

these men have dark hair -- brown, black or may be now salt and pepper to grey. The eyes are normally brown or rich hazel and skin tone ranges from beige and "yellow" (oriental) to olive, brown or black.  They need to choose rich to dark coloured suits, the palest shirts and strongest ties in primary colours.
You look sharp in crisp white shirts rather than pastels, and should avoid light, medium-toned or muted colours in suits; strong colours are better.  Ties should be strong, not light or insipid.
DEEP covers men fitting into Deep Autumn (warm) or Deep Winter (cool) types.
Some men of this tone include Sylvester Stallone, Carl Lewis, Magic Johnson, Julio Iglesia, Imran khan, Burt Reynolds. Will Carling, late John Kennedy..

SHIRTS - pure white, icy blue, icy lilac, mint, icy pink (for men with a cool skin tone), peach , bronze, olive (for men with a warm skin tone)

SUITS - Charcoal grey (solid or weaves that are strong), Charcoal brown (more grey than brown), Dark navy (solid or with fine flecks/stripes in royal or red), Deep olive.

JACKETS, BLAZERS, TROUSERS -  Black  Navy  Mahogany  Olive   Stone

TIES sportshirts and sweaters - True Red   Tomato Red   Terracotta  Rust
Mahogany  True Green   Pine  Olive  Hot Turquoise   Teal  True Blue   Purple
THE LIGHT TYPE are truly fair - generally blonde, light grey or white hair with blue or green eyes and pale complexion.
They should avoid very dark or dusty colours.  Can achieve a balance with mid-tone shades for suits and pastel shirts rather than pure white.  The wardrobe can host a variety of shades, buyt colours must be fresh and subtle, not bold or electric.
Those who are more warm in tone (Light Spring) will have some freckles and golden hair and should add camel to his wardrobe.  Light Summers (cool)  with ash blond or grey hair, need a pinky brown more so than brown.
Men in this tone include Paul Hogan, Adam Faith, John Thaw, Jason Donovan, Corbin Bernsen, Chris Tarrant.

SHIRTS -- Pastels are great as plain or solid colours for shirts but also as soft stripes on white.  Soft white,  Pastel pink or peach,   Pastel blue,  Mint   Icy Lilac,
Pale Yellow.

SUITS - Great as solids but also mixed with other shades to create an elegant look that doesnt overwhelm, as a stronger grey would. 
Medium Charcoal, Charcoal blue-grey,  Light Navy ,  Pewter,  Taupe

JACKETS, BLAZERS, TROUSERS - great as solid colours or mixed with other colours in a weave - eg camel with charcoal weave.
Camel or Stone ,  Light Navy,   Medium Blue,  Medium Charcoal,  Powder Blue/Denim

TIES, sportshirts, sweaters - True Blue   Medium Blue   Periwinkle/violet blue
Coral/warm pinks (for the warmer toned)   Powder Pink   Deep rose   Aqua
Watermelon red    Blue green  Emerald turquoise   Light teal blue.

most with ivory skin tone, freckles, red or golden tones in hair, and brown, hazel or teal blue eyes.  They need to wear colours with yellow, red or green undertones that compliment the warm golden look.

They need mixes of grey and brown n in suits and wardrobe should be a blend of golden tones from light camels and yellows to rich olives, browns and warm greys.

Some men of this tone include Prince Philip, Boris Becker, Charles Dance, Mick Hucknall, Kenneth Branagh

SHIRTS - Ivory   Buff   Peach  Yellow  Terracotta  Blue (only for the blue-eyed)
SUITS - Medium charcoal   Charcoal brown  Camel   Light Navy  Greyed green
Olive ... as solids or mix in weaves such as a brown and charcoal birdseye, or a navy with rust pinstripe.

JACKETS, BLAZERS, TROUSERS - Camel   Light navy   Terracotta   Golden brown    Bronze   Teal   Jade   Aubergine
as solid colours or mixed in weaves with other colours from your palette.

TIES, sportshirts, sweaters -  Deep peach  Tomato Red  Pumpkin   Rust  Buff
Terracotta   Yellow gold   moss   Bronze  Jade   Aqua   Truqoise   teal   Deep periwinkle or violet blue    Aubergine
look wonderful in blue tones, and have beige or pinkish skin tones with ash brown, blonde, or grey hair and mostly have eyes in blue or blue-grey colour.  Some with brown eyes and salt'n'pepper hair look good in this palette. 
Thes men should never wear brown, khaki, camel or moss tones at all.
Some men in this category include Bill Clinton, Prince Rainier, John Major, Paul Newman, Jason Connery, Terence Stamp

SHIRTS - Soft white  Icy blue
Icy pink    Icy Lilac   Mint
worn as plains or as soft stripes on white.
SUITS - Charcoal blue-grey  Navy   Cocoa   Charcoal grey
JACKETS , BLAZERS, TROUSERS - Cocoa    Taupe   Grey blue   Charcoal
Blue red  Teal  Pine  Navy     in solid or mixcolours.

TIES, sportshirts, sweaters -  Hot pink   Deep rose  Raspberry  Blue red  Plum
Emerald Turquoise   Chinese blue   Teal   Pine   True Blue   Periwinkle  Purple

These men have a lot of contrast in their natural colouring.  Their hair is dark or grey, skin tone light to medium, eyes very clear like jewel-tone blue or green.  If men with brown eyes and darker skintone find Deep tones are too much, they should consider this type.

Clear Men need rich bright colours.  The suits should be deep with atie in bold primary like red, or royal blue.
Clear types cover Clear Springs (warm) and Clear Winter (cool) for warm pink could take place of cool pink in shirt colours.

Some men in this category include  Michael Douglas, Timothy Dalton, Luke Perry, Andre Agassi

SHIRTS - Pure white  Icy blue   Icy pink  Icy lilac   Mint

SUITS - Charcoal grey   Navy   Charcoal brown   Deep olive/pine   Best in solids or weaves that make a bold impression (such as a very definite pin stripe)

JACKETS, BLAZERS, TROUSERS - Black    Navy   Charcoal brown  Stone
Royal Blue   Soft white

TIES, sportshirts, sweaters -  Lemon yellow    Mango  Hot Pink   Deep rose
True Red    Clear Teal   Navy   Emerald    True Green   Emerald Turquoise
Hot turquoise    Chinese blue   Violet   Bright periwinkle blue

Men of this tone are medium in tone, the hair is neither dark nor light, but is not golden either.
Sometimes grey but not silvery.
Some would be classed mousey.
Skin tone is neutral - not pale, golden to dark.
Eyes are a soft blend of 2 colours like blue/grey, hazel green, soft brown but they project strength.
Muted Summers (blue eyes) are cool and Muted Autumns (hazel or brown eyes) are warm.  They have many shades in common for their wardrobe.
Men fitting this palette include  Mick Jagger, Jonathon Ross, Harry Hamlin, Eric Clayton,  Nigel Mansell, Don Johnson, Robert Palmer

SHIRTS - Soft white    Mint   Light lemon yellow   Pastel Blue (blue eyed) and Pastel Peach (brown eyed)  Pastel Pink

SUITS -  Charcoal grey  Light Navy   Grey green  Pewter   Charcoal blue grey
Taupe   ....go for blended look in mid-tone colours, with flecks blended of several shades of same colour

JACKETS, BLAZERS, TROUSERS - Pewter   Grey green  Charcoal  Taupe
Light navy   Coffee brown   Rose brown   Jade

TIES, sportshirts, sweaters -  Pewter   Warm pink   Deep rose  Watermelon red
Tomato red   Turquoise    Teal   Amethyst   Deep periwinkle   Purple
(ties should be interesting without overwhelming your own colouring.
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