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Though this is all technically "behind the scenes" information, it needs to be collected and kept somewhere. If there are no flights, there are no eggs. If there are no eggs, there are no hatchings. And we really want hatchings! Thanks for stopping past here - we appreciate you!

For a dragon to be eligible to Rise or Chase in a Flight at Ryslen:
  • He or She must have been from Impressed at an adoption agency, not a click-and-take center.
  • Note: Dragons from Alskyr, Danach, and any other specific world are welcome to rise/chase here, in addition to those from "Pern" and Nexii (Nexus-es?)
  • "Gift" dragons (given as a prize or present or by the Weyrleader/Weyrwoman to his/herself.) require special permission to participate. Please email TyGryph to negotiate.
  • They must have their adult stage up on their webpage.
  • Ryslen does permit Female dragons ridden by Males to Rise, and Male dragons ridden by Females to Chase!
  • It is okay for male dragons to chase females who hatched from the same clutch as them except if they are Danachian or Icarian, as these two kinds of dragons have inbreeding issues/taboos. Some people have problems with this, but generally the dragons don't care. If you stop to think about it, the first dragons only had their clutchmates as potential mates...
  • Male dragons may chase as often as they wish, but may only sign up for one flight at a time at Ryslen. To do claim more is considered rude. If your dragon wins, the clutch he sired must hatch before he can chase again.
  • Before you enter your male dragon to chase, you may want to make sure his page highlights his qualities... is he light, dark, big, small, smart, scar-free, etc. The Female will decide the winner; can you impress her?
  • Due to concerns about the length of Ryslen's flight list, no dragon is barred from rising/chasing elsewhere while they are listed here. I can not guarantee when a clutch will actually make the sands, though I would prefer flight stories in as soon as possible after the flight has been filled.
  • Ryslen reserves the right to reject any applicant.

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Upcoming Flights
All Flights are open unless otherwise noted & will occur in order of listing.

Flight #56

~ Gold Alanysath ~
Selyndria of Aneris
Jerdan Weyr - Clutch #19


Red-White Giaokiraan
(Flurry 03) -- Tirellion of Moire Ytiam

Flight #60

~ Blue-Green Cwerty ~
Legerradan "Danny" Ethiremar
Star City Dragonry

Note: Danny will not be participating.

Flight #61

~ Red-Gold Sunshower Nydaeth ~
Mirabai of DragonVerses
Ryslen - Clutch #44

Flight #62

~ Mist White Jaath ~
Vainia of Sanrix Azon
Healing Den - X-Gen Frenzy

Night Red Kentrenith
(Ryslen) -- Vale of Sanrix Azon


Flight Signup

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Dragon's name:
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Dragon's type: Light Normal Night Flurry Other*
Dominant Body Color: Gold Silver Bronze Red
Cream Brown Purple Blue Green Other*

* If "other" please specify:

Hatching Weyr (& Clutch Number if known):

Which Flight are you interested in?

New Flight (females only)
Does She have a Color Preference for chasers?

Honestly: Why should I allow this dragon be allowed to fly and clutch at Ryslen?
Consider this your audition. Sending the form in does NOT guarantee that your female will clutch at Ryslen.

Check here if you would be willing to write the mating flight.

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