Ryslen - Flight 38

Flight 38

Black-Winged Gold Golara
(Written by Silver Midnight)

It was a sunny and warm day, if a bit windy, when Golara decided that it was time for her to get on with her flight. The big black-winged gold took off from the ledge she'd been assigned to for the duration of her stay at Ryslen heading immediately to the hunting grounds and making her first blood-kill of the occasion. It would take a few more minutes before Blaol caught onto the changes in his bond's mannerisms, so she had some time to get a headstart on the males.

Golara had already drained two corpses by the time her black-gold Blaol joined her at the edge of the hunting grounds. I almost feel sorry for the cows, the black muttered dryly shifting his four paws uneasily. He wasn't quite comfortable with the idea of another male flying his bond, though he did want her to have her pick of the males rather than just a closed flight.

The gold-black gave a small snort, jerking her head to one side and lashing her tail. Took you a while, where are the others? Aren't they here yet? Awfully slow for seeming so ambitious about trying to mate with me. Perhaps they need an announcement? To accent her words Golara lept into the air flapping powerfully to gain a decent height before splitting the air with a loud bugle. HEY ROCKHEADS! YOU SIGNED UP FOR MY FLIGHT SO AREN'T YOU GOING TO CHASE!?

As the four other dark dragons and lone wing-armed red appeared the dark queen gave another bugle and turned tail quickly gaining air with her large wings. If they wanted to catch her, then they were going to have to prove they could on a completely empty stomach! The three half-blacks looked dismayed, but the other three males didn't particularly seem to care. Golara gave a draconic chuckle as she eyed the six males behind her, who should she rid herself of first?

Red Delcitath was using his knowledge of the winds gained from his sea-going bond to his advantage to ride ahead of the others and Golara wondered how quickly the sea-wise's dragon would be able to change his course. She spilled air from her wings and dove, which the night red quickly followed adjusting his angle to come in ahead of her. Right before the point where they would have met, however, Golara made quick U-turn doubling back on her path. Delcitath overshot his mark completely and soon found himself quite alone in the sky.

The pack of five remaining dragons had soon recovered their place a ways back behind Golara's metallic tail. The sleeker Ryslen-bred Night Brown and Hathian red Ka'rrak were leading the pack...and not seeming to like each other. Ka'rrak gave an irritated, hiss in his race's own guttural language. Whether this was a not-dragon he didn't care, she was still a pretty woman and as far as he was concerned, his. How dare these other males try to take 'his' female.

Chth blinked and snarled, quickening his wingbeats to attempt to get ahead of the aggressive red. Ka'rrak, however, didn't like that idea and swung in raking at the Night brown's side with his two actual feet. Chth screeched and swung around to fight back.

Golara gave a disgusted snort. More interested in each other, are we? However, the males fought on. Oh well, less for her to get rid of and she hadn't particularly liked either one of them anyway.

After a quick glance back Golara made her next move, snapping her wings downward and shooting upwards through the clouds. The remaining three males followed and soon the entire flight was lost amongst the skyborn fog. When the gold-black left the relative safety of the cloud cover she was dismayed to see that soon none of the males followed. She snarled to herself, slowing her wingbeats for a mock glide. Honestly, you dark beasts couldn't--HEY! the last was said as talons and tail took hold of her and lightning-marked wings fouled her own.

Couldn't what? Midnight Thunderstorm Kajashaji, the only spirit in the flight and the only male that was bigger than Golara laughed gently. Though surprisingly delicate in form, the big Spirit was quite able to bear the both of them in the sky for the most part.

Blaol came out of the cloud covering just in time to see the two meet in the air and gave a small sigh. Well, at least Kajashaji was a very pleasant dragon much like the other Spirits at their home of RoF. He turned and was heading back to Ryslen to sit and mope for a little while on a ledge when a shriek turned his attention back to his bond and the dark-colored Spirit.

Ka'rrak aimed a bite at Kajashaji's neck, but it glanced off the tiny, close-knit scales there not leaving a mark. My woman! Give! he snarled, aiming another attempted bite at Kajashaji's unarmored wingsail, but the Spirit managed to get it out of the way just in time.

Though Kajashaji was truly the one of the two better conformed for battle with forepaws free of his wingtips, he allowed his unwillingness to fight to take hold and quickly released Golara getting as far away from the Hathian as quickly as possible. He wasn't going to fight over a mate.

Ka'rrak almost immediately took Kajashaji's place with Golara, but this time it was the female who shrieked clawing at his sides. Get OFF me you mangy fool! The red Hathian squealed and began to fight back but was quickly yanked off by Golara's larger bond.

You heard the lady, bub! Back off! Blaol released the Hathian, but didn't give him enough time to attack before he slammed his powerful tail across Ka'rrak's scaley chest forcing the wind from the red's lungs. Taking in Blaol's larger size and the fact that he was still in a strange place, Ka'rrak reluctantly left.

When he turned from the retreating Hathian, Blaol found Golara waiting for him and gladly joined with her in the air. I know you wanted me to choose, Kajashaji is very kind and a good mate but you will always be my bond.

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