mei-k(becks)-My Destiny, My Destination
My Destiny, My Destination
by Mei-k(Becks)


Chapter 7

I still remember how widely their eyes were opened when I told them the news.

"Slap me Jiro... Tell me I'm dreaming..."
"Teru... You mean... You're going to buy a puppy or going to adopt a kid...?"
"Ah... Why can't you guys believe me... I mean I had sex with a girl 5 months ago and she got pregnant and she's going to give birth to my baby 3 months later..."

Silence filled the studio.

I didn't have the courage to look at Hisashi's expression, and he didn't say anything either...

It was 2 months before when she phoned me and told me she got my baby. I was as shocked as my friends were at first, but later I found out it wasn't too much of a bad news. I told her I would marry her after the baby was borne, so her parents wouldn't be too upset, and thus they would agree to take care of her during her pregnancy. She told me I didn't have to do so at first, but I insisted I should be responsible, and on the other hand, I would truly love to have my own child. And there was another reason behind...


"You really thought about it clearly?"

Jiro invited me to drink after work. We hadn't sat together and chatted for a long time since I broke up with Hisashi, for I was afraid that he would ask something I wouldn't like to mention.

"What's wrong, man? We're both adults and we like each other a lot..."
"But you don't love each other, you idiot!! We like each other too but you won't marry me will you?!"
"That's different... She got my child..."
"But marrying her is not the only solution!! She told you not to also so why did you have to insist?!"
"I have to be responsible! The one in her womb is my child!!"

Jiro stopped arguing with me and sighed, gulping his beer.
I stopped talking as well, not understanding why he was so anxious about my marriage...

"How about Hisashi?"

I gazed at him in shock. I was correct. He knew everything already... Yet I was still trying to act...

"What about Hisashi...?"

Jiro looked up at me very seriously, without saying a word. I was forced to tell the truth under his determined stare. I sighed and looked away from him, gazing at the melting ice in my mug of beer.

"It doesn't matter to him anymore..."
"You're marrying the girl just because you wanted to prove you don't love him anymore? Is this fair to the girl and to you?"

What Jiro said was very true. I closed my eyes in weariness, then decided to tell him our secret.

"We had a deal..."
"Yah... I promised her I would take care of her and the child, until she finds someone who truly loves her..."
"My goodness!! What if she never finds another guy??"
"Don't you understand, Jiro?? I got no choice!! I made this mistake and I gotta take care of it myself! It's the only way I could think of! You know me well and you should understand I'm not a person who can forget everything and live happily ever after!!"

I knew I was a bit too loud when other people turned around and looked at me. I lowered my head in embarrassment and to hide my tears that were accumulating in my eyes. I heard Jiro sighed and felt his hand on my shoulder, comforting me.

"Promise me one thing please, Jiro..."

I uttered the words from my trembling lips as my tear rolled over it, moistening the dry skin.

"I won't tell Hisashi, don't worry..."

I smiled softly, feeling really glad to have such a good friend. At that time I thought it was the only lucky part in my life. I had some really good friends. If not for them, I could never find a reason for myself to live through the days...




~to be continued~

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