Ryslen - Flight 37

Flight 37

Red-White Siamese Dhogakith
(Written by Brierfox)

Kalin blinked and looked outside at her brightly glowing dragoness with a sigh. Most of the OTHER females had flown, but her red and white simese had yet to even glance to the pens except to fool the males into thinking it was time, then laugh at the chaos it caused. The fox shifter sighed then turned back to her papers. Suddenly a wave of emotion washed over her. Kalin jumped to her feet and ran outside.

Dhogakith rose to her feet and roared loudly. She then dove at the feeding pens and abruptly tore into the nearest beast. The dragonessıs hide glowed much more powerfully then before. The males gathered near the pens, watching the female.

Dhogakith turned to her suitors, blood dripping from her red muzzle. She roared her pleasure. Two strong silver bronzes, a shimmering partial glitz yellow, a determined looking burgundy-winged light blue and a strange rainbow-marked black. The Siamese purred, then turned her back on them, and sat in a stubborn silence. Dhogakith suddenly glanced back coyly, then jumped into the sky. Catch me if you can boys, catch me if you can! She challenged.

Bijouth and Ceruklaret were the first to take flight after the shimmering trickster, and claimed the lead as their own; for now. Yukith was right on their tails, followed by Felenri and Gomanth, who eyed one another warily.

Dhogakith flew straight to the East, glancing back to see Bijouth and Ceruklaret struggling to gain the lead. Dhogakith slowed, until the tip of her tail was a mere two feet away from Ceruklaret & Bijouthıs snouts. She could hear their panting as both strained their wings to reach her before the other. Dhogakith suddenly whipped her head around and showed a dazzling draconic grin on her muzzle. Bye bye. She whispered, the nimbly veered straight up in a nearly ninety degree angle. Both Ceruklaret and Bijouth overshot the dragoness, their own speed not allowing them the agility to follow. By the time both males had turned around, Dhogakith and her last three chasers were little specks in the sky.

Yukith, arched upward easily as he followed Dhogakith, Felenri and Gomanth remained neck and neck. Dhogakith evened her flight path back the way they had came. She felt her wings beginning to tire, and glanced back once more. Are any of you going to catch me this century? Or are we going to keep this up until our bones turn to dust? Dhogakith bluffed. She did not notice that Gomanth was missing.

Yukith, however, did, and put on a burst of speed, hoping to catch her before Gomanth could pull off whatever he was planning. You will be mine, lovely. Imagine the hatchlings we could have. Yukith bespoke.

Dhogakith listened to the wing beats of the advancing glitz, then looped up and over Yukith, until he was ahead of her. She sank her teeth into his tail. I belong to whom I choose, an I don't think I want you. Dhogakith growled.

Yukith sighed inwardly, and began to circle down to his rider. Dhogakith rose in the sky as Felenri confidently winged after her. She dove under a large cloud, no ready to be caught just yet. But someone had other ideas. To silver bronze forepaws suddenly emerged from the cloud and firmly grabbed Dhogakith. The cloud cover was blown away, showing Gomanth in all his glory as Dhogakith squirmed in his grasp. When the silver bronze only tightened his hold, she turned and crooned. You out tricked me, so you shall have your reward. Dhogakith announced, twining her red-tipped tail with his. I was hoping youıd say that. Gomanth replied.

Kalin lashed her tail. "Okay, flight is over. Go away." She snapped. The fox-shifter quickly grabbed Shiner's shirt and tugged him into her weyr. "All but you of course, unless you have issues with the fur." Kalin said with a smirk.

And so ended the long-awaited flight of red and white simese Dhogakith.

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