Anthropic Races of Carodos
Felunas Foxen

Race Name: Felunas

Normal Eye Color: Yellow, Green

Normal Fur Color: Varies with tribe

Average Height: Varies with tribe

Life Span: Varies with tribe

Other Important Information:
*Each tribe takes after a different feline known to earth. Each tribe also has own name but is known collectively as the Felunas.
*Lives in desert and has a very diverse diet.
*The tribes work together for good of all, as each is good at one thing over another.
*Found almost only on the eastern continent and thus great allies of the Buterfluas.
*Live mainly under the dunes and are nocturnal.
*Tend to be highly playful, even when elderly.

Brief History:
The Felunas, an anthropic race covering felines, have always lived in the Great Desert, and know no other life-style. Once they were several scattered peoples living in extreme conditions, such as the mountains and coast and deep in the forest. Within three generations they had adapted to desert life, and have lived in the desert for more years than they can remember.

Race Name: Foxen

Normal Eye Color: Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, Hazel

Normal Fur Color: Red, Brown, Sandy, Gray

Average Height: Four feet to five foot eight inches.

Life Span: 70 years

Other Important Information:
*There is much bitterness between the different groups of foxen. Grays are the least liked of all.
*Live primarily in the eastern continent.
*Tend to be great healers and manual workers.
*Very cunning and the few that do artwork create masterpieces.
*Quite a few are sailors, as Foxen love the sea, land and air.
*More likely to think way out of a battle than to fight.

Brief History:
A younger race, focusing much upon exploration. It was them who created the first contact between the anthropics and the three major races. They have become message runners between many races, acting as natural guides to the landscape. They are practically the only race without any negative history with humans.