mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)

Chapter 1

I remember the first time we met, was at the coffee shop near his highschool...

I was late that day, so I was dashing into the shop. But accidentally I knocked down a waitress and the glasses in her hands fell onto the ground and shattered. The customers inside turned around to stare at me, but I didn't notice him at the very beginning. I squatted down immediately to help the girl as well as to hide from the eyes of other people. I don't hate to be noticed but not that way...

When I stood up again, everyone seemed to have lost interest in the careless fellow except that guy sitting over the corner. I looked at him, think I might had seen him somewhere before... That was when I noticed my friend was sitting beside him. I finally realize how come that guy looked so familiar... He was in the pic my friend showed me the day before.

"Takuro! Sorry I'm late..."

I smiled embarrassingly as I settled down on the seat beside my friend. I turned to look at the other, accidentally found out he had been gazing at me. Wondering what was in his mind I pretended I didn't notice his stare and smiled.

"You must be Hisashi Tonomura! My name is Teruhiko Kobashi! Dozo Yoroshiku~"

He smiled back at me. As Takuro had mentioned this 'Hisashi' guy was someone who wouldn't bother about person he didn't like, I felt glad that I was having a new friend.

For the rest of the time we 3 discussed about music, and things about Hisashi joining the band... Or I should say Takuro talked about music and things about Hisashi joining the band, I was listening, and he was gazing at me...

I never expected that day to have influenced my life so thoroughly. Starting from that day, everything had changed... No matter it was good or bad, I guess it was my destiny...

~to be continued~

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