Major Settlements of the South
Name Information Status
Mining Town Kipo Complete.
Pass Town Clostia Complete.
Port Town Buidran Complete.

Mining Town Kipo:
One of the few centers of population for the private Unican race. Unless you live in a large city and you truly know everyone, it is unlikely that you've ever seen a Unican, and Kipo might be the only place you get that chance. Due to the fact that the precious metals and gems mined from the mountainous region have to be shipped off, the Unican population has hired vast amounts of people to protect their city, though never humans, due to their history with the people. It is the only place where Unicans live in homes not well hidden from sight. The gems and precious metals mined from here are sent to the cities of Luema Ubeth, Valael and Hevat. Always well defended by hired guards as it is the only of the Unican towns not hidden in thick forests or cliff-side dwellings.

Places of Interest:

Kyrin Wall: The great wall the keeps Kipo from prying human eyes. It is not that they are paranoid, it is just their caution. No non-Unicans ever come beyond the wall and the homes of the mercenaries alive.

Tesyu Mines: The only reason for the existance of Kipo is the Tesyu mines and their wealth in many sorts of gems. Here the Unican population harvests the precious stones through their magic and through hard labor. Heavily guarded at all times, the Tesyu Mines are almost perfectly secure... Almost.

Pass Town Clostia:
Though the Unicans are a hidden and very scattered race, they too have a capital, and that is Clostia. It is hidden in the hills and trees of the forest, and guarded constantly by hidden guards with potent magic. It is only the elves at this time that are openly welcome to this town, or are aware of its true location. Yet as a compassionate people, when the Unicans find lost travelers, they are taken care of here before being lead far away so they cannot tell where it is.

Places of Interest:

Mansion of Ilpih: Unlike the other prominate nations, the Unicans have almost always been ruled by a queen. It is only in times where no female of the royal line survives that a male sits on the throne. The current ruler is the Queen Ilpih, who is not only ruler of all Unicans, but also the liason to the other nations and rarely seen by even her own people.

Geneh Temple: Here is the place of the god of the Unican religion, a Unicorn like creature called Geneh. Just as the dwarven capital is guarded jealously, no outsider has EVER laid eyes upon the temple or the images of the Geneh inside.

Port Town Buidran:
Save Veshano and Raynen, no place is more diverse than Buidran. Almost all races are found in this port city and the nearby cliff dwellings. Neither does any place rely more heavily upon fishing than Buidran. Though it always presents nice delicacies and amazing chefs because of this.

Places of Interest:

The Fish Market: Unamazingly, the center of the diverse populous of the city. If you need to find someone you know, it's easiest to head to the market. Here many vendors set up stalls with fish they have caught and other things to prepare the fish with. Each day residents come here to get the freshest fish possible. There is also a gathering area for the rarely needed meetings of the city.

Cliff-Dwellings of Buidran: Here a portion of the populous of the city lives, prefering the seclusion of the cliffs to the homes of the town. Though the people here are less diverse than in the town proper, they are still numerous.