Major Sites of the East
Name Information Status
City of Lights Complete.
Great Desert Complete.
Rainforest of Aerith Lake Complete.

City of Lights:
At the center of Lake Aerith stands the great city of the Buterfluas. It is hidden from all through powerful illusion magics, but it is truly one of the most beautiful things upon the planet itself. The whole thing seems to be alive with a light of its own and though most Buterfluas do not in fact live here, it is a place they call home.

Places of Interest:

The Crystal Temple: More important than the palace and far more lovely than it is the Crystal Temple. It was carved long ago of a living gem, and has a consciousness of its own. The temple always provides for its inhabitants.

The Vault: Deep in the core of the Crystal Temple is the Vault, a thing surrounded by thick green crystal none can see through. In this place is the most valued possessions of the people, and accessable only to those accompanied by others.

The Great Desert:
A dead land without name nor master, at least it is so to the knowledge of the west. What strange beings exist in the sands is a mystery, one waiting to be uncovered.

Rainforest of Aerith Lake:
Around the crystal waters of Aerith Lake grows a rainforest with plants and animals so unlike anything seen in the west that they might as well be alien. Ancient books claim though that at least one race thrives there, hidden amid the dense trees and savage fauna.