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Ryslen Mini Nook!

For whatever reason random things get done at Ryslen, the doorway leading from the hallway into the small sandy cavern where firelizard eggs once were kept was sealed off with small blocks of red granite and black-tinted mortar. This made the miniature hatching sands only available by passing through the hatching sands. This kept all but the most intent persons from going to that small sandy place, as the watchful and sometimes disdainful stares of the broody queens turned most people away from the sands before hatching day.

How the Lians came to Ryslen
The first Nest-Breaking at Ryslen!

Garnet Dyneale

Three clutches rest here, totalling aproximately 25.

Pearl Cirrya and Ruby Aymile
Pink Tourmaline Jerriya and Warm Huvos
Cool Forro and Purple Glitz Korayho


  1. Qurzav (Male Lynxx)
  2. Alyzza (Female Human)
  3. Keryyn (Male Human)
  4. Hekaroth (Male Dragon)
  5. Foldelesth (Male Dragon)
  6. Vedania Amakiir (Female Half-Elf)
  7. Ardith (Female Dragon-Shifter)
  8. Tern's Eclipse (Male Elf)
  9. Walker (Male Elf)
  10. Truce (Female Elf)
  11. Caster (Male Elf)
  12. -- Could this be you? --
Future Parents:

~ none ~

Sapphire Brinle
Aquamarine Carmle
Aquamarine Enele
Garnet Dyneale


- Sexual preference is not an issue in the candidates. They will get what they deserve.

- Any one persona can bond two minis at one Nest-Breaking, and they can bond six mini dragons total.
You have to write a different story for each Nest-Breaking your candidate stands at!

- Having dragons from the Nook does NOT effect Impressing regular Pernese or Alskyrian dragons or gryphons,
unless the owner of the Weyr/Caer/Aerie doesn't allow it.
This will be allowed without question at Ryslen. (Duh?)

- The standard Ryslen Adoption Rules apply. Be sure to read them.

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