Major Settlements of Zanean
Name Information Status
Darnaw Fort Complete.
Merchant Town Raynen Complete.
Northern Wall Village Heniko Complete.
Sulanet Complete.
Temple of Chniey Complete.
Veshano Complete.

Darnaw Fort:
All armies must be trained somewhere, and all weapons masters must have a place to call home. For the humans the place is Darnaw Fort, a city under military control, and the King's command. While there is a village of the woman and children of the soldiers, the place is mainly the large fort built to house and train soldiers for reasons unforseen by the other races. Yet more importantly, it is the place one comes to train in the mastery of weaponry.

Places of Interest:

Darnaw Village: It is a small thing, but a thing none-the-less. The village includes a small set of docks, seeing as the main ones are at the fort itself.

Merchant Town Raynen:
Primary trading post between the cultures. If there is anything one wants to buy, the best bet is Raynen. Controlled by the merchants of the three countries and those of other races, Raynen is the only place to be when in need, legal or otherwise. The blackmarket thrives here, selling everything from artifacts to slaves, yet it is beyond the control of the countries that benefit from it, or from any other sort of law. The only true law is the brutes paid by the wealthiest of the merchants to patrol the dirt streets and the men living in the small village seeking to protect their families. None of the countries crack down upon it for fear that the other two would act against them for it.

Places of Interest:

Gold Street: Affectionately given the name of 'Gold Street' by its residence, this is where the primary homes of many powerful merchants rest. The community is gated and none can come in without proper clearance.

Black Street: Knowing that no one will limit their trade, the main dealers in the black market of Raynen have no problem calling their suspicious looking alley network 'Black Street' though it is neither black nor a street. This is where people go to get what should not be gotten.

Northern Wall Village Heniko:
The village mainly exists as a home to those from the three countries who patrol the northern wall for three year periods. It is a neutral city, for all of the races work together here to defend against the little understood dangers of the north. Yet it is also the first place that travellers end up when coming from beyond the wall, and the last place they see upon leaving. Because of this there is always an inn to be found and a warm hearth waiting, for the right amount of money that is.

Places of Interest:

The Northern Wall: From Heniko all one can see easily is the great stone wall and its gate. Upon the wall, and even in it, are barracks and areas for the warriors and mages that man this defense against the unknown north.

Primary port of the human kingdom. If there is any place of beauty in the world of the humans, it is the coastal city of Sulanet. Trade is everywhere one looks, but so is the luxury expected of any sea side town. Sapphire oceans, golden beaches, the a wealth on the sea are promised to all who are ready to throw aside their burdens and take a chance at life in Sulanet. Second largest city in the Zanean Kingdom and main place used to trade goods with the Dwarves of Malmol.

Places of Interest:

The City Proper: Sulanet is far more than just some port town. It's a beautiful city with a near resort feel to it. While men and dwarves work at the docks with traders, every day people walk the city, take the sun at the beach, and altogether relax.

The Docks: The smell of wet wood, fish, and salt water all add to the atmosphere of cursing, rough languages and arguements over cargo. It is, all in all, a very average dock.

Temple of Chniey:
At the center of the most abundant human religion is the sacred grounds of the Temple of Chniey, the Lady of Light and Healing. From many cultures, not just humanity, come those seeking guidance and healing from the featureless figures of feminine power that rest within the temple. The waters of the nearby lake are even said to have some restorative properties, but are jealously guarded by the Acolytes of Chniey. One of very few non-aggresive deities in the human culture. Also worshipped in varying names by a few other races, thus the temple is frequented by more than devote humans and the Acolytes of Chniey.

Places of Interest:

The Sacred Baths: It is said that in the waters of this part of the lake are always hot for unknown reasons, and that soaking in them can heal any wound. Few use them due to the guardianship of the Acolytes of Chniey.

As the capital and center of the kingdom of Zanean, there is always something to do in Veshano. From more pubs than are logically needed, to the vast markets, to the seemingly excessive palace areas, there is no place like Veshano. One can find fate here, or maybe just a few supplies and then be on their way. Built on three rivers and surrounded by the grasslands, it is the ideal place to settle down... sometimes. Largest settlement of humans in Carodos. Resting on the Polok River it is the center of human life. Here many races gather, and it is home to everything and anything one could ever want.

Places of Interest:

Markets: Almost half of the city of Veshano is the market. There is everything from streets of vendors with carts and tents, to the more permanente buildings of rather plain design but great importance. You can find all your food, weapon and clothing needs here, as well as specialty shops for those unexpected needs.

Veshano Palace: Most prominate feature in the whole of the river city, Veshano Palace is home to not only the royal family and their guards, but many advisors, soldiers and higher nobles and visiting dignitaries. While getting in can be hard, it is quite worth it to see the beautiful design, or even meet with the noble born.

Residential Sector: As in any large cities, there is a residential sector within Veshano. Most of it is taken up by the middle and lower class, though some walled off portions are homes to the nobles of Veshano, who tend to be quite greedy in protecting their lands. A few of the more elite shops also exist here in the homes of their owners.

Slums: Sadly, as with any great city, there are slums in Veshano. The lowest of the low live here, sometimes in shacks, sometimes on the streets themselves. Also, the less desirable businesses and dealings go on in this seedy area that the royals refuse to even notice.