Ryslen - Flight 39

Flight 39

Icarian Rain
(Written by Trix) Aosihari twitched her tail. Finally there were enough male dragons to chase her by the standards of the residents. Why did they need 5 in stead of 3 like she was used to on Icarus? Why when she had in fact already made her choice.

"Maybe because you agreed to have a mating flight in stead of an Icarian choosing?" Darapti tried, picking up her drak's thoughts.

"Quiet you!" The drak snapped.

"Aosi? What's wrong? You never shout. Usually you just laugh."

"Hormones." the drak snorted and then placed her head on her front legs again.

Darapti shrugged and went back to reading. It was good to be out of Icarus for a while. It was good to be free at all of course, but Ryslen was a very exhilarating place.

Suddenly Darapti realized a few words Aosi had said: "Who have you picked?" she asked.

"I'm not telling you. I think you can never know in a flight as you can when you choose."

"You're making me wait?!" Now it was Darapti's turn to feel wronged.

"Yes. I want it to be a surprise."

For once Darapti cursed the fact that she had paired a Rain. Usually their characters completed each other perfectly...but not today. An awkward silence fell down upon both of the pair. Darapti started: "Once we are back at Descas, I'll teach you..."

"Excuse me?"

Darapti jumped to the occasion to break the uneasy atmosphere in her room. The woman that entered was called Jilsea. Her dragon was signed up to chase Aosihari together with some other unusual suitors. The least strange were probably Day Fyakiis that had hatched from the Castle Aosi and Darapti were now Knights in and Brown Fivrith, a standard dragon colour.


"We wondered if Aosihari is ready for her flight now.There's an opening in the flight schedual and well she has all the chasers she'll need."

"Aosi?" Darapti asked.


Outside the day was calm and fading. The sky turning red in the west. Aosi launched herself from the platform and not very patiently gestured to the males to chase her. They followed her, some a bit faster than the others. Leading was Icarian Day Fyakiis who had known Aosihari wouldn't stop to blood some cattle. Not far behind was Glitz Blue Iozabinth followed by blue-winged brown Floteth, Blue Gulknoth and Brown Fivrith.

On the ground Darapti saw her drak growing smaller as she flew further away. She could pick up vague impressions and some thoughts but nothing of what was really going on up there. At a time like this Darapti could only be jealous of the other riders who had a far stronger bond with their dragons. She looked at their faces and wondered what they were thinking.

High in the air Aosihari knew exactly what she was thinking. She swoopt up and came back down behind Day Fyakiis.

"Go Away!" She yelled, "This is supposed to be a mixed flight for interplanetary relations. You shouldn't win."

Used of having the female drak choose her mate Fyakiis did what he would have always done in this situation. He retreated, much to the disliking of his rider Hala. Aosihari watched him leave and then started moving again. Blue Gulknoth had come very close in the time she had been busy with Fyakiis. She didn't particularly like the dragon. He was all blue. She didn't want an Icarian mate, but she had to admit she was slightly -very slightly- prejudiced against these monotone coloured dragons.

As it was right for a Rain dragon she used her wits to get rid of the blue. She eluded him into follwing her into rough terrain and then left him flying in the mists of the high mountain ridges in front of her. Not only the blue had been foolish enough to follow her into the mist. Brown Fivrith had followed just as eagerly. Though she liked him better than the blue, he was still only one colour.

That left Glitz Blue Iozabinth and Blue Brown Floteth. Two nicely twotoned dragons. Aosihari couldn't really make up her mind though. The tall tales of knowing who she'd pick had been made up. She had been as clueless as her rider concerning this flight.

"Stop!" she said.

Immediatly she scooted up and stayed hovering above them. She was not going to have one of them taking advantage of her hesitations. "Time for some trivia!" she smiled and turned to the Iozabinth.

What? he asked.

"Trivia. You know, I ask questions, you two answer. The winner gets to fly me."

Unusual. Floteth remarked, but I'm in. Of course the blue-winged brown knew he had no chance in a spurt with the much faster glitz blue.

"Question 1: What do you like about me."

You are Icarian. Iozabinth said.

You are pretty. Floteth remarked.

"Hmmm, both good answers... I think we need one more." Aosihari mumbled, "Where do I work?"

Mi'ihen of course. Iozabinth said.

At this remark Floteth began to laugh, or did something that passed for laughing. No, she was born at Mi'ihen! She resides at something called Descas! I win!

Aosihari nodded and flew into Floteth's direction.

"How did you know?" she asked.

I eavesdropped on my rider today when she entered your room. Floteth said and gniffled.

Aosihari nodded and liked the dragon more already. That was something she could have done. Back on the ground Darapti suddenly felt a hand clasp around her wrist. She turned and saw a not so happy Jilsea holding her hand.

"What?" Aosihari asked.

"You don't feel it?" the woman asked.

"Feel what?"

"Floteth won."

Suddenly Darapti got where this was going. She started blushing. "I'm very sorry, but I'm not..."

With a sigh of relief Jilsea let go of the girls hand and turned to one of the available man for her needs. Darapti tried feeling what Jilsea had talked about. Her dragon was happy, that was a fact, but Aosihari had locked her out for the flight. Darapti would have a word about her for that. She would have loved knowing who had won the flight.

"You know now." It sounded from far away.

"Yeah right."

Darapti left the landing flat and went to her room to wait for Aosi's return.

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