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The Hatching Sands

The Hatchings at Ryslen are held in the largest cavern. The floor is covered in soft reddish sand, and warmed naturally by the hot springs that supply Ryslen.

Men and women skilled with stonework have been long at work remodeling the sands. The walls have been carved smooth as far as the workers could reach with the aid of ladders, scaffold, and dragon. The wraparound tiers for the spectators have been redesigned, making them blend more fully into the area rather than stand out garishly.

There are ledges higher up, so that dragons can watch as well. Even these have been smoothed and reinforced as necessary.

The sands themselves have been rearranged into levels, more or less. Stone blocks separate the central, left, and right portions of the sands. Each section could accommodate a queen and a clutch of 20 - with the devision and clear boundaries, the queens can and do share the sands, each taking a section.

We hope to see you here soon - Everyone loves a Hatching.

Hey... What's that light coming from the firelizard sands? Check it out!

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On The Sands:
* Alanysath's Flight * (#56)
* Kjoda'Vuku and Cynnath's Flights * (#59)

Not Clutched Yet:

Current Candidates:

  1. Daranel -- Male Pernese
  2. Niko R'zul -- Male Winged Anthro Fox/Bluejay Hybrid
  3. Alia -- Female Feline Anthro
  4. Cakatu -- Male Feline Anthro
  5. Kicou -- Male Feline Anthro
  6. Miwese -- Female Feline Anthro
  7. Fire (Fehar) -- Male, from Otykaii
  8. Earl Walker -- Male Human(Ghost)
  9. Moia -- Female Dragon
  10. Jorilyatah -- Male Dragon
  11. Pilih Suuta -- Ungendered Usagi
  12. Fache Suuta -- Male Usagi
  13. Diskite Suuta -- Male Usagi
  14. Illima Kowagowa -- Female Usagi
  15. Sendiri Aojiroi -- Female Usagi
  16. Neveseo Aojiroi Bigendered Usagi
  17. Kitjast Torikesi Bigendered Usagi
  18. Taixe Antan -- Bigendered Usagi
  19. Sirius -- Male Human
  20. Robin Cammon -- Male Human
  21. Dement -- Male Shapeshifter
  22. Caith -- Female Dragon
  23. Alderanth -- Male Dragon
  24. ~ Could this be you? ~
Egg/Candidate Status:

Open spaces: always!

Left Circle

Center Circle
Alanysath -- 1/10 (12?)

Right Circle
Cynnath -- 0/6
Kjoda'Vuku -- 0/5
(# claimed / total)

Unassigned - lots

878 Dragons Hatched as of July 22, 2009

I will be choosing who Impresses from which clutch, so all the candidates will go on the same list. Any Novo accepted to the sands will bond with a dragon when the time is right. Please don't be discouraged if they don't bond from the first clutch that hatches after they have been accepted. :) ~Prima Jeyann~

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Updated 7.22.09
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