by Minhkie

~ Part One ~

Languidly stretched out on the couch, Kyo checked his watch, letting out a lazy yawn as he did so. He was there slightly early, but all the same, Motoki shouldn’t be too much longer. His eyes wandered around the room, inspecting the photos and posters plastered on every wall, of every piercing imaginable. Kyo cringed slightly as he looked at some of them. He was into pain, but not that much into pain!

He let his tongue jiggle and play with the piercings in his lower lip as he contemplated where the next one should go. Maybe he shouldn’t have a third in his lip, but instead get another in his eyebrow, or nose. He nibbled thoughtfully on the piece of metal; half listening to the murmuring of voices he could hear in the next room.

WHAT THE?! Kyo half choked as the taste of blood filled his mouth and a sharp pain ran through his lip where he had suddenly bit down hard. Had he…had he really heard that guy ask to have…THERE pierced?!

Kyo blinked dazedly as he heard the two voices discuss risks involved and appointment times vaguely in the background. He’d never even really thought about getting anything pierced below his waist. For a start, he didn’t need a piercing there to make it look more attractive, he thought with a grin. Besides, you weren’t meant to change normal piercings for a few weeks when they were new – so imagine what he’d be restricted to with that kind of piercing! An evil grin lit up his face as thought about the possibility of convincing Kaoru that he should get himself pierced – at least then the guitarist and Toshiya would arrive on time in the mornings for while!

Finally the door opened and Motoki came out, still chatting to a tall, slim, dark-haired man. A tall, slim, dark-haired, good-looking man, Kyo amended to himself, smiling slightly. He thought he recognized him as Miyabi, Dué le Quartz’s guitarist. Eying the other man up and down, Kyo couldn’t really think why he’d need improvement either.

“I’ll be with you in a moment Kyo-kun,” called out Mitoki over his shoulder as he and the other man, who acknowledged Kyo with a slight nod and smile, went through the other door. “I’ve just got to book in Miyabi-san’s next appointment.”

Kyo’s eyebrows went up and he grinned. Eh, how many tall sexy Miyabi’s could there be in Tokyo? He’d heard rumours about the guitarist and his band’s vocalist from various people, and, judging from the few brief times he’d met the band, he’d been inclined to believe them due to the flirtatious behaviour of the younger man. He made a mental note to innocently ask Sakito what his thoughts on piercing were the next time he saw him.


“Kaoru…” Toshiya purred in the other man’s ear. “We’ve got at least twenty minutes before we have to start getting ready…” his words trailed off, as did his hand – across the other’s lap.

Die shook his head in disgust and received a sympathetic glance from Kyo. “Can’t they keep some things for the privacy of their own home?” he said exasperatedly to the vocalist. Kyo nodded, trying to hide a smile. Die was just pissed that Shinya wouldn’t let him get any action in public. The drummer was at that moment ignoring the little scene being played out in front of him, seemingly enthralled by some drumsticks he was holding in his hands.

Die slyly slid over to sit next to the younger man.

“Shinya-” he slowly tried to slide an arm around the slim waist.

“No.” replied the other, gently but firmly giving Die’s hand back to its owner.




“Daisuke, are you listening? NO.” With this, Shinya abruptly stood up and left the dressing room, leaving a sulky Die sitting in the corner.

“Shut up Kyo!” The guitarist snapped at the blonde, who was shaking in silent mirth on the other side of the room. “At least I get some at home, unlike some people, who are getting none at all,” Die finished his sentence with an innocent, yet superior look, before stalking out to search for Shinya.

Die’s words stopped Kyo’s laughter in mid breath. He was right, completely right. Bastard.

Sighing, Kyo tried to drift off to sleep in his chair, but it was made impossible by the extremely distracting noises coming from the direction of Kaoru and Toshiya. Grumpily he opened one eye and took a glance in their direction. Toshiya was sitting in Kaoru’s lap with his hand up his shirt, whilst the guitarist had a firm hold on the bassist’s butt. Kyo’s one open eye glared at them jealously. Did they always have to flaunt what they had and he didn’t in front of him? He decided to follow Die and Shinya’s example, and with one last glare, stood up and left the room.


Kyo looked up into the night sky, watching the smoke disappear into the darkness. The bricks felt cold against his back; he leant his head back further and closed his eyes. On his search for the exit, he’d come across a blushing, giggling Shinya and a grinning Die pressed up against one another in the corridor.

He took another drag from his cigarette, and tried to convince himself it was nice and peaceful, being alone out here.

“Got a light?” Kyo swung around, to find himself face to chest with Dué le Quartz’s guitarist.

He wished he were taller.

“Yeah, sure,” causally, he tossed his lighter to the other man. He glanced up, and seeing the guitarist occupied with lighting his cigarette, took a guilty glance downwards. Had he? Or hadn’t he?

“Thanks,” Miyabi said, handing the lighter back. Kyo blushed, looking up to meet the other’s deep brown eyes.

“Err..that’s ok..um..” What?? Was he stumbling for words? Kyo was never stuck for words! He stared forwards and blew circles of smoke into the cold air.

“So…did you get anything pierced? I saw you at Motoki’s about, oh, two months ago? That was you, yeah?”

“Yeah, that was me. Actually, no. I ended up getting this done instead.” Kyo held up his hand for Miyabi, displaying the tattoos on two of his fingers.

“Ooh!” Miyabi took a hold of the proffered hand, holding it gently between his fingers, to get a closer look. “Cool!”

Kyo couldn’t help smiling. It felt so…nice. Just to have someone hold his hand like that. Even though it meant nothing, just an incidental action – yet it was a moment of physical contact, and it felt so gentle, so soft, so intimate.

Kyo blinked. He needed to get out more.

Coughing nervously, he tried to continue the conversation. “How about you? Get anything done?” No sooner had the words left his mouth then he felt his eyes drop once more and stare at a certain part of Miyabi’s anatomy.

Miyabi smiled to himself, seeing very well where Kyo’s gaze lay. “Mmm…Well I discussed a few things with him, I was considering a few options and ended up –”

His words were cut off by an angry shout from the doorway. “KYO! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Toshiya rushed up, giving a dazzling smile to Miyabi, and a cold glare to Kyo and a polite “Excuse me” before he unceremoniously grabbed the vocalist’s arm and began dragging him towards the door.

Kyo could have ripped Toshiya to shreds right there and then. He had to interrupt just when Miyabi was about to satisfy his curiosity, didn’t he? He was so preoccupied with murderous thoughts that he didn’t notice that Toshiya kept looking down with a smirk on his face.

“Remind me to find Miyabi-san later Kyo-kun. I’ve got to find out his secret that made you stare so intently at his crotch for a good five minutes!”

Kyo’s eyes went wide and his face as red as a tomato. Oh, he really wanted to rip Toshiya apart now!


~ End Part One ~


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