Major Settlements of the North
Name Information Status
Frontier Town Nilusk Complete.
Lost Village of Lotir Complete.
Magic Training Ground of Wiguf Complete.
Mountain City Caizen Complete.
Prison of Namil Complete.
Ruins of Rirunewe Complete.

Frontier Town Nilusk:
No more than a town on the next frontier, Nilusk is very unimportant in the grand scheme of things beyond being like the village of Heniko. The farthest KNOWN settlement of humans into the wild lands. Best place to find furs for sale.

Lost Village of Lotir:
Long ago a ship called Lotir got lost in a storm. It crashed here and the people aboard started a village. Though life is hard in this icy city, it is still one of the most content you will find the world over. Few know of it's existence. The people here hunt, fish and generally focus upon suvival. They are quite content with their way of life.

Magic Training Ground of Wiguf:
They say that for one to understand Wiguf, it must be seen, not told about. And they are right. How else could one come to understand the magic training grounds? Training grounds in basic magic use. Many warriors and mages come here to learn the magics.

Places of Interest:

The Gathering Hall: Here is where all gatherings of magically inclined take place when secrecy not available in Valael is needed. Many councils of war and peace have taken place here, and some say that entire new forms of magic use were brought about in this place. Now it is used for feeding and some of the teaching.

Dormitories: Here within the magically warmed buildings the young apprentices are put up. There is always something going on within the dormitories, from practicing of magic, to completion of assignments, to rest for the weary travelers.

Forest of Ice: Just outside of Wiguf is the forest of the north. Every winter the pine trees there are so covered in ice that it is almost as if it is carved from a glacier. It it because of this that the place is called as it is, and is used as a final testing ground for the young mages.

Mountain City Caizen:
Once upon a time there was a great place where the dwarves mined for ores so rare that they were almost impossible to find in their native mountains. But that was years ago. Overnight the entire populous of dwarfs was wiped out, and the murderers left no trace behind save the ruined city. No body other than that of the dwarves were found. Many adventurers come to the place now to try and retrieve the precious metals from the silent mines, and as of yet no harm has come of it.

Prison of Namil:
There is no where else in the world you want to avoid more than Namil. The worst of the worst criminals are sent here to pay for their crimes against the races. Few that ever leave repeat crimes to risk Namil again, because no one has returned alive from the second sentence upon the cold and lonely island.

Ruins of Rirunewe:
Legend has it that Rirunewe was once a human capital, a city of great wealth and feared across the world. Now all there is are ruins half covered in snow and ice. Maybe there still rests technology like no other there, or potent magic... or the things that made the place a ruin. None still live today, even among the long lived elves, that remembers a time when the city was not a ruin. Not a single person dares to go far enough north anymore to explore the city or find lost technology and other secrets there.