Ryslen - Flight 59

Flight 59

Dark Opal Cysscatainth
(Written by Kayla)

The clatter of talons on stone, a flash of red and green wings and the sound of two fiery voices screeching in his head woke Kjedoreth one frigid morn. He leapt to his feet, only to be cuffed on the head by a white wing. Keep your head down, if you know what’s good for you. came Cyizo’Fask’s cool voice in his mind. Why, what’s going... he began, but soon caught the same lash of white-hot fury and proddiness from both his female bonds. They were on the verge of ripping each other apart, the larger Kjoda screaming at Cynnath, who was sneering and cat-calling in return as the pair pelted from the weyrledge for the feeding pens, then to the overcast sky.

Quite obviously, the pair was rising simultaneously. Kjedoreth and Cyizo both watched their bonds whip through the sky and then, sending a little spark of horror through the blue-sunset and the white, winked between. ”Come on, they’ve gone to Ryslen!” Cyizo said after a moment before leaping powerfully to disappear, his pale hide blending perfectly with the low, white clouds. Kje’ was after him in an instant, the larger blue matching his wingbeats. The two males had never spoken much before, they had nothing in common aside from sharing Cynnath as their bond. Now they were united in their urgency to chase.

Cynnath and Kjoda burst from between and immediately resumed their battle. Kjoda lashed out with blood-red talons, very nearly raking them across Cynnath’s chest. But the green was equal to that, she returned with her own volley of slashes and managed to draw first blood, though it was difficult to tell for the color blended so well with Kjoda’s hide. The red shrieked in pain and fury, ”You little...” Now now, let’s watch our language! Cynnath snarled smugly, darting away from the hovering red as she stopped to inspect the damage.

Cyizo misjudged where he would exit from between and very nearly knocked Kjoda head over heels in the air. With a trumpet and a breakneck twist, the little white deftly dodged the red and pelted after his true prize, Cynnath. Come, bond-mine. I’m here now! Forget that hateful red... he soothed, winging up behind the green. She merely snarled in reply, full mating frenzy upon her now. Not even her beloved Cyizo could knock sense into Cynnath’s mind.

Meanwhile, Kjedoreth was chasing after his flaming red Kjoda, who had resumed flight after she sensed the blue’s arrival. He wooed her with sweet words and loving noises, but the red would have nothing to do with him. Like Cynnath, no thought crossed her mind but higher... faster... farther...

The females borrowed strength began to wain, and they found that they were flying side by side again. Too weary and desperate to keep the males behind them, they merely tossed venomous insults and threats back and forth. The smaller Cynnath lost her stamina first, suddenly folding her wings and plummeting from the sky with Cyizo a while blur after her. Wings folded tight to his sides, he slowly gained... he was at her feet... her middle... at last, they were face to face and the white swiftly twined his neck and claws with her, spreading his wings to turn them away from the approaching ground. Cynnath rumbled happily as they drifted off on a thermal, no longer concerned with Kjedoreth or Kjoda.

Kjedoreth still had longer to wait for Kjoda, who began to throw coy taunts back to him, now that Cynnath was otherwise occupied. But wait, what was that green blur? Cynnath was in the sky again, and Cyizo was no where to be found! Kjedoreth was confused as the green zipped across his path again and again, attempting to lure him away from Kjoda. The red screamed at her, slashing with talons and snapping ivory fangs. He’s mine, no one else! Kjedoreth hovered in midair, watching in a bemused way as the females screamed at one another. Finally, he dove for the distracted Kjoda, twining with her even as she still tried to free herself and attack the green. Forget her, I’m yours only. he crooned to the red, who practically purred in response.

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