Ryslen - Flight 19

Flight 19

Gold Sasiath
(Written by Naeodin)

Naeodin tilted her head back and started to laugh. She looked amusedly at the brown rider and couldn't help but giggle. Some would say that the drink was starting to get to her head, but Naeodin was in full control of herself and she was just having a little fun.

"Tell me more..." she purred. It was night, the moon had risen and it cast a cool light over the lake. People were dancing, after all, they had plently to celebrate. Many clutches had hatched in only a week, and there was enough fesitivities going around to make the small 'hatching fest' last a couple of days. All Naeodin was experiencing, was the joy, as well as the moodiness of her gold. But this was not her first, nor her second flight, thus the queen knew how to handle herself.

Naeodin? I think that you shouldn't be so chummy with that rider at this moment... the cold voice brushed through her head, and Naeodin looked up, startled to see a bright orb. Then she realised it was Sasiath.

Against the dark skies and the gray clouds, the Sr. Queen glowed. Her hide which was usually a brightly lit gold seem to shine with its own light, rivalling the moon in the brightness. She jumped off her weyrledge and sailed into the feeding pens so calmly, that many people mistook this for a mid night snack.

Then the screamings began. She seemed so confident, so collected, yet when she attacked the beasts it was 100% pure savage lust and passion weilded into one. The animals screamed in terror long enough for the hair on the back of the necks to rise. Then they let out a single agonizing moan as the female dragons left for safer haven.

"Sasiath!" Naeodin yelled out, equally matched by Sasiath's bellow. The small blonde haired woman all but ran towards the edge, leaning forwards from the balcony to watch her gold.

I would never eat during my own flight. came a very haughty voice. I'm not an inexperienced queen you know. after saying this, Sasiath continued her blood battle. She was a small queen, yet the amount she drank was... large. Naeodin hesitated, not knowing if she should make her way back to the weyr. But she couldn't leave, she wanted to stay here and watch! Around her, she felt a closing in of bodies, and she turned for a second to see a pair cool gray eyes looking down at her.

"I've seen you before..." she said softly, her eyes lighting with recognition. "Your G'zon..." she smiled happily, glad to have remembered something at a moment like this. She looked back to see that Sasiath was still blooding. She didn't dare move, and she hadn't met all of her would be suitors.

"Naeodin?" Naeodin turned to see a large woman with stormy eyes swagger towards her. She nodded hesitantly. "I'm rider of Cahnath, he's that big brown over there." she said, pointing to the brown who was watching Sasiath with interest.

"The name is Trrhrn, rider of night brown Chth. My dragon is here to participate in your queen's flight."

"Q'leyne here, rider of bronze Oryudioth... your prettier up close."

The rest of the introductions were drowned off when Sasiath stilled. Her muzzle was scarlet with blood, yet that didn't dim the light from her hide, no... it made her seem as if she was glowing brighter. 4 adult herd beasts and 2 small ones next, Sasiath raised her head and let out a battle cry.
Taking this as a cue, two bronzes and four browns hurried over to feed. Sasiath slowly pumped her wings and looked down at them from above the lake, her color glowing brightly against the black sky. She seemed to watch them for a moment, before letting out another cry.

This is going to sound very cliche, but none of you are going to catch me! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Sasiath's voice rang out in every head of every creature near by. She turned onto her back and pretended to paddle, liking the attention. But when the first dragons started to follow her, she shot off like a golden arrow. You know, I'm not even going to try to hide in the clouds... she muttered. She flew quite some distance for a while, waiting to see if any of the males would tire out. As they persued her relentlessly, she smiled.

They were in a steady line after her, and Sasiath couldn't help but show off. Not even bothering to pause, she flew straight into their arms so quickly, that they didn't have time to react. Flying between them, just barely out of reach, she let out a burst of laughter. No pain no gain! she yelled out, before using her long tail inherited by many dragons as a whip, causing the browns to fly away at the sound of it.

Naeodin waited below and quickly pushed back from the rails, feeling the emotions bubble up inside. A tall, dark haired man with blue eyes pulled her back up, and smiled. "This wouldn't be the right time to tell you I'm K'tras, and my bronze Seranith is going to in your flight, is it?"

Naeodin let out a laugh, relaxing slightly and finding the will to calm down the emotions for a second. "It might be..." she nodded. "Well, good night to you men, I'm going off to my weyr." and she left them to make her way up the stairs... yet soon, she heard the pattering of footsteps and couldn't help but smile. As she felt Sasiath claw at one of the males, she let out a quick curse. She had presumed by now, that she would be able to control the emotions! She hated to be wrong. When she arrived at the door of the weyr, she realised that there was someone here already. A man who kept a tiger as a companion as well as a thunder bird, Akilles watched her with warm, suspiciously friendly looking eyes.

"I had a feeling you'd come up here sooner or later."

Naeodin nodded. As she watched the others arrive, she did a quick bow. "Well then, you stay on this side of the door..." she walked in. "And I'll stay in this side of the door."

Meanwhile in the skies, Sasiath had started to tire out some of the males, and she watched with a look of amusement as the first to glide to the ground was the night brown Chth. Good thing too…. Naeodin was never the type for non-human creatures… she said, trying to add logic to the flight. But everyone knew that logic played no game in flights. She did a few loop da loops, pausing every so often to look back at her males. Out of the remaining four, who would she end up with? Sasiath paused. She was defiantly sure that there had been 6 in total… as she thought of this, a strong pair of paws wrapped themselves around her, and she looked up to see brown Cahnath looking down at her with a proud grin.

Naeodin watched as Achthia walked into the room, a proud swagger in her steps. Naeodin fell back… but… but Sasiath wasn’t ready to be caught yet! She knew that the queen had far too much energy left to be caught now!

Sasiath let out a snarl of fury, all the pride of a queen rising up. Her eyes flashed red, and the viewers swore that they seemed to let out red sparks. Damn you! I’m not ready! Sasiath let out… and then she did something which could be considered foul play. She reached down and bit the brown until he let go. Not hard enough to draw too much blood, but enough to get her meaning across.

Achthia stumbled back, staring at Naeodin. Naeodin let out a snarl of fury. Sasiath! No more biting males! Naeodin lashed out. Yet she couldn’t suppress a smile. Sasiath was a Vella Crean dragon through and through!

Cahnath let go, slightly surprised at the venom in Sasiath’s eyes. Yet Sasiath had always been a very stubborn queen. He seemed to nod with defeat, and spiraled down to join his rider. As Sasiath looked around to make sure that none of her other males were playing tricks on her, Sasiath let out another challenging trumpet before speeding off into the skies above her. The males followed, some hovering under her, some following her up to the heights of the clouds. Yet there was nothing to hide the glowing queen, not even the night sky itself could dim her. Two bronze dragons followed her up, circling around her cautiously, waiting for her next move. Sasiath seemed to smirk as she sped back down, then back up right between the two bronze dragons, causing them to leap back. By the time Seranith had reached for her, the two browns were already in the way. Slightly defeated, both bronze dragons went back between to find their riders.

Naeodin watched two men leave, leaving her with two others. She closed the door again and collapsed, not knowing how to think. The emotions were really starting to get to her, and Naeodin had always prided herself in being one of those people who was always in control. She sighed, leaning her back against the door, and wondering who would be determined the winner.

Colosath and Nowyrth flew after the golden queen, both eyeing each other suspiciously. Sasiath let out another bellow, still energized as she flew wide circles around both males. The watched her cautiously, reaching out when ever she came too close, suddenly Sasiath paused just out of reaching distance and flew down, down towards the lake with such speed that she seemed to be a golden light. Both males followed her, knowing that if they in a way worked together, they would be able to trap her. She dove under, sending droplets of water fly all over the place. Nowyrth hovered over her while Colosath followed. She stayed under for a while, yet they could see the golden shine of her hide even under the depths. Just then with a flash of gold, she flew out, ran smack into Colosath, sending him spiraling down. Yet before he could reach for her, she was already gone, heading towards where Nowyrth was hiding. As he flew towards, Sasiath let out a small screech before going back down… just then, one of the bronze dragons that had been motionless let out a snarl.

You are not worthy of catching Sasiath! his wings beath violently next to him, and he flew up. She deserves more then a brown! She deserves… he paused. Me.

That did it. The bronze shot out from his perch and headed straight towards Sasiath, his hide gleaming. Before she dove into the water, his tail shot out and caught hers. This stilled Sasiath, and she looked up to see Malbath looked up at her.

Its you she said, partly statement, partly question. Nowyrth paused, realizing once more that the queen was out of his reach. As the brown headed back to his rider, Naeodin realized that it was suspiciously quiet outside. Opening the door just a crack, she found a fist at her face and let out a small yelp.

“Uhm… I was going to knock…” G’rumon’s voice said sheepishly behind the fist.

“You? What? Where?” she leaned out and looked around, then back at him. “Malbath.”

G’rumon nodded. He walked into the room, and Naeodin couldn’t help but chuckle as he shyly stepped towards her. Meanwhile, Sasiath slowly let herself be pulled into the larger bronze’s arms, and she let out a sound which was pretty much a purr.
It had been a very long, very weary flight.

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