Ryslen - Flight 40

Flight 40

Green Kalkt
(Written by Sherra)

The day that Kalkt chose to fly was a dismal one indeed. “Couldn’t you have waited until sometime sunny?” asked Quilyre when she announced her intentions.

No. You don’t have to go out in the rain, only I and my suitors will. Some things cannot wait and this is one of them. I fly! She trumpeted loudly as she flapped out of the shelter of their chambers into the pouring rain.

Though Kalkt had no need for feeding before she flew she waited by the animal pens while the males gathered. It was actually a decent gathering. Two blues flicked rain off their back with shivering motions and one dark blue flapped down. The two specials of the group were Adherath with his small size and violet color and Alimach with a scaled belly and a bipedal gait.

Quilyre’s eyes widened a bit as he remembered who this bipedal green dragon reminded him of. “Its-“ he began before he was cut off by his dragon.

Yes, he is Birana’s brother. However, as long as he does not share his sister’s violent tendancies or at least does not show them in this flight I have no problem with him participating. Do you? The dragoness’ tone was sharp and commanding. Quilyre was quick to answer.

Of course not, love. He has just as much right to try to catch you as any other dragon. The real test will to see if he can catch you.


The riders were more or less human all around. The only nonhuman was the fox-girl, Tavi, Alimach’s rider. As far as Quilyre knew, all of them had been in flights at least once and he remembered reading about Adherath’s triumphs in a few frenzies also. “Poor Kalkt won’t stand a chance,” he murmured as he turned his eyes to the window.

Kalkt was off. The rain beat down heavily on her and perhaps it was because of this that the flight-experienced males weren’t as agile as usual. Interestingly enough, it was the smaller dragons that seemed to be having the easier time in this flight. The blues sped along speedily while Adherath seemed not to be bothered at all by the heavy rain. Alimach was having some trouble but his strength managed to counteract the force of the rain.

Kalkt swerved past Liosliath and dodged the waiting claws of Griflath. She was starting to regret her hasty decision to fly in this rain but it was too late now and what was done was done. All of the dragons were very fine, deciding amongst them was going to be very hard. Come to think of it… she probably should have decided before she started to fly, not after. Most other dragonesses at least had a preference if not a direct choice by the time they got around to rising.

She craned her neck behind her. Alimach was gaining and he certainly was worthy. The blues she wasn’t quite so sure of, they all looked somewhat the same to her in the rain and it was hard to tell them apart. The dark blue was a fine beast as well but she wasn’t sure that he was fast enough to catch her. Now Adherath was… Kalkt blinked the water from her eyes. Where had he gone?

Right below you, said Adherath as he grabbed her tail with his back claws.

But you’re so tiny! Was Kalkt’s delighted giggle of a thought as she allowed the small violet to wrap himself around her.

Quilyre glanced up at the slightly surprised face of Menari. She was much taller than him… but they did have the same hair color and that had to count for something. Neither of them were unhappy with the outcome of the flight and they left the room together, the other riders wandering off disappointedly.

I hope that they are purple like you, crooned Kalkt as she cuddled on the ground with Adherath.


The eggs! She responeded tartly as she flicked her tail around.

Ah, he replied. Then I hope they are lithe and graceful, like you.

Kalkt nuzzled her small mate affectionately. I’m sure they’ll be beautiful regardless of color or grace.

Me too.

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