Ryslen - Flight 55

Flight 56

Gold Alanysath
(Written by Rhiannon)

Selyndria paced back and forth in her temporary quarters at Nidus Ryslen. The young goldrider was anxious. Something was different. She wasn't sure what, but something definitely felt different about today. Was today finally going to be the day that Alanysath would rise? They'd been at Ryslen ever since she'd been given permission to seek a mate there, but as of yet the gold had not taken to the skies.

A little green flit popped in from between chittering excitedly. She circled above her mistress' head and was soon joined by a blue flit. Ridonna and Mikayne eventually landed on the bed. The little ones flapped their wings continuing their tirade of chatter.

The young woman ran a hand through her short dark hair, and sighed heavily. The two firelizards were sending her such a variety of images that it was nearly impossible to sort them. Alanysath can you calm them down and see what it is that they're trying to say. As she reached out to touch her dragon's mind, she found the gold wide awake and her own emotions rather chaotic. Selyndria was hit by a wild rush of anger, hunger, passion, and desire. It was time. It was finally time.

The males were gathered around outside waiting eagerly for the glowing gold to rise. There were three fine bronzes, a strong brown, and special red and white dragon participating in the chase. Alanysath stood on her ledge surveying the males. She tossed her head scornfully. Would any of these be worthy of her? That would be the test.

She dove down and plucked a beast from among the feed pens. Being from the old world, it was up to Sel to keep her gold in check. She used all her willpower to make sure the gold did not eat any of the kill. After taking down four of the beasts, she vaulted herself into the air.

The males were in hot pursuit. Helivath was first off the ground and after the golden prize. Determined not to lose again Seranith was close behind him. In the middle of the pack struggling for dominance were the red and white Giaokiraan, Brown Foldeleseth, and Bronze Luukren. Alanysath swiveled her head around and watched them just as she caught an updraft to take her higher and away from the Castle. Her time had come at last, and she was not going to be an easy catch.

The old world queen flew as high and fast as her wings would take her. The boys would have to sort this one among themselves. She knew she was better than all of them and was not the slightest bit worried about them. Only one of them could catch her, and he would have to prove himself. Alanysath glanced back at them again, and watched the struggle.

Luukren had pulled out ahead of Giaokiraan and Foldeleseth though the brown was making a move to regain lost ground. The red and white seemed to be content with his current position in the back. Alanysath scoffed at him. He was barely trying. Helivath on the other hand was a very randy bronze and trying his hardest to stay ahead of the pack to reach the golden prize. Seranith was moving up in the pack. He was tired of losing and wanted what was coming to him. He might be worthy. The gold decided to test them all.

Alanysath picked up speed and began to pull farther away from her pursuers. Then she doubled back turning on the tip of her tail, wings spread for another updraft. She didn't want to cut it too close. Any of them might be able to reach up and snag her. As though confirming her fears, she suddenly felt her movement impeded as a strong tail gripped hers. Immediately she began to fight him even as they twined necks. She was not ready to be caught. Don't worry, Beautiful. I will take good care of you as my bond will take care of your bond, the red white Giaokiraan assured her. Don't fight me. Relax and give yourself to me.

Realizing she was well and truly caught, the old world gold did just that. This was what it had all been for after all. For this moment. Their pleasure and their bonds'.

Selyndria was suddenly back in her own body and cried out. A gentle finger was placed to her lips before they were devoured in a passionate kiss that wiped away all thoughts of D'zren. Her hurt dissipated as she lost herself in Tirellion's embrace.

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