Ryslen - Flight 31

Flight 31

Purple-Sliver Fuetreeth
(Written by Sargon)

The sun beat down onto Sakraz's face as he lay sprawled on the docks of Ryslen, in a pool of his own sweat. "It's...way...too...hot.." He panted glaring up at the white-hot sun as it smiled back down at him. He glanced over at his sliver-purple dragoness as she splashed about in the Ryslen lake looking shinier than ever. Her coat seemed to gleam from the inside out and every male around her was noticing it. "Fuetreeth darling? Could it possibly be today? I can't stand another without air-conditioning?" the half tiger begged, hinting at the fact that it was no fun to have fur in the summer.

I believe that is my decision, my silly tiger boy. Now if your so incredibly hot come into the water and frolic with me! She said giddy as a school girl let out for the summer holiday. She splashed about in the shallow end a few feet away from him her eyes gleaming mischievously.

"Aye matie!" a voice called form somewhere above him. Sakraz glanced up at Smé rider of Blue Arbegarth as she sat down next to him. "The males have blood'd their kills. There be a flight today!" She said her normally spunky looking pigtails drooping form the heat, obviously Sakraz wasn't the only one who was suffering.

"Now what's that mean again?" He asked still a little confused on all this blood-only kill. He remembered Someone had told him to let Fue know only to blood her kill so she wouldn't be caught so fast?

"It means the she's flying today.." Shiva rider of the only participating bronze, Asmodoth said as she approached the two. Sakraz nodded to her and pulled himself to his feet, not really wanted to be that close to Smé, she was a bit..odd...

I think now would be a good time don't you my love? Fuetreeth said catching eyes with the half tiger. A draconic grin spread across her face as he leapt out of the lake and half sprinted-half galloped over to the pack of herding beasts.

"Um right..." Sakraz said chasing after her. His mind racing with nerves and begining to feel the butterflies in hi stomach, he didn't even notice Achthia, rider of Brown Cahnath until he almost ran over her.

"Tell her to blood only!" She reminded him watching him run past after Fuetreeth. The sliver-purple had reached the pen of frightened herd beast and was tearing at one by the neck.

"You know if you eat it they'll only catch you faster.." Sakraz panted heading up to an over hang where he could watch the flight away from the group of spectators. The dragoness growled low in her throat but obeyed orders and sucked the life out of another beast before leaping into the air.

Sakraz panted taking a breath before grabbing a can of some sort of drink as he reached the standing part of the overhang. But someone already waited for him there, Killaria rider of blue Liosliath. "Hello Sakraz." She said smiling. "be careful that's some kind of fruity beer." She gestured to his drink. He grinned and popped the top off. Beer, good for the heart, mind and sometimes the brain...

"That's one feisty dragoness.." Smé announced as she and the other 3 riders that Sakraz had previously encountered caught up to him on the overhang watching the male dragons spiral up after her.

Sakraz nodded unable to think strait emotions where running hay-wire in his head and Fue had barely begun her flight, when she was caught, he thought he'd about die. He watched as his sliver-purple dragoness spiraled farther into the mid-day clouds that had settled above the lake, closely followed by the pack of chasers.

I thought bronzes only flew golds! Fuetreeth taunted the bronze Asmodoth, who was leading the pack. He flapped his wings harder to close the distance between them. Fuetreeth cackled like a maniac into Sakraz's head, and the half-tiger knew she had chosen her first victim.

Fuetreeth failed out her sliver-purple tinted wings, catching the wind that blew over the dark blue colored lake and hug in midair as the mighty bronze flew right under her. And your eagerness shall be your downfall! Ha! Fuetreeth spat her eyes glinting red-orange.

"That was clever.." Shiva murmured and walked away to find some one else to toy with, for Asmodoth was outta the race. Sakraz smirked to himself looking at the 3 remaining women who had followed him up onto the overhang. Wait. Three? Where was that spunky little hockey player, Emily?

No time to wonder, Cahnath flapped his wings harder seeing his chance at Fuetreeth as she hung in midair. You are mine you silly girl! He bellowed as the dragoness twirled around. He grabbed onto her as she welcomed him with a sharp kick in the gut. The brown dragon obviously not wanting to take another spread his wings and circled down to the earth.

"That would leave a mark.." Sakraz muttered shaking his head, his thoughts wandering to where the little hockey player might have gotten to, Csanadrith was in the air, but she was no where to be found. He shrugged and watched Achthia walk off the platform leaving him with Smé and Killaria. Sakraz smiled to himself as Fue mumbled something about being a dragoness and not a girl...

So now it was down to three blues to bring the feisty purple-sliver to land, or sea. Fuetreeth spun around again her eyes fixed on Arbegath as he flapped his wings flying up to meet her. She smirked draconically and beat her wings once more to keep herself afloat.You're a sea worthy dog, no? She asked innocently. Folding her wings and plummeting to earth, she took the priate like blue by surprise. but ti didn't last long, He lunged after her, down towards the lake. At the last second just before impact she flared her wings out coming to a complete halt. Arbegath was not so lucky, he crashed into the lake and glanced menacingly at Fuetreeth as she cackled from up above him.

"Little devil aye. Only small ones can pull off them there stun-like things." Smé said as she slapped Sakraz on the back causing him to spill a great deal of whatever he was drinking down onto the onlookers below. He smiled innocently, fangs hanging over his lips, as one of them looked up at him angrily.

Fuetreeth glanced over her shoulder at the last two males, ice blue horned Csanadrith and blue Liosliath. She flapped her wings again bringing her into a hover just above the lake. Both males who where a good sixty foot above the lake glared at each other then decided to race it out, first one down gets the prize. Just as they pulled themselves into a dive Fuetreeth flapped her wings pulling herself back up.

Her plan was to speed between the two, leaving them diving down towards the lake. What she did not plan on was Csanadrith's strong arms grabbing her at the second she past, and his tail and neck twining around hers. You're a smart one little purple-sliver, but I'm not entirely dumb...He crooned as Fuetreeth's eyes swirled purpley-white in defeat.

Sakraz rubbed his head, Sarg had told him the emotions where pretty bad but this was horrible. He stumbled backwards spilling what remained of his fruit-mixed beer. Shaking his head as he tried to regain some self control he grabbed onto the railing for support. He ran a hand through red striped mohawk and glanced over at where Killaria had stood moments earlier. He shrugged and began to walk down towards the group of people feeling still very light headed as Fuetreeth and her ice-blue mate spiraled lower and lower to earth in lazy circles.

"I like tigers.." Sakraz whirled around to se Emily behind him, her face flushed red. "I mean it's not like I, well Earth people-are, I tired to, I meant to say...er...." she mumbled going even redder.

Sakraz smiled and slid his arms around her. "It's ok. Some earth people are weird.." he mumbled planting a kiss on her lips that surprised them both. Sakraz knew it wasn't Fuetreeth's emotions that had made that happen...well it had just helped it, but Emily was the only one (besides maybe Shiva) who hadn't minded his fur...and stripes..and tail...

Good choice my love... Fuetreeth mumbled from somewhere overhead, her mental voice sounding throughly pleased.

Your one to talk...Sakraz shot back,but even if he wanted to he couldn't have responded otherwise. He was to preoccupied with something else.

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