Major Settlements of Narket
Name Information Status
Chorkal Complete.
Fort Vesire Complete.
Hevat Complete.
Luema Ubeth Complete.
Malmol Complete.

Capital of the Dwarven lands, Chorkal is a place of wonderment. No real measure of how many live here exists, but it is said that in times of trouble all of the dwarfs can return to the deep cavernous city for safety. Few are those not of dwarf descendancy that have seen the beautiful halls, but it is still from here that their culture exists and most of the materials they trade come from here.

Places of Interest:

The Hall of the King: Past the guards there is a door of great construction, hewn from the stone itself. Once through them there is a hall of great size, with statues of all of the previous kings lining the alcoves. Ultimately it leads to the throne of stone and the King of the Dwarves.

The Mines: What is a dwarf city without the mines, great or small? Everything from metal to gems can be found here, though the latter not in abundence. Invariably all the mine shafts lead to guard stations which lead into the city.

Fort Vesire:
Neutral territory. A fort high in the mountains. Few have ever gone there and returned. It is said that there may be dragons in this abandoned area. Upon the tallest mountain, at the highest peaks in all of Carodos rests the forgotten Fort Vesire. Once it was said to be populated by dragons and those that could control the great and wise creatures, but now all is silent. Still, some adventurers go here none-the-less, and none have returned as of yet to the world that is known. Maybe the riders of dragons and their steeds still exist.

In truth, it is here that the dragons and their riders live and from here that they lead the battle against the Egsu.

Second largest home to Dwarves, behind only the capital. Known 'world-wide' for the skill of warriors trained in this area, as well as its axe making. If the humans get all of their warriors from Darnaw, it is safe to say that the dwarves get theirs from Hevat. While a mining city, it is one of the few places where other races can experience the amazing dwarf creations in the mountains that are their homes. Many that travel here seek weapons as well, such as the great axes made by the smiths. Chances are that if you've met a dwarf before, they are from Hevat.

Places of Interest:

The Circle of the Axe: Looking for a good fight? Come on over to the Circle of the Axe. Many different types of arenas have been built in this area by the dwarves to test their skill with any weapon one could think of, or maybe just their brute strength.

Smithy Lane: Need a blacksmith? A Locksmith? Mister Smith? You're likely to find it all here in dwarf style. All of the forges seem to be running near constantly, so no matter the time of night you can get what you want, either custom made or by going to the shops attached to each smith's work area.

Luema Ubeth:
One of the few places where Dwarves and Elves share a city. More of a cooperative existance than a dwarf stronghold, Luema Ubeth is a place where the finer things are held in the highest regard. In peace a population of dwarves, elves and shape-shifters live, making works of art, jewelry, plays and other creative works like none in the rest of the world. Built amid the forested valley and near a beautiful lake, it is a place sought out by all the artisic, calling to the hearts of all. Known for the jewelry making of the dwarfs here, the music and painting of the elves, and the plays produced by the shapeshifters. Also called 'The Capital of Beauty' for all of its art.

Places of Interest:

The Pillar: At the very heart of Luema Ubeth is a large pillar of marble. In it the dwarves have carved, at the instruction of the elves and shapeshifters, many runes of power to protect their piece of paradise. At the base of it all meetings are held and the plays of the people take place for the enjoyment of all. At dawn and dusk the music of the elves fill the area, and in the daylight hours it is a place to marvel at the works of the dwarves. When evening falls the shapeshifters show their own skills with passion unmatched the world over.

The Dwarf Sector: A place where the majority of the dwarves in Luema Ubeth live, if not work. The homes of stone are quite fetching, but their is always some kind of racket going on from the work of the dwarves to make the best jewelry they possibly can.

The Elven Sector: Much like the dwarf and shapeshifter sectors, there is always noise here, but mainly it is beautiful music or rejoicing at some new beautiful creation. No where else will one find elves as friendly as these, who are willing to share all that they have with others.

The Shape-Shifter Sector: A race without a proper name calls this area their home and main place of work. While they are not a large race, enough are present to create the great plays of the time, which can be seen at any hour with the right encouragement.

Though you are not likely to see a dwarf on a ship, you can see a port under their control. From Malmol is shipped the many stones, ores and other items traded to the humans. Also comes to here the many food stuffs and other things purchased by the dwarves. But all in all it's a rather quiet place unless a shipment is coming in or going out. Most boats coming to and leaving from this city are not dwarf owned, but rather ships of those wishing to buy from the dwarfs. Used to bring in food to the Dwarf nation in large amounts, and export mined materials and hewn stone for human use.