mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)

Chapter 2

"You aren't going to school today, Tono?"

I was putting on my uniform when I noticed Hisashi was still lying on the floor, no signs of getting up.

"Nah... It's just a stupid end-of-term function..."

He replied lazily as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. I smiled, buttoning up my shirt.
Takuro and him were drinking in my room the night before. It was getting late so my mother asked them to stay, but Takuro insisted to go home for he had to take part in a performance in his school that day. So Hisashi and I spent the night over alone... For the first time I suppose.

"It's rare to see your shirt without wrinkles..."

He looked at me and giggled. I got used to the way he quietly stare at me so he didn't bother to keep his intense gaze a secret anymore.

"Today is my last day of school... Just trying to look more formal..."

I mumbled for I didn't want the hair grip between my lips to fall. I stole it from my sister's drawer, thinking I could use it to keep my shorter strands in place. I turned my back towards Hisashi as I tried to tie my hair, for he once laughed at me that I looked very funny when I tie my hair - like I was in trouble or something. But really, I never realized how long my hair was until I was trying to tie it up. I wish I could ask my mother to do it to me like my sisters sometimes do, but my mother would only laugh at me and tell me to cut it...

"Let me help you..."

Hisashi's sudden offer shocked me. I thought he was only joking but his tone was calm and serious. I shook my head in embarrassment but he didn't hesitate to grab the hair brush from my hand and started brushing my hair. I thought I could hear my heart thumping as his hand ran on my hair, slowly and gently...

"Tono...? It's okay... Let me do it myself..."

I managed a few words from my trembling lips, but he didn't respond. I gave up, felt my hair being tied up neatly behind my head.
Just when I wanted to say thanks and move away, I suddenly felt his hand on my chin. Before I could respond to my shock he tilted my face towards his, so near that my heart almost burst inside my ribcage... Perhaps... He had already discovered...
He moved closer and closer, and slightly parted his lips. I wanted to push him away but my hands weren't under my control. I shut my eyes tight, thinking he was going to kiss me. But he only gripped the hair pin with his lips and pulled it away from mine...

We didn't say a thing for the rest of the morning. I really wanted to know what he was thinking, but I never get to. Was he having the same thought as mine? I never know...

After that day, everything returns to normal. No one mentioned it anymore, as if it had never happened. But whenever I brush my hair, it came rushing back into my mind...

~to be continued~

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