Ryslen - Flight 22

Flight 22

Green Damselth
(Written by Frizzle)

It was mid-afternoon on a summer day that was going to be one of the warmest on record at Ryslen. Dragons and their riders were either frolicking in the lake or napping in their weyrs. Rilly and Damselth were of the latter category, taking the chance in the heat to got the beauty sleep that they so much desired.

It was when Rilly woke up with a start, ravenously hungry, that changed the entire day. The plus came when Rilly realized that it was not she who was hungry, but it was Damselth.

“Damselth, you just ate!”

I don’t care! I’m hungry!

“But Damselth! All you need to do is blood whatever you want, but if you eat it, you’ll get fat!”

Fat? I can’t get fat!! Princesses are never fat!

Rilly understood completely. “Right! So blood the kill, Damselth!”

Damselth did just that, and roared in defiance at all of the males who even dared to chase her, and sprang into the air. Rilly followed Damselth with her eyes, and was circled by four men and... a woman! There was a female rider in her flight? Oh, yes, that Betsy girl. Her blue could never ever catch her Damselth, she’d never have to worry about it. The other men in the circle looked particularly handsome, every one of them. Which one would be her knight in shining armor?

The dragons sprang off the ground in pursuit of Damselth, and Blue-winged white Arzianth was the first off the ground. He followed Damselth until he thought he could catch her. If he caught her fast, she’d not be too worn down by flying, nor marred by the effort it took.

But Damselth was not to be caught right away, and just as Arzianth got close enough that when Damselth could see him by turning her head, she snapped her tail at him. In a short spurt of fear, Arzianth stopped all movement, and was sped past by all of the dragons.

Narsith was so worried about getting to the green princess that he did not notice Blue-winged White Arzianth stop midair to avoid being hit by Damselth’s tail. A moment too late he swerved out of the way, but he clipped the edge of his wing on Arzianth’s tail, which sent him spinning and spiraling out of the flight.

All seemed to be going well for Damselth, she had already managed to get two of the unworthy suitors out of the air, and all she now had to do was discourage the other three. She was doing fabulously well for just a few minutes into the flight, but who could do better than a princess?

On the ground, S’nar and P*rin were leaving the circle dejectedly, and the other three suitors, F’rin, Khyrus, and Betsy moved in closer to the gorgeous butter-golden haired Rilly.

The flight seemed to run long before anything monumental happened. A lot of diving and swerving happened, and Bronze-black Gerytith was beginning to tire. He knew that if he did not make a move soon Silver-blue Orypith and Bronze Skhyith were going to outfly him. He dove so that he could come up underneath Damselth, which proved to be the worst idea, as she chose just that moment to fly higher for the better thermals. Gerytith sighed and turned back towards the weyr.

I guess I’m down and out for this flight.

Damselth turned her head around to see who was left chasing her. Left behind her were the brightly shining bronze Skhyith, and the Silver-blue Orypith who almost appeared to be wearing metal plate armor. Damselth, determined to outfly and confuse them, stopped midair. Skhyith, thinking a little too quick for his own good, swerved to avoid hitting Damselth, who was merely hovering midair. Orypith, determined to catch perfection embodied in a green dragon stopped with her, and twined his tail around hers.

Damselth, I am your knight in shining armor, and I’ve come to rescue you!

Damselth merely crooned in response.

On the ground, Betsy scooped up Rilly, who was still in the flight-trance, and disappeared into the cavern nearest where they were standing. From the darkness therein, the appalled voice of Rilly could be heard to say “....But you’re a girl!!!”

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