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Margaret's Pages - The Fashion Series .. Looking after your skin
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This site goes into more detail on makeup application for face shape, choosing your colour tones for your skin type, and colours that various skin colours can look better in.
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Don't waste a minute when it comes to perfect skin.  Do the right thing at the right time and you can make your skin softer and smoother than ever.

It is never to late to begin looking after your skin.  Regardless of type, all skin needs some fundamentals of good skin care.

Please do not always be swayed by a sales person wanting a sale.  Try before you buy, check out brands, test, and buy what in your heart, you think is the best for YOU.
Never  go to bed with your makeup on.  Always use a cleanser to remove makeup, and the oil and grime at the end of the day. Let's look at some simple and basic ideas.
Cleanliness - use a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt, makeup and skin secretions without damage to the skin itself.

Stimulation - use a product that brings blood into circulation, since its the blood stream that feeds the skin and keeps it healthy, fresh and glowing.

Lubrication - use a cream or lotion that penetrates the skin surface to nourish and lubricate.

Protection - use a moisture cream/lotion during the
day which will protect skin against soil, wind, dust and makeup.

Regardless of your skin type, the unwelcome signs of age appear, first in the delicate skin around the eyes, and the neck.
Ageing will be caused by sun, cold, wind and pollution.
The difference between a youthful or an ageing neck is regular skin care.
Thorough cleansing is the most important part of a skin routine.  Invest in a good cleanser that is gentle on your face.  Using soap can leave the skin dry and taut.

Balance your skin, after cleansing, with a Freshner or Toner.   One that restores the natural pH of the skin and prepares the skin for rehydration is a good choice.

Nourish and protect the skin with an Eye Cream, and Moisturisers. Use a light and nourishing cream for the day and a luxurious formula for the night.
Personally, I use a natural botanical aloe vera based skincare  range, and have done so with wonderful results since 1985.

Previous to this I used very well known brands from all price-ranges, but now prefer natural products free from all chemicals and additives.
Skincare purchase and use is a personal choice.

If interested in the knowing about natural botanical skincare, please email me direct.
Drink plenty of water, and eat correctly for great skin.
Work from the inside.
Minimise the appearance of ageing by taking a nutrition supplement based on marine protein and herbs, and  botanical antioxidants.
Never leave the house without a protective barrier - a good sunscreen.  Many foundations
and moisturisers contain sun-protection ingredients.
Look for brands that contain anti-ageing compounds (anti-oxidants) and enzymes that work to repair the skin.
Want to look younger for longer?

Then use  Alpha Hydroxy Acids.  Look for a brand that uses  naturally derived ingredients that deliver a visible improvement to the skin's appearance and help slow signs of ageing.  AHA's naturally appear in apple, sugarcane, grapefruit and berries.  Some brands use chemically made copies of  AHA's but the best brands  to use are those that use the natural fruits.
Look to using  non-surgical facelift product(s) for weekly revitalisation of your skin.
There are skincare regimes with firming facelift
products, that can be used daily.
Using a Facelift or Facial Treatment will refresh and revitalise the appearance of skin that is dry and stressed. 
You can exfoliate your skin regularly with a Scrub which will take away the top layer of dead, dry skin and impurity buildup on face and body.  Look for a brand that has a very fine ingredient substance and notice the difference. Perhaps applying your scrub at the same time as using your cleanser, will be more gentle for your skin.
Wearing makeup protects your skin from the elements during the day.
Let's look at some basic ideas for applying.
Moisturise your skin and find a foundation shade to suit your skintone.  Look for a brand that is oil-free so your skin can breathe.  Apply Concealer if you wish, and dust with a Translucent loose powder.
Add some subtle shape to your bone structure by sweeping blusher upward below the cheekbone with a soft brush.  Blend into hairline and apply sparingly.
Use light shades for highlighting the eyes and darker tones for contouring.
Use eyeliner for definition and to finish apply mascara upward from the base of lashes.
If lips are small draw outside the lipline with a lipliner pencil, then colour with lipstick. If lips are large draw inside the lip line then colour with lipstick colour. 
A tip for make lipstick wear longer - fill entire lip with lip liner and cover with lipstick.
My model has contoured the eye area with Deep Taupe and used black eyeliner and black mascara. Her cheeks were blushed with Peach.  Lipliner is Burgundy and lipstick is Pink Lites.
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Page completed 20 September 2001
Updated 10 May 2009
Reflections of the face I see
Soft look of feminity
I am woman this I know
Substance of a special glow.

Heart to hold and comfort you
Shoulder there to lean on too
Eyes to see the pain you feel
Love to help you try to heal.

Smile to make you feel so warm
Courage in a silent storm
Lift you up when you are down
Touch your brow to ease a frown.

Vision of sweet tenderness
Giving you my heart's solace
Love I give beyong compare
You will always know I'm there.

Woman's soul you always know
Stronger than the wind that flows
Take me with you where you go
Each day we reach a new plateau.

Reflections of the face I see
Soft look of feminity
Stronger than I've ever been
Know what truly lies within.

~Francine Pucillo~ (C) with permission
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