Ryslen - Flight 27

Flight 27

Light Lavendar Shailekyth
(Written by Sherra)

It was a chill winter night when Shailekyth announced to Ryslen that she was about to fly. Cumulus awoke sleepily. "Couldn't it wait until morning?" she asked groggily to her light lavender dragon.

Some things just can't wait. Get all of my suitors up because I am about to fly! Shailekyth was already outside by the time that Cumulus dragged herself out of her bed, still muttering to herself. The various dragons signed up to chase Shailekyth were woken up and the riders all gathered on a balcony to watch the flight.

The dragons assembled were fairly monochromatic, mostly blues. The only different one was very different indeed, a platinum hathian dragon with his strong wing-arms. They all waited, eyes glowing in the darkness of night. Finally, after finishing her blooding, Shailekyth was ready. I rise! She screamed to them as she took flight.

Shailekyth wheeled and dived through the night sky, clouds obscuring the stars from view. The dragon's breaths came out as pale puffs as they flew through the cold. As Shailekyth took a sharp turn she snorted with slight confusion. Snow had begun to fall and with it went much visibility. It came down in thick clumps and the whole sky was still filled with white. Shailekyth soon found that this was an advantage for her. Her light color and snowflake patterned wings made it harder for the males to see her while their dark colorations were easy to see through the white. That is, other than Kaleriath.

Shailekyth easily avoided the blues, sometimes zooming close to the ground and sometimes flapping near the clouds. As she did all this she was aware of something that was always moving in the corner of her eye, something platinum. She cried out with anger as she whirled around, looking for her unseen pursuer. No matter how hard she looked or flew platinum Kaleriath was chasing her and she couldn't see him well enough to avoid him for much longer.

The blues were getting tired and so was Shailekyth. The snow was making it harder to fly and she kept moving slower and slower. Blue Nimith had had enough. He dropped out of the flight and slunk away on the ground. Jyvadoth spiraled out of the action as well and was followed by Gulknoth. Now the only ones left were the blue Adelioth and the unseen Kaleriath. As Shailekyth watched Gulknoth's departure she finally saw Kaeriath coming at her from underneath. She didn't fight his strong coils; instead she let herself melt into him like the snow that melted upon her. Purple to platinum they fell alongside the snow towards the white-blanketed ground below.

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