Ryslen - Flight 23

Flight 23

TrueGreen Light Viceith
(Written by Serin)

"So Viceith when do you think your flight will be?" asked Serin as she approached her sunning dragon.

It will be soon for my flight board has one more than normal but I have yet to see him answered Viceith.

"So have you meet a dragon that you would like?" asked Serin.

Yes there are a few, there are three that I would like to catch me but I wont say who. answered Viceith.

"Well then I'm going to introduce myself to their riders and see who I like" replied Serin as she started the walk toward a group of males.

Wait I'll take you to them so they will know who you are. said Viceith as she got up and trotted to Viceith, she knelt and Serin mounted without the straps. Better hold on I'm going to run instead of fly said Viceith as she began to gain speed. Soon she was running as fast as Ryslen dragon could run, they she stopped in front of a group of males that were almost all from other places. The riders then noticed Serin dismount and ran to their dragon.

"I am G'yr rider of blue Jyvadoth" said the rider as Serin stopped in front of him, she then went to the next rider.

"I am G'lan rider of blue Merrilith" said the rider, Serin then went to the third rider.

"I am Shonnor rider of blue Nimith" said the only rider from Ryslen, she then went to the next.

" I am A'sh rider of blue Banith" said the rider as behind him a small blue looked proud, she then went to a rider who just motioned her to go by.

"I am Caiseal rider of blue Chwilioth" said the rider and Serin went back to Viceith.

So did you find anyone you liked? asked Viceith as she launched into the air.

"The fifth rider I didn't like, we'd better get back to the weyr now for it's getting dark and it looks like it might rain. Viceith nodded and winged a right and headed for their weyr.


Serin was in a light sleep when she heard Viceith wake and stand up. "Viceith where are you going?, it's raining out" asked Serin but Viceith gave no reply she just made her way out of the weyr and launched into the air, it was then that Serin knew what had happened Viceith was about to rise. Serin ran as fast as she could to the Weyrwoman weyr when she got there it looked like that they had just eaten their evening meal.

"Rider, your soaking wet" said Weyrwoman Tiyanni as she draped a blanket over Serin's shoulders.

"No Viceith...flight...now" said Serin for she was still out of breath, the look of surprise on the Weyrwoman's face could not be matched she looked at her queen and she nodded.

"Don't worry Litayth is contacting the dragons that are chasing Viceith and she just said that if you must be there she's going to rise at the lake" said the Weyrwoman as Serin slipped of the blanket and ran out of the weyr and headed for the lake. When she got there all the chasers were there and so were their dragon, as she looked she saw Viceith's green hide as she pounced on a beast.

"Just suck the blood don't eat" said Serin for she knew that Viceith would suck all the runners dry if she could, she had just finished her third one when she bugled and launched into the air and all the blues chasing followed. Just then Viceith began to slow and it looked like she was about to fall and the first blue zeroed in on he light green skin,

You are mine said Aeshoth as he lowered to Viceith.

No! shouted Viceith as she flipped over and grabbed the blues outstretched arms, she flipped them both over and dived as she neared the water she let the blue down and when he hit the water it made all the rain soaked riders soaked with lake water. Out of the corner of Serin's eye she saw a rider and dragon leave the group, she then corrected her vision to the flight. As Viceith was soaring back up a blue came from behind.

"Victory is mine said Jyvadoth as his claws grabbed onto Viceith's back.

No it's to early, you shall not win me shouted Viceith as she turned her head back and bite as hard as she could, when he let her go she blinked into between and appeared behind the blue and rammed the back of his, they dived again and Viceith opened her wings and flew back up to the males. Jyvadoth opened his wings at the last second and flew to his rider and they left together, it was then that Viceith let something slip from her plan of her chase and it horrified Serin.

"Riders tell your dragon to be careful now, Viceith has knocked two blues out and she planning to not let any of the males catch her and if they approach she's going to bite as hard as she can" finished Serin as the riders nodded and replayed the message to their blues. When Viceith charged the hovering group of males Merrilith charged her right back.

"Here I come my mate to be, you cannot trick me like you did the others said Merrilth as they played a game of chicken.

You might of know my tricks but you don't know my secrets and one of the things I did on that one day was this said Viceith and she somehow gained a superb amount of speed and dived under and folded back her wings and began to fall to the lake.

"Here I come said Merrilth as he closed his wings to the fullest and followed Viceith, when she neared the lake she opened her wings out a little and Merrilth was about to hit her wings when she flew in a half circle and was above Merrilth she let all four feet upon his back to add extra weight. When he hit the water Viceith launched off of him and into the air to the three awaiting males, the rain had now lighten up and now had become a mist and Viceith was able to blend into it.

"My turn said the small blue Banith.

"It's now a hide and go seek with Viceith so it's now all of our turn and the dragon that finds her gets her said Chwilioth as he shot into the mist, the other dragon followed his example and went in their own directions. As Banith was flying through the mist a silent shape loomed up from behind him, had he not heard the sound of her breath he would have became seriously hurt. As Banith was falling he went between and landed next to his rider and they left.

"You better be more careful for each dragon that goes down the angrier she gets" said Viceith to the two last riders. As Viceith was flying both males saw the darkest part of her tail and went after it.

"How about we call it a truce till we get Viceith out of the mist? asked Nimith.

"I can agree to that answered Chwilioth as they raced after the tail, as they were chasing her the mist seemed to thin and they were able to see all of Viceith. "Truce over shouted both of the males as they raced after Viceith, Nimith strained his wing strength to gain speed and it was enough for him to reach out and grab the tip of her tail, when he grabbed her tail she reared back and shot her tail forward knocking Nimith off of it and it gave Chwilioth the chance he needed. He speeded up from behind Viceith, he grabbed her wings she bugled in protest, but she let herself go. They entwined necks and tail and they found a steady beat of their wings as they slowly descended to the ground. Nimith saw that it was to late to do anything so he flew to the ground to await his rider.

"Well it looks like your the winner" said Serin as she smiled at Caiseal.

"I didn't expect to win" replied Caiseal as they began to walk away from the lake.

"I heard that you had never seen a rider with green hair before" said Serin as they approached a room.

"It's true but they aren't so bad" replied Caiseal as they walked into the room and closed the door behind them for their time of passion.

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