Neva' Again


The First and Only True White of Ryslen

The Winter Gather Flurry Hatching

Neva' gave a heavy sigh and shifted restlessly. Existence was a trial. Ever since Filianivei had left her, she spent much of the day in solitude. Though she knew she was the only completely white dragon to ever hatch at Ryslen, she was not vain about it. What is vanity when there is no one you want to be awed by you? Filianivei, the so-called daughter of winter, had faded away so quietly that Neva' hadn't noticed - until one day she was simply gone. Perhaps she had found a way to rejoin that ice dragon? What was his name? Allo… it didn't matter. He was gone and so was Filianivei. Neva' did not know what happened, but she could not mourn her rider's loss either. There was nothing to mourn, really.

AhnThe white rose gracefully from her couch and walked to the ledge of her accomodations. It wasn't really a 'weyr' like bonded dragons had, and wasn't merely a cave either. Far below, the lake glistened in the warm sunshine , but she did not feel like swimming or bathing, though at her appearance, Geof and Ahn swooped in chittering excitedly. The blue and green flits were hers, more or less. They did as they pleased, but kept her company when she did not wish to be entirely alone.

She turned from the ledge and pushed through the heavy curtains into her space. It was hardly dark as smaller openings high up in the cavern had been fit with panes of glass, and not cold at all as the hot water that supplied baths in this section of Ryslen coursed below the floors. It might be a bit chilly for humans, but Neva' was plenty comfortable.

A bell rang, and a voice called to her. Tiyanni.

The white crossed to the inner doorway and bowed her head so she could peek out the doorway. With a soft touch, Neva' pulled the curtain from the doorway, inviting her visitor in.


The large cavern was sparsely furnished, though it could have easily accommodated half a dozen dragons and their bonds. Tiyanni perched on the steps up to the higher level and looked at Neva'. The dragon had called herself Nevalith upon her hatching, but shortened it permanently to reflect her riderless status.

"Are you certain you wish to be alone?" Tiyanni said to her at last.

GeofI am not alone. I have Geof and Ahn - though they are small minded, they are refreshing company. And almost anyone in Ryslen will lend a helping hand or claw if asked. Neva' replied truthfully and seriously, though her snow-soft voice was still touched with sadness.

"It doesn't have to be this way Neva'. There are several places where hatchlings have chosen mature dragons as their bonds - the iridescent green Saktishanatath chose light brown Khalbalahath at your hatching."

I know, Tiyanni, but this is how it must be. The white said with a satiny swish of her pale tail serving as adequate punctuation.

"Then why are you so sad?" Tiyanni asked, slightly puzzled.

Because I am… alone. The white sighed. I face each morning and evening alone because it was fated to be this way. Perhaps I, like the first white ever, ought not to have hatched? He went on to do great things though he was regarded as an incomplete - a freak, if you will. While I am regarded for my pigment - or lack thereof - I am unloved…

"Stop this, Neva'." Tiyanni said rather sharply. "You're depressing."

The dragoness cowered. Though she was on the verge of retirement, Tiyanni was and always would be a force to be reckoned with. "There is a purpose for your living - but you alone can find it. And you're not going to find it sitting in here moping." With that Tiyanni left. She wasn't exactly angry, but Neva' didn't know that for sure. She hesitated for a moment, then left her home.

The snow-white leapt from her ledge and spread her icy wings. Sunlight glinted off her snowy markings, making her appear to glitter. Down below, the sight of the white in flight was inspirational.

Her leaving did not go unnoticed. She goes, Ty love. If I had not heard what you said to her, I would wonder. Others wonder even now.

Tiyanni grinned to herself as she retraced her steps down the disused high corridor. Litayth, my dear bond. Once Neva' put even the merest fraction of her worry into words, the rest was downhill.

Not everything has to be a struggle. Litayth said, and Tiyanni grinned as one of the flurry riders stepped out of the doorway of one of the upper weyrs.


Tiyanni waved a hand, cutting him off. "'Tiyanni' will do fine... Ryan? No, Daren." The Terran names always seemed so strange to her. Litayth? Did you arrange this? The queen's silence was answer enough.

Daren grinned. "Would you like a ride down from here? Rhyalinth and I would be honored to convey you."

Tiyanni's mind raced. Which one was Rhyalinth? With nearly 400 dragons hatched at Ryslen since Litayth's last clutch, it was hard to keep track of them all, even when a majority of them had transferred out. "I'd be delighted." She replied, and then truly was when he led her into the dark weyr to see the silhouette of the duowinged dragon. Ah! "Hello Rhyalinth."

Greetings, Tiyanni. the blue rumbled. It was an honor to hear a dragon other than Litayth speak to her, even though they'd been doing it for decades.

"Shall we?" Daren said, offering her a helping hand up. Tiyanni grinned, and with hands on the blue's harness, swung easily up into place. Daren laughed, and Tiyanni joined in. "I see you're not as tired as some would think you are."

Tiyanni smirked. "Don't be fooled, Daren. My youngest is at least your age... and your fabulous blue is much smaller than Litayth!"

Daren hoisted his sturdy frame up onto his blue's neck, placing himself behind the slender directoress of Ryslen. She seemed a bit surprised by this. "Wouldn't want you to miss any of the view due to my wide shoulders." He said with an audible smirk. "Let's go Rhyalinth!"

Within a few heartbeats, Tiyanni had to admit that those gawky-seeming duowings flew quite smoothly, and were surprisingly agile. What useful friends they would be in tight places...

* * *

Neva's Return!