As much as he truly seemed to enjoy being unconscious lately, the sound of voices speaking in hushes around him was more than enough to rouse him from the darkness. Remus really didn't think that was too fair of the voices, as he was still pretty tired, so he shut his eyes against them, hoping that if he couldn't see them, they would go away.

"How is his condition?" one of the voices, male maybe, spoke in hushed tones.

"Alesael says that he should be fine. The wound is healing well and the poison is finally out of his system. The true problem is in him not seeming to want to wake up."

The male voice responded to that of the female, "So he was rather lucky that Rheyanva found him in that corridor..."

"It's so disused," the female agreed. "He could have bled out or died from the poison rather swiftly..."

Okay, so they voices WEREN'T being polite and going away. And now they were talking about him. Where was the kindness in that? Trying to remedy his problem, Remus pulled the pillow that his head was laid upon out and covered his face with it. And just in case that didn't the voices to behave he added his own words to the fray.

"Gway! Tryin' sleep. Lemme lone," he said, voice muffled by the pillow and thus he sounded both childish and rather funny.

"Looks like my patient is awake," the female said, "So shoo."

There was the sound of feet upon the stone floor before Remus felt the bed dip a little near his waist. This was soon accompanied by a hand snatching the pillow away from him. Angered by the loss of the protective thing, Remus opened his eyes and tried to snatch it back. The woman held it out of reach, almost chuckling a bit at the idea of this male trying to steal the pillow from her.

"So you're awake then," she said teasingly as he finally gave up on trying to steal the pillow back.

"Not like I have much of a choice," the male pointed out, still glaring at the pillow thief.

"Now now, that isn't a very good way to treat a host," the woman said, placing her hand upon his forehead to check his temperature. "Well, your fever is gone, which is a good thing."


"You've been ill for several days. Whatever poison there was in you really tried to take you out..."

Remus's face paled. He was reminded of why he was here. Before he could say anything the woman reacted to the paleness and forced him to lie down.

"You're straining yourself. You need to rest still..."

"No," Remus said, sitting up and forcing the woman away from him. "The Egsu..."

"What are those?" the woman asked as she moved to a small end table to grab a bowl of soup that had cooled a bit.

"They are these really ugly things from under the ground and they attacked Nilusk and... They are a threat to all of Carodos unless I can find the dragons..."

The female frowned and paused, "So you're actually from another planet? I've never actually met one before. I'm new here at the fortress and all..."

Remus cut her off, "Another world?"

"Yes. This is the planet Mirus, and you're in Mirus Fortress, where most of the dragons are. I am Tirinna, and I work as a healer here. And you are safe..."

The man paused and looked at Tirinna in shock. He wasn't home on Carodos anymore? He'd never heard of Mirus, but she had said there were dragons here...It didn't matter if he had the help of the dragons though if he wasn't on Carodos.

"Safe? They are trying to destroy my world and I'm not even there! I'm supposed to be finding the dragons so they can help us, but what use am I here?" Remus demanded.

Tirinna sighed and gestured for the man to stand with her. "Come, there is something I want to show you."

With a sigh Remus stood and followed her out of the door of the room. Soon enough though his impatience with her evaporated. There they were, twelve beautiful little... things, all of different colors with lots of fur and wings and long tails. Something told Remus that these were in fact dragons, though they were small and not like any of the legends said.

"What are they?" he asked.

"Tell me your name and I'll tell you what they are."

"I'm Remus Prame," he finally said, watching the beautiful little things.

"They are young dragons, almost ready to bond... They are what you came for correct?"

Remus hesitated and looked at her. "They are so lovely..."

"You could bond one if you wanted. But I wouldn't let anyone who wasn't healthy even try and bond a dragon. So you best behave and let me care for you."

"You mean I could have one?" Remus asked, his hand moving to touch the claw that still hung from his neck.

Tirinna nodded and pulled him back towards the room they had come from, "If you have a clean bill of health. Now come on Remus, let's get you healthy so that you can bond one of them."

He was very obedient at this point. If he had a dragon and could find a way back to Carodos...

Part 12
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