mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)


Chapter 14

It never rains but it pours. This saying was perfectly true.

Everyone knew that things on tabloids were not trustworthy, but somehow everyone believed it. I didn't mean they all believed it fully, but at least most of them would start to have doubts. Even myself.
Of course I knew if I really had that affair or not. What I believed was, the article on him and his live-in girlfriend.

We never talk about our rumors among the 4 of us, for everyone had experienced it and hated it. And we trusted each other that we would tell what we need to.
I told the guys that mine was fake, and they accepted the explanation satisfactorily. They were always with me and if I did have an affair they would know it better than I do.
As for him... Everyday I was waiting for him to say it out loud, but he never did. He only left us looking through the papers. I hated it. As if being a person around him I couldn't even know more than an anybody who bought a tabloid.

After work that afternoon, I went no where but locked myself home. Although most of my friends had known the fact, there were still a lot of people who hadn't and came bothering me with it.

"Teru? You're so early today!"

It was my wife's voice. I muted the TV, turned around from the couch and greeted her.
I hadn't seen her for quite a while since she moved with the kids. The place we used to live was too far from her working place, and I didn't want the public to disturb them, so we had no choice but live separately. Besides, in that way it would be easier for her to find a date, I assumed.

"Yah I got a half-day off today. You're looking for me?"

Her surprised expression faded and I noticed a troubled frown on her face.

"Well, actually... There's something I want to discuss with you."

She said as she settled down on the couch.
She opened her bag and took out a form and a pen, placing them slowly on the coffee table in front of us.
I didn't pick it up. I already knew what it was.

"Remember the guy who helped me when I moved? Well... We're getting married."
"Really?? Omedetou!!"

I congratulated her sincerely, felt happy for her from the bottom of my heart, yet I couldn't smile.

"Thanks Teru..."

She smiled, looking at me gratefully. I guessed she knew I wouldn't be unhappy for her news. Instead, I would be upset for what she was going to tell me.
Her expression sobered.

"He was promoted, and we're moving this weekend..."

I knew it. From the beginning when she took out that piece of form with such an expression, I knew it.


I asked, my voice lowered. I worried if she could hear it.

"Okinawa... But you can come visit us anytime u want! The kids would surely be very happy! And my fiancÚ said he wouldn't mind at all! And you know..."

Okinawa... A place I liked very much... But not where I wanted my children to be...
She blabbered a lot, but I couldn't take them into my head. I knew she was trying to cheer me up but it didn't work well.

"I'll definitely visit you and the kids..."

She stopped and sighed, whispering my name. I looked up at her and managed a smile. I took a deep breathe and picked up the pen.
It was so heavy... But I signed finally.

"Thank you so much Teru..."

She smiled again when she took the form back. I smiled back, then I moved away from the seat.
She looked at me in surprise, standing up immediately.

"Teru I -"

Before she could finish the sentence I handed her a cheque. She shook her hand, refused to take it.

"I really can't take anything more from you Teru... We've owned each other too much!"
"Let me do something for you and the kids. Please, take it."

She looked at me quietly, a troubled frown appeared again.
I smiled and handed it closer to her. Finally she took it with a sigh.
I watched her unfolded the strip of paper, her eyes widened in shock.

"OMG! Are you nuts Teru? Do you know how much money is this!?"

She screamed and handed back the cheque to me.
Well the number I wrote on the paper was large enough to be regretted. But I knew I wouldn't. I slipped my hands into my pockets, gesturing to her I'd never take it back.

All she did was smile and sigh. Being my 'wife' for so many years, she knew me well.

"Thanks so much Teru... Thanks for everything..."

I smiled to her, gave her a pat on her shoulder.

"For all I've owned you and the kids, there's nothing I can't give you..."

She looked at me, smiling sort of teasingly.


I lowered my head at the sudden embarrassment. We both knew what it was.

She giggled and poked a finger at my left chest, then looked up at me.
I chuckled as well. Looking down on her finger, my memories rushed back.

"Who's the lucky person?"

She grinned as she asked.
I didn't answer her, wanted to cover the whole thing with a sly smile.

"That one?"

Surprised, my eyes followed her finger and set on the TV. I gazed at the screen, couldn't say a word for a long while.
The boring drama had ended before I noticed, and our interview was being broadcast.

"Baka... For so many years?"

She gave me a playful hit on my head and looked at me, very seriously.

"I -"
"It's him, right? All through the years, it's always him."

She stopped me from making up lies or excuses.
I gazed back at her with my lips still parted. I wanted to say something but I held them back.

I turned to give another look to the TV. A quick look at the one sitting beside me, laughing cheerfully at whatever the host had said.
I nodded. Admitting everything. To her, and more importantly, to myself...

He's the one.


~to be continued~

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