Ryslen - Flight 3

Flight 3

Green Naoth
(Written by Naeodin)

Petapipa sat outside the Weyrledge, one had on her dragons neck, the other, on her head. She sat that way, when a loud bugle caught her unaware. She looked up, to see a large green shining. She arrived, and started to blood her kill. Automatically, as if by instinct, Petapipa and Naoth both flew between, and into Istabitha's Weyr.

Who was that Naoth?

The watchdragon Sxioth. She has risen. Kerlie is fine. The others will tell me when to return. She is forbidden to tire out all the males.

Forbidden? Petapipa felt alarm run through her blood. You mean...

Yes, I too... will rise tonight.

Petapipa leaned back, against her bright green, when their were shortly taken between again.

Hah. What a short flight. I will not tire that fast. Mine will be more superb. She was caught by a black named Faloritoth. Not even a dragon from here. MY clutch mate will be the best. We will lay the finest clutch! If any of them are good enough for me!

Petapipa leaned back. She was standing at her weyrledge, letting the cool night breeze tease her hair. Her green jumped down, and started to... search. The beasts were already frantic, three had been bloodied by the watchdragon, and one was wounded... too much in a hurry to eat.

She felt a tug on her mind, and looked back. Naoth grabbed a plump herdbeast and siezed it by its next. She was about to tear for its meat, when Petapipa commanded. Blood only if you want to last long

A mental fight was fought, Naoth blooded four more large herdbeasts, and wounded two; then, she lifted off into the air. Hanging back, were three browns and two blues. They looked eagar. They hadn't flown in for the first flight she persumed. She recognized all of the riders. They had spent much time with her... and their dragons with her Naoth.

Can't catch me, because I am too good for all of you. Look at yourselves.

With that, Naoth lifted off into the air. She was a bright, neon green against the black sky... the two blues jumped in right after, and the browns seemed to trail behind. Petapipa made her way down quickly, hoping to watch. Naoth looked back, and smirked. She flew high, higher and higher, and the five male dragons trailed after her. But with a sharp turn, she dove back down. Blue Gath miscalculated, and continued to speed up. He dropped out then, and him and his rider sent a sheepish look towards the two females.

Petapipa watched. She didn't notice the four riders edging towards her more. Naoth spun in hoops, around and around and around. But instead of a fifth one, she speeded up, and turned to her right as sharply as her drop had been just before. A brown and a blue banged heads, and went crashing down. T'lysen and Al'rio grumbled and left. While the remaining two brown riders, R'lin and K'tarional stood just a breath away from her rider, Petapipa.

But she didn't notice. All her attention was focused onto her green. And the excitement running through her. Naoth looked back at where the two browns were. She flew down... down down down down down. Petoriath flew down after her, but Iveth hung back.

And he had every right too. As Naoth barely skimmed the sea surface, and flew back up. While the brown landed in the water, before he could change directions.

As Naoth flew up, she cackled. But her cackle was for naught. As Iveth was waiting expectantly with opened wings. She flew straight into him.

You were the smartest one

They curled wings and tails, and seemed to fly higher and higher.

But Petapipa was distracted with R'lin. As they walked together to their ready made Weyr, Petapipa couldn't help feeling the smugness Naoth did.

Two flights? Could it be? Or could it not? But what ever happens, Naoth will be very protective. And Petapipa... we shall see as soon as the stars run out of her eyes.

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