mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)


Chapter 3

"My god Teru... All you have in your fridge is a can of beer..."

That day, Hisashi was in my apartment... My room to be exact... I told him not to come for there was nothing I could serve him with but he insisted.

"I'm only working in a printing factory... What do you expect..."

I giggled and ignored his grumbles, trying to connect the second hand TV which I just got from a friendly colleague in the factory.

"I thought Takuro's working in the same place as you do... How come he seemed to be so much richer than you do?"

Hisashi grumbled again, still gazing at the lonely can of beer inside my fridge. I giggled, realized he was in doubt should he take it out and drink.

"There's a glass in the cupboard."

I smiled. He turned around, seemed to be surprised that I knew what he was thinking. He giggled happily and took the beer out of the fridge. It was empty again...

"How come Takuro's so rich?"

He pouted as he settled down beside me. Don't know it was because of the pathetic size of my room or other reasons, I started to feel breathless...

"Perhaps he brought a lot of savings with him from Hakodate."

I smiled and shrugged, but my heart was thumping hard...
He giggled and turned to me, opening the can of beer.

"Nah... It's not that Takuro's rich... It's you that's poor..."

I playfully glared at him, hitting him on his arm. He laughed and moved away, sitting further away from me.

"Perhaps I should be a gigolo..."

I said jokingly, feeling a little desperate as I saw him finishing up my last can of beer. I turned away from him with a little sigh, and started to watch TV. It wasn't too bad compared to my old one. At least I could see something meaningful on the screen...

"I'll pay you if you be my lover..."

Shocked, I looked up at him and found out he was gazing straight at me. From his expression I didn't think he was kidding, but... He was serious...?
The scene that happened on my highschool graduation day flowed back into my mind... What was he thinking... That day, and now... What did he think of me...?

I thought I should laugh and pretend that I didn't get him, but I couldn't...

"What are you going to pay me with...? You're as poor as I do..."

I looked away from him, staring back on the TV. I was expecting some sort of answer, but I didn't know which...

"My love?"

He said without much hesitation. I turned to look at him again, surprised.
He smiled as he saw my expression, lighting a cigarette.

"Consider my offer..."

His expression was proud as ever, as if he knew what I was thinking...
Perhaps he knew... Since our highschool days... Since I first had such a feeling to him... Perhaps he knew everything...

"I gotta go. Don't forget to think about it..."

He smiled and stood up, moving towards the door.
Just before he stepped out of the room, I stopped him.
I stood up and closed the door with my head lowered, too shy to face him.

"Don't go..."

I gasped with all my courage. I heard him chuckled, and his hand running on my hair, like what he did back then...
If that time he laughed and said "I was only joking" I swear I would have jumped down the window and die right away.

Today I'm still here, telling you this story...

We were really happy with each other, and there was nothing we couldn't share. Happiness, sadness, poverty, everything. We went through everything together with Takuro, our ex-bandmates and later Jiro. After all those years, we could have been a very nice couple. Yet once again, it was my destiny...

~to be continued~

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