mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)


Chapter 4

It was the day of our performance in one of the most popular location for indie bands to hold concerts. It was the place where many well-known bands were discovered at that time.
That day, my friend agreed to be our hair stylist for that important event. I accepted his idea and tinted my hair to brown and added gold highlights.
At first I was quite anxious of my new image, for I have kept that long black hair of mine since highschool. Yet everyone said it looked great on me, so I was really happy. Takuro even said that I looked sexy in my new image, so I thought Hisashi might love it as well.
I went to Hisashi, asked him for his comments. I remember how he stared straight at my hair, saying nothing. At first I thought he was trying to act cool as usual, so I didn't bother too much. Yet I should have. So perhaps I wouldn't have fell into this trap my destiny had set just for me...

After the successful concert that evening, I waited for Hisashi in his apartment. I was a bit earlier than him for he said he got something to do.
I was sitting on his couch, flipping his mags when I heard him came back. I turned around and said 'okaeri', but he didn't reply me as usual.
He came and sat beside me, stroking my hair. I turned a little and smiled at him, but he didn't respond. All he did was running his fingers in my newly-tinted hair and staring at it.

"It got softer after I tinted it, right?"

Didn't notice anything wrong in him, I smiled and flipped over to another page. Fortune-telling. I was never interested in it but somehow I read it that day. I still remember what it said very clearly.

'Gemini - An unexpected event will cause your life to change completely...'

I recall how we were suddenly invited to perform. So I thought that should be what 'unexpected' meant. It said it was going to change our lives... Perhaps some famous producers had discovered us?
It seemed that that fortune-telling thing was quite accurate. So I read on...

'...the person who hurts you most is often the one closest to you...'

I giggled softly at the paragraph, recalling how Jiro mocked at me just now when I asked him about my hair.
"Oh god... Hisashi's gonna hate it..."
"Huh?? Why??"
"Coz you look like a hooker... Ahahahahaha~~"
Well it did hurt a bit although he was only joking... Fine. That could be counted as 'accurate'.

I read on, and did find the whole thing quite sensible. Until I read the last line...

"What the hell..."

I chuckled, feeling the whole thing was a terrible joke. I felt like a fool for believing it at first. Just before I flipped over to the next page, the mag fell out of my hands...

"TONO!!! ITAI!!!!!"

My hair was pulled so suddenly that all I could do was winced in pain. I tried to pull Hisashi's hand away, thinking what a horrible joke it was. But I was wrong. It wasn't a joke.
He tightened the clutch on my hair as I struggled, so painful that I could no longer protest. Tears rolled swiftly down my cheek. For the first time of my life I felt so frightened and helpless.


I whispered in fear, my eyes moved as sideways as I could, hoping to find a teasing smile on his face, or a playful pout of his...
But I couldn't.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, huh??"

His tone was harsh and merciless, which made me shivered from the bottom of my heart. He had never treated me so cruelly before. I had totally no idea what he was talking about. I was too drowned in my fear to think what I'd done wrong.

"Tono... Please... It hurts..."

My voice was getting softer and softer, and trembling so hard that it was almost inaudible. Hisashi's angry expression faded in my eyes, as my tears had made everything into a blurry picture. I gasped in the intolerable pain, both on my head and my heart. My shivering hand let go of Hisashi's in my hopeless state, just wished he would release me before my hair would be pulled out from my flesh...

Yet he didn't let me go. His fingers which tangled among my strands pulled even harder, making my back arched towards him.


I screamed in pain with my last efforts, more tears burst out from my tear glands. My eyes closed tightly, hoping it could ease my pain. But it didn't help. Dizziness caught me and I thought I would faint any moment. That was when his voice cut sharply into my brain.

"You think this's very funny, huh?! Listen!! You're mine, do you hear me?! You are mine and everything of you is mine!! Even your god damn hair!!"

Right after he finished he finally released me but pushed me pitilessly off the couch. I heard a soft crack in my wrist, but I was too desperate to notice I had dislocated it. Lying on the floor in shock, pain and fear, I felt all my energy left me along with my tears, dripping onto the wooden tiles.
Hell, I never noticed the floor was so icy...
I heard the door closed with a cruel bang, and the air in the room was like dropping to the absolute zero.
I shivered. Starting from that moment, I had to admit I must believe in fate...

I saw the mag lying motionlessly in front me, as helpless as I do.
I recalled the lines, realized I had misunderstood the whole thing...
Closing my eyes, I wished everything was just a terrible joke, or an insensible nightmare.

The last line of 'Weekly Fortune-Telling: Gemini' read:

"'ll experience the pain and fear you've never did before, and they will change your life forever."


~to be continued~

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