Ryslen - Flight 33

Flight 33

Violet Ovaseth
(Written by Dracleia)

Jerily sat by the lake, staring at her violet bondmate intently. Ever since they had come to Ryslen and announced the flight, Jerily couldn’t seem to concentrate. Sighing to herself, she closed her book and stood up. Ovaseth sensed her restlessness, and looked over to her rider, and crooned. “I’m fine, Ova. I just need some time alone.” Jerily told the violet, who nodded and warbled. If you insist, I’ll leave you be for the rest of the day. I do wish you’d come meet some of the riders, Jerily. They’re quite nice, and you are going to be sharing a bed with one of them, after all. Ovaseth stated, and Jerily cringed. She knew this event was unavoidable, but she was still very uncomfortable with it. Ever since her encounter with Lord Herile years ago, she had been very wary of all men. Ovaseth had helped her get over the fear, but every once in a while it would pop up unannounced. Jerily swallowed hard and tried not to think about it, and started the short walk back to her quarters.

Jerily, I know I’m not supposed to be bothering you, but you have to get up. I rise! Ovaseth informed her rider, who nearly jumped off the side of her bed. Clearing her head, Jerily picked herself up off the floor and walked calmly outside. Looking out into the bowl, she saw the bright beacon of light that could only be Ovaseth and grimaced. Do not be afraid, rider mine. These men are gentle, and will not harm you. Ovaseth told her rider as she dug her teeth into a young buck and drained it of its blood. Four men and one woman came into her room then, and she smiled at the woman. “I will not be staying for the flight, because I have no wish to be intimate with another woman. I wish you all the best of luck with Jerily.” She said, turned around, and left. Jerily shrugged, and looked at the rest of the men in her room. She recognized two of them before she looked back at the door. A tall man, complete with fangs, walked into her room, smiling. Jerily whimpered and backed up to the edge of her bed. “Who…who are you?” She asked, stammering. He grinned and bowed, showing off his pearly white fangs. “I am Vennom, rider of Blood-Red Siamese Marked White Zixionnoixaith, who is chasing your Ovaseth.” He said, licking his lips. Jerily whimpered again, and sat on her bed, trying to hide the fear in her eyes. “Look, she’s obviously not comfortable with you in the room. Maybe you could stand outside for the flight? After all, she is going through all this for the first time.” Korim told Vennom, who smirked and rolled his eyes. “If it will make her comfortable, I will stand outside.” Vennom stated, and walked outside. Jerily relaxed a little, and stared outside at Ovaseth, who was staring at the males as she drained her second beast. Six males stood around her, blooding their own kills.

Two blues, two red-marked light colored, an orange, and a black duowing stood waiting for her next move. Ovaseth smirked, and picked up the small carcass, flung it at the males to distract them, and jumped into the air. Try and catch me, slowpokes! Ovaseth cried. The first one after her was the only riderless dragon of the bunch. Ocean Metallic Ravigh’aelo slowly gained speed on her, until he could almost reach out and grab her tail. Ovaseth growled and kicked at him, making him back off. Putting on more speed, she dove down and arched back up to the left, leaving one male very disoriented and out of the flight. Madthienth sadly glided back down to the ground, and Ivor left Jerily’s rooms. Crowing with delight, Ovaseth led the rest of the males on a wild goose chase out and about in the clouds, until she herself got a little dizzy. Straightening out her path, she dipped up and back down a bit, letting two of the males get close to her on either side. Without warning, both Califath and Zixionnoixaith moved in to tackle her. Ovaseth saw this, and dove down to avoid them. Both males, entangled in each other’s wings, growled and hissed at each other. Seeing that their chances of catching her were gone, both males returned to the ground.

One more man left the circle around Jerily, and she grinned in spite of the terror growing inside her. She noticed the darkness around her doorway was gone, and she grinned even wider.

Ovaseth bugled and looked down to where her rider sat. Just a little longer, Jerily. I’ll have my mate if it kills me! Ovaseth told Jerily, who frowned slightly. “She knows who the winner will be already…” Jerily whispered to herself. The only man left knew he would be the one to have her whether his dragon won or not, and looked out into the bright midday sky. “I hope she chooses Glupith.” Isaak stated quietly, and looked back to Jerily, who was still smiling.

Ravigh’aelo was feeling the energy slip out of him as he neared Ovaseth’s side. I must have her! With one last attempt, he made a grab for her tail with his, and fumbled to get closer to her. She scratched at him endlessly, lashing her tail about to pry him loose. Finally, her small horns found a vulnerable spot on his chest that made him yelp and loose his grip. Without any other hope, he floated down to the ground to tend his wounds.

That left Glupith and the black duowing, Kanakanizainth. Ovaseth beat her tired wings, trying to glide as much as possible now. Now it is time for you to let me take over, beloved. Kanakanizainth said slyly as he twined neck and tail with hers. Kanakanizainth. Ovaseth said with a croon, and she gave into his power, gliding through the clouds without another word.

Jerily opened her eyes, and smiled at Isaak. Sliding forward, she kissed him softly. “I’m sorry Glupith didn’t catch her.” Jerily said between kisses. Grinning, he pulled himself down onto the bed next to her. “He’ll live.” He answered, and that was the last thing either of them said for a long time.

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