Ryslen - Hatching 47

The Breaking of The Ryslen Mini Nest!
Hatching #47

Golyrith & Cendanth

It had been far too long since an egg cracked on Ryslen's sands, so when Dyneale and Aymile joyously announced the imminent breaking of their wild nest of minis a multitude of people and dragons came to witness the mini miracle. Too many to fit in the nook where the seven small eggs had hardened under the watchful eyes of their red fathers... Seeing as how a Lian hatchling was no bigger than a large bronze firelizard, Ke'li and Ke'l carried the eggs out into the main sands so everyone could see.

The first egg to crack was the last one Ke'li set down. As the porcelain shell broke open, the watchrider scooted away from the eggs -- today was for the candidates. The mini dragon was a bright magenta red color, and its hide seemed... no... look at the silvery wings! A Red Glitz Lian! The hatchling shook a piece of shell from it's paw.
Chiore? The red said, seeking his bond. The boy stepped forward and the cute hatchling nuzzled his boy's leg.
What's your name? Chiore asked silently.
The mini blinked at him. I don't know. The mini replied. Should I know? The newly bonded was stunned. Didn't all dragons know their names at hatching?
Apparently not. The red responded, and the second egg snapped open to reveal a pale blue glitz mini.
He slipped across the sands and past the spectators to where a cream and white feathered beauty waited. Hello Thersalyin. The mini said, climbing between her huge Ryslen paws.
Hi baby. The dragoness said to her new tiny bond. You don't have a name either, do you?
The mini blue lay on his back and waggled his paws at her. Nope?
Thersalyin nuzzled his belly. We'll find a name for you.

The third egg opened to reveal a glitzy green who pranced up to his chosen - Tahran - and into his heart. "This is unusual... he hasn't got a name either!" The green was distraught. Everyone was unsettled. Why didn't these babies have names?

The fourth egg fell away to reveal a silvery-white glitzy beauty. She was graceful and elegant and silent. She placed herself at the right hand of the air-mage... well, she would have if she were bigger!
Kuuki picked her up and draped her across her shoulders. "You'll not be able to do this much if you grow as fast as the big dragons."
Okay. The silver glitz said sleepily and nuzzled her bonded's ear. Kuuki giggled.

The next egg to break revealed a bright purple glitz hatchling. He was slightly disoriented, but the wizard Raphalar came forward to claim him. He dind't announce the hatchling's name either, as he didn't yet have one. It was strange, but seeing as how they'd been abandoned, and tended by two males, perhaps they'd missed some female secret naming stage? Who knew?

There were two eggs left, and one fell open, sending the rust orange glitz hatchling sprawling into the sands. He hurried to his feet and looked up into his chosen's eyes. Hello White Eyes He said.
The elf looked back at the mini. "Won't Enele be surprised..." He mused.
Who's Enele? The baby asked excitedly.
"Another mini dragon. You'll meet him soon." The elf wrapped his arms around the brilliant hatchling and they watched as the last mini dragon egg burst like a ray of sunshine through the cloudbank. Indeed it was a dark silvery yellow glitz hatchling. At first, she seemed confused, but soon was heading tentatively towards a young woman with an unusual shifting talent. At the last moment she turned away and headed straight to a young man who lingered at Thersalyin's side.
Zaddizh! You have two names - can I have one of yours? The boy scooped up his mini dragon and laughed. "You can be Ziyazh if you really want, but it might get confusing..." The yellow licked his cheek like a puppy might, and they all laughed.

"Make sure you let one of our scribes know when your bonds choose names." Ke'l said after getting the attention of the newly bonded.

The crowd was beginning to drift off when Golyrith (the ever patient mother) began to hum her welcoming song to her now rocking eggs. There were only a few of them, but they were dragons and that's what counted.

The first egg to break was the largest and the smallest (as they were all the same size) and the dragon within was as colorless as a stormy sky. The hatchling was gray. Through and through. The only color was in his rainbow faceted eyes. He was purely Ryslen in looks -- stiff headcrest, headknobs, and spaded tail. He turned his head and looked to a young man who should have had wealth and the power of being from a good family, but through a rotten twist of fate, he had nothing.
Carou, will you be my rider?
The young man smiled slightly. "Yes Zilerian." Another twist of fate, this gray dragon.

The second egg broke, and from the pristine ivory shell came a sooty smudge of a dragon. Wholly bald, this slender female was fast on her feet and agile as a fox. Perfect companion for a thief. Was it any wonder that her gaze was locked upon Adae?
My name is Bakkhanri.
This seemed pleasing enough for Mad King Van...

The third egg fell in on itself and from the shards rose an ashy dragoness. The sharp nub horns on her head told of the long Alskyrian horns she'd grow in time. Her movements were of regal grace, and as she presented herself to her chosen, Acriliria spoke the female's name aloud: "Sevilanri."

THe fourth and final egg burst like a sudden gust of stormwind, and from the ivory debris came a fourth gray dragonet. She had a stripe of lighter gray running from her muzzle down the length of her spine to the end of her tail. On her muzzle were two tiny yet functional horns. Beautiful and effective.
It's not everyone who bonds twice on teh same day... Especially at Ryslen. The hatchling purred.
Hi Laradanri! The Lian on Kuuki's shoulders chirped.
"Laradanri? You're mine?"
Indeed, Kuuki. We three will fly together. The air mage was overwhelmed!

"Gray dragons?" Ke'l asked noone in particular.
"Stranger things have happened." Jeyann said with a light smile. "They're not the first..."
"Ke'l?" A voice said and the Ryslen Primes turned as one and looked at Ti'm, the rider of the sire of this odd clutch. "Cendanth is red now, if you recall, not brown. And that paired with Golyrith's rare genes, it's possible that these four will change colors as they mature."
Ke'l looked at Jeyann and she looked to the two parents - yes they did look awfully smug...

A note from TyGryph:
These four will indeed change colors. Your mission, if you choose to accept it - is to continue to write for this rider (like you weren't going to anyway?) Show me more about them and what they're like. The dragons do have 'default' colors which they'll grow into if your writing doesn't inspire me to give them a higher ranked coloration. Gold/Bronze is possible, although full white is not. (Hey. That's for Flurries.) So have fun.

Chiore and Mini Red Glitz Male
Thersalyin and Mini Blue Glitz Male
Tahran and Mini Green Glitz Male
Kuuki and Mini Silver-White Glitz Female
Raphalar and Mini Purple Glitz Male
White Eyes and Mini Orange Glitz Male
Zaddizh and Mini Yellow Glitz Female
* * *

Carou and Zilerian
Adae and Bakkhanri
Acriliria and Sevilanri
Kuuki and Laradanri

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