Ryslen - Flight 21

Flight 21

White-winged Black Vilemziath
(Written by Sirrala)

As the early morning sunshine crept into Lillya’s room, filling it with light, she groaned and rolled over on her furs. Ever since Vilemziath had her sign her up on the flight board, she’d been a nightmare to live with. Especially over the last sevenday, as her flight was getting closer, and more males signed up. Now that she thought about it, Vilemziath’s flight had been filled not two days ago, by another off-worlder, as a matter of fact. That meant that she’d be rising soon. Although she missed her own home, and her sister, it was nice to have some comfort that she wasn’t the only ‘not normal’ person one around. As Lillya crawled out of bed to check on her sleeping bondmate, Spinach, her flit, woke and chirped loudly.

“Shh! Don’t wake sleeping beauty, Spinach. I want to have a little peace before her highness wakes.” Lillya said irritably, stretching her arms and straining her neck to make sure the white-black was still asleep. Only allowing her head to poke through, Lillya watched as the small dragoness snored away, tail twitching slightly. Sighing to herself, Lillya got dressed quickly and went down to the lake.

She sat calmly, legs dangled in the cool water, as she watched the other early-risers bathe their dragons. Someone cleared their throat behind her, and she turned around, smiling. It was A’tyr, Icy Blue Juyath’s rider.

“Hello there, A’tyr.” Lillya said, pulling her feet out of the water. She’d always liked A’tyr, since the day she met him. He was an off-worlder, and a very handsome man, even though his skin and hair were pale. Then there was Kajor. Lean, jet-black haired Kajor. Lillya couldn’t decide on whom she liked more, and if it came down to it, who she would choose to win the flight. After all, Vilemziath always did like to hear her opinions.

“Good morning, Lillya. There’s quite a bit of competition and rivalry going on.” A’tyr commented. Juyath was nowhere to be seen, Lillya sighed.

“I figured there would be. Vilemziath has been the only real white to rise for a normal flight at Ryslen so far. How’s Juyath fairing?” Lillya asked, trying to shift the conversation to another subject.

“He’s a little worried about Alimach and Duskay. He’s stuck between the two, in rivalries, I mean. He really wants to win this flight, Lillya.” A’tyr said, a little uncomfortable, shifting his weight from one foot to another. Before she could reply, she turned her head towards her weyr. A’tyr, knowing what was happening, walked away, calling to Juyath.

It was then that she felt Vilemziath wake, and heard the roar. The White-Black jumped into the air, only to land a short distance away, at the beast pens. Her chasers, an orange, a brown, an icy-colored blue, a green-winged black and a black, all watched tensely as she cleanly snapped the neck of an older beast. Vilemziath, if you don’t want to be caught fast, only drink the blood. The meat will only slow you down, and you’ll be caught! Lillya thought to her dragon. She made little protest, and daintily drank the blood from her prey. She drained two others, and turned on the males, who had been blooding their kills themselves. Now she glowed almost a bright opal, and a dark onyx, a nice contrast, but hard on the eyes. I shall not be easy to catch! Vilemziath announced as she sprang into the air. The riders of the males all crowded around Lillya, who had arrived just before her dragon jumped into the air. Of all the riders present, Tavi was the most uncomfortable of all. Lillya felt a little sorry for her, but before she could say anything, she was swept up into the clouds with her bond.

Vilemziath’s first target was one of her larger chasers. Orange Madthienth led the pack, with Brown Arabicath following suit. Close behind them were the rest of the pack, Icy Blue Juyath alongside Black Duskay, with Green-winged Black Alimach on the other side of him. As the orange got too close for Vilemziath’s comfort, she put on some extra speed, which in turn made him go faster, then, she slowed and turned shooting upwards in the opposite direction, leaving the orange behind. With a sad croon, Madthienth spiraled down to the ground, and Ivor left the circle of riders to console his dragon.

One down, four more to go! Vilemziath thought to herself as she looked behind her, only to see Arabicath closing in on her. Oh no you don’t! I’m not going down yet. Vilemziath growled, and thumped the brown with her pink tail-spade. The brown shook his head, but kept up with her just the same. Don’t you ever learn, brown… Vilemziath said exasperatedly, and kicked at the brown, who had advanced on her again. Try as she might, she couldn’t shake him. With a loud roar, she shot up into the clouds, and immediately dove back down. Arabicath followed her up, but did not count on her diving back down, leaving him confused and alone in the clouds. Vilemziath bugled as she watched him float back down to the ground.

Alimach and Duskay snapped at each other as Juyath moved up and over the two, getting himself closer to the glowing beauty he desired. With a growl, Alimach kicked at Duskay, who veered to the left a little, then shot forward, leaving Alimach to catch up with the other two. Back off greeny! She’s mine! I love her! Duskay growled at Alimach, who bugled a challenge. So what if I’m partly green? At least I’m not as small as you! You don’t really love her, either. I do! Alimach roared back. Vilemziath ducked down and below them, crooning at them. If either of you love me as you say you do, stop fighting and start chasing! She announced as she dove down towards the ground, all males following. Juyath was leading now, with Alimach and Duskay still growling at each other behind him. Vilemziath started feeling her wings ache, and her energy was depleting fast. She’d have to pick between the three…but whom would she choose?

Back on the ground, Lillya, in the middle of the circle, cried out, and came back to her own body. A’tyr smiled sadly and kissed Lillya’s cheek before going to console his Juyath, who had fouled his wings at the last second before capturing the sought-after glowing dragoness. Lillya’s arms moved towards Kajor, and then back to Tavi…what was going on here?

Back in the sky, Alimach and Duskay had both dove for Vilemziath at the same time. The lithe white-black dragoness crooned to Duskay, but in her distraction, had been caught by Alimach! You are mine, my lovely Vilemziath. Alimach said. With a croon, Alimach wrapped his tail and neck around Vilemziath, but not for long. Duskay roared and kicked at Alimach, which disconnected them, and Alimach floated downwards. Vilemziath roared at Duskay, but that roar turned into a croon when the small black twined necks and extended his wings with hers. You will sire his eggs, but you will be my mate. Duskay said, and crooned at Vilemziath, who warbled back at him.

“This was certainly an interesting flight!” Tavi commented as she walked over to her dragon, who had earned himself a nicely sized scratch in his hide from Duskay. Lillya smiled at Kajor, who smiled back, and embraced her tightly. Nice choice, rider mine. Vilemziath said to her rider as she glided through the clouds. As was yours, love. Lillya commented, looking up into the clouds for her bond, but couldn’t find her. Needing no more explanation, Lillya smiled and led her ‘prize’ to her weyr.

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