Major Settlements of Ani'Mes
Name Information Status
Alloirdo Complete.
Lesaka Complete.
Typav Complete.
Valael Complete.

No where in the world has more elves living there than Alloirdo. Yet even with the hunting they are famed for, there is something of far greater importance there. It is within this city that the Archives stands, a building of such mass that its presence in the forest is almost unnerving. Here exists the largest gathering of wisdom and history of the three countries. Within the many books, scrolls and tomes exists the history of the world, open to all but used by few.

Places of Interest:

The Archives: Beyond all doubt, there is no place in the world of Carodos greater in knowledge than the Archives. So large is this storage place of knowledge that the trees themselves are barely larger than it, and the basements go on almost forever. Scrolls, books and tomes of all races, languages and importance are housed here for the use of all.

The Trees of Eleiu: Here lays one of the most amazing natural sights within the realm, sacred supposedly to the human's Goddess of the Earth. From the ground on the edge of the lake grows a grove of trees of the purest emerald. Many a legend revolves around this grove, none any more or less possible than the last. Still, it is the elves that tend to the trees, despite their lack of belief in most cases of Eleiu, mainly because they do not believe the humans will not abuse the magical powers of the living emerald trees.

Elven port, also one of only two ports leading to the Verooth Ocean. Try as one might, never will they find a port with ship builders and sailors more skilled than they will in Lesaka. Often, like its sister town of Typav, it is called the gateway into the east, for it is from this city that most of the travels to the eastern continent started. Often elves from here are paid hefty sums to work in other port cities.

Places of Interest:

Harbor of Peace: Also known as the 'Gateway to the East', the harbor of Lesaka is home to the most beautiful and most skillfully built ships. It is here that one would find passage to the East, and here that many come to look into the depths of the clear waters of the Verooth Ocean.

If you are looking for beautiful clothes, it would be Typav that comes to mind. This elven port is known for the fabulous designs and dyes it uses to make outfits fit for those from the lowest rankings, to the noble families of the three countries. Also the Tapestry is housed here, a beautiful piece of the culture of the elves that highlights the most important world shaping events.

Places of Interest:

Lomisere: Named for a play upon the human words for it, this place is the center of work in Typav. It is here that all of the beautiful fabrics are dyed, woven and otherwise prepared. Some areas are dedicated to the creation of clothes fit for all levels of life. To be invited to a loom here is one of the greatest honors known to those skilled with working with clothes, and one extended to many outside of the elven culture.

Hall of the Tapestry: Within the granite halls of this great building rests the Tapestry. In the beautiful weaving the most vital of events is recorded by the skill of the elves of Typav. Many come here to see what the world was and hope to gain insight into what the world will be.

Between two lakes of unrivaled beauty rests the Elven capital of Valael. In true elven fashion it is built in harmony with the land around it, and makes use of the two nearby lakes. It is also built upon and around the trees of the forest, it is the center of elven culture and the magic upon the continent. No other place in the world, not even Luema Ubeth approaches the beauty of the city, nor the solemnity. Most of those wishing to become masters of magic travel here to learn from the old sages of the elves.

Places of Interest:

Castle of Light: Though not actually made of light, the affectionate term for the palace of the elves is very fitting. Half upon the ground and half in the trees, the beauty of the polished white marble is almost matched. Home to the royal family and to the halls of rememberance, the Castle of Light is the largest structure in the small capital.

Ring of the Sages: Upon the western continent there is no place of magic like the Ring of Sages. It is here that those learned in the ways of magic among the elves and other races take their residence, when not at Wiguf. The magic here is so strong that the stones themselves seem to be drenched with the traces.

Place of Seeing: A beautiful, albeit small, building of marble rests on the ground near the Palace of Valael. Each corner post is the trunk of a different tree. It is here that the seer lives, blind to what mortals may see, but open to the future. Some say he is older than time itself, but ask and he will tell you, even if only in riddles.