Ryslen - Flight 14

Flight 14

Green Myith
(Written by Taerinn)

Mei was in a foul mood as her dragon feasted. A savage look seemed to plague her eyes as sat stunned on the sands. She'd caused quite a calamity! people stood shocked what an odd time for flight! A set of hands rested on her arms but she swatted them away as quickly as her dragon took to the air.

Myith rose above her. Thoughts raced through Mei's mind. She couldn't believe what had just happened.. Myith.. her Myith had dumped her upon foreign sands just a few sharding moments after thread had stopped falling. Then? Then Myith had decided it'd be a good time for a flight... Now? Well, now Meilin was left exasperated upon the sands in total disarray. Her mind hurt from thinking. It'd taken most of her strength to force her green to only blood her kills. And she was mad because of this.

Despite the help she was offered Meilin was to disillusioned to accept help. She didn't under stand ANY of this! It was odd! so many men around.. They were getting too close! Gah! she couldn't let a single one near her! She couldn't let any of them touch her! It hadn't taken long before Meilin was completely out of her mind's control. She was running on instinct now, Myith's instinct.

Myith had scarcely cleared the Weyr before she had s swarm of suitors chasing after her. Yet she was far ahead! Her jaden wings seemed to grip the winds effortlessly.

"Move! Move!" A voice rang in Meilin's ears. She could swear it was right next to her but she was too occupied with her dragon to really concentrate on the words.

"You're hurting her!" That same voice continued. She could feel her body being kicked as she lay on the ground, yet the pain seemed distant. For a moment her own mind was able to take charge and she gazed up in fear at the one man whom offered her help.

He reached out his hand, His voice soft. "Don't worry, Everything will be fine.".

She'd just finished her thank you's when her mind faded back to Myiths. The clouds swirled above. She could feel them brush past her cheek the further she went. The cold was exhilarating, the forbidden skies made it that much more exciting! Yet her suitors were catching up. getting too close! Six were left, three blues, three browns. Myith seemed pleased with this. yet there were too many! Her wings tired too fast!

The air was thick, hard to breath. Too much tension. Myith took a slick turn as one of the males grazed her belly. He was a strong one! but not strong enough. She wrenched herself out of her grasp pushing him back with her hind legs until he spiraled towards the floor. That made two browns... three blues.

Despite this early scare Myith was free again. Her heart was light, and it seemed that last attempt was just what she needed to revitalize her spirit. She'd play a tease now, sharply turning and heading for the males, as if to greet each of them as they made their greedy grabs for her. She weaved through their presents gracefully, as if to dance with them. Unfortunately one of the blues had two left wings and nearly had himself tangled one of the taller tree's.

Little did Myith know while she was playing her game the White-blue Nariveth, and one of the brown's Janciasolath beat her at her own game.

As she played with Cwith and Tyranith darting out of each of their reaches, the two teamed together hovering just out of her sight, and just as she dove out of her 'toy's' reach she'd found herself in junction with a wall of wings. She had no time to think! No time to turn, rather she was grabbed By Nariveth. Janci let out a cry of protest, apparently that wasn't part of the plan.

She slowly calmed as she felt the warmth of the light blue as he loosened his grip and the pair began to fall through the clouds. Their necks twined, wings steadily trying to slow the air before they broke apart.

Meilin found herself in the arms of the first man that tried to help her that day, M'dall. But this time she was wasn't pulling away. No words were exchanged, rather, they looked each other in the eye exchanging something much deeper than any word.

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