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Adoption Rules

Please read these before you apply for a candidate slot.

  1. Every page must be 100% done and up before you apply. No Exceptions.

  2. Candidates do not have to be Pern related. Ryslen will accept Pernese, Alskyrian, Danachian, or anything else you can dream up. The candidate must be able to either ride a dragon, or fly with it.

  3. Ryslen offers the standard nine Alskyrian colors - gold, bronze, silver, cream, red, brown, purple, blue and of course green. Golds, Purples, Creams and Greens are female, Bronze, Brown, Red and Blue are male. I am undecided about silver dragons at the present time. Lights, Nights, and Twilights of all nine colors will appear. Dragons of the new poses from the Flurry (Knobless, Crestless, Bald, Horned, Two-toned, Duowing, finned, Hathian wing armed, etc.) may also appear.

  4. Your page must be child-safe. If you wouldn't want your little sister or your grandmother to read it, chances are it won't be accepted. No Exceptions.

  5. There must be a working link back to Ryslen. (New URL -- http://www.geocities.com/ryslen_red/ - the old links via east_rock_territory do still work...) Please try to put "Ryslen" instead of "here." New linking images will be available soon.No Exceptions.

  6. If your candidate Impresses/bonds, you have one week to get your dragon's stage up, or they will go Between. This will be enforced. There are three stages.
    If there is no way humanly possible for you to do this, you must email Jeyann before that week is up.

  7. You may not alter the images without permission.

  8. It is Ryslen's philosophy that every dragon is important. A green dragon is not a consolation prize.

  9. You must join the Mailing List! ( Click here to subscribe!) All notices, including hatchings, will be sent via this list! If you lose your dragon because you're not on this list, it's your own fault.

  10. We ask that all candidates be the equivalent of 13 human years of age or older. Unless unusually old candidates (i.e. as old as your parents) become a problem, there will be no upper age limit.

  11. We understand that some people prefer to keep their pairings traditional. If you prefer your candidate not impress an opposite gendered or oddly colored dragon, this Must be on your form. If it isn't, you have no right to complain when it happens. No Exceptions.

  12. Many weyrs and adoption agencies have a rule insisting you put something in the form to indicate you've read the rules. For candidates applying in February, tell me your favorite candy. For March, include the phrase "what pot of gold?" If these have expired, indicate such in the comments section and answer the most recent question.

  13. If you'd rather your candidate not Impress a specific color of dragon, please feel free to say so. The same goes for colors you would prefer. We can't say that you won't Impress a chromatic (red, cream, blue, purple, green, brown) dragon, but not every girl can be a queenrider, or every boy a bronzerider. It just won't work out.

  14. If you'd like to name your own dragon, please put the name on the form. If you want to name your dragon, but still be surprised, put more than one name. Your names will not be taken and used for other dragons without your permission. Ryslen dragon names end in -th or are dynastic like Icarian Draks, a four-letter gender specific ending created by merging the ends of the parent dragons' names. (This is similar to RoF Spirit dragons, whose endings match the mother or father's ending...)

  15. There is no limit to how many candidates you can send in. They will be assigned to a clutch when they arrive here. However, it may take several hatchings for your candidate to impress. Please be aware of this.

  16. Dragons will be given out according to the nature of the persona as often as possible. A really good page has a decent glimpse into the life, looks, and personality of the candidate, in addition to a good design.

    Such are the rules; the choice is yours.

    Your rules are too much! Forget it! I can handle it!