mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)


Chapter 6

"You're alone?"

I turned around, opened my weary eyes a little to look at the girl beside me.
She smiled, settled down beside me and ordered a drink.
I chuckled. Under the dim lights of the pub I managed to see her face. I greeted her.

"Long time no see."
"Yah! How have you been doing since you moved?"

She was living next door when I first moved to Tokyo. We had a few conversation before, but I didn't know her very well. All I knew was her name and she left her hometown for Tokyo a few years before I did. She was a bit older than me, and much more mature than I was.

"Bad... Terrible..."

I was very frank to her, probably because of the alcohol, and she didn't know me well.

"Hey... You're a guy... Don't cry..."

Her words surprised me, and I realized why she was saying those things when I touched my face.

"Haha... Damn..."

I faked a weird laughter and wiped my tears hastily, looking away from her. But didn't know why, the more I wiped, the more rolled off my cheeks. Soon I gave up and broke out crying.

"Hey... Teru..."

She whispered, as if she didn't know what to do. She touched my arm, shaking me slightly.

"Don't be like that okay? ...Man... What should I do..."
"Drink with me..."

She looked at me, then smiled.

"Alright... Your treat..."


I remember we drank a lot, and when I woke up we were in her apartment, in her bed, naked. I couldn't recall what we did the night before, but I could tell. I never expected I would have one night stands... But I didn't regret anything... I got nothing to care anyways...

Ironically, I didn't know I fell into another trap of my destiny... Sometimes I wonder what terrible things I did in my past life, if there is one, to cause my fate to hate me so deeply...


~to be continued~

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