Ryslen - Flight 26

Flight 26

Pink Immeuzth
(Written by Sherra)

"You had just better not be caught by one of those dragons with female riders!" shrieked Chelsey at her blooding pink. "There is no way that I'm going to let myself- Hey! Blood only! Blood only and rememberů NO FEMALE RIDERS!"

As Chelsey yelled something about having a boyfriend Immeuzeth bugled, commanding the attention of all the dragons present. Catch me if you can you weak-winged lizards! With that she leapt into the air and was off. Her flight had begun!

Immeuzeth snorted with derision at all of her chasers. Four blues and one brown. Didn't she deserve better? She shrieked her anger as she dodged blue Karth's advances. The brown Arabicath was flying above while Hiferth and Kieronth tried to keep up from behind. Daymarth was below, hoping to catch the pink if she ever should dive. She was surrounded! Immeuzeth would have chuckled if she could. She had an idea. She let her pace slow just enough to let the two blues from behind her catch up a bit then suddenly back-winged. The two blues were already going so fast that they couldn't stop in time and they zoomed past the glowing pink in confusion.

Hiferth and Kieronth may have been confused by her sudden move but Daymarth and Arabicath were on top of things. Daymarth used his smaller size and greater agility to the advantage, he turned on wingtip and zoomed back after the flying pink. Arabicath's turn wasn't quite as sharp as the blue's but he was catching up to Immeuzeth faster than the blue could handle and soon he was close enough to the pink to get buffeted by the winds from her wing-beats. As he reached out his claws to catch her who should dive down in front of her but the blue Karth! Immuezeth did a clumsy dive and the two males smacked into each other, getting their tails and wings very entangled.

Daymarth saw his chance as the two males converged on Immeuzeth and she dived out of the way. As she turned to mock the two crashed males with her piercing voice he came up from behind and neatly caught the pink.

On the ground Chelsey breathed a sigh of relief. "No girls." She even seemed to forget the fact that she had a boyfriend as Astiet led her away.

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