Ryslen - Flight 44

Flight 44

Stormy Blue Linneth
(Written by Reenee)

Cadithia pulled her arms close to her, a habit she had come to from living at Black Dragon Weyr for such a time. Even though it was hardly anywhere near as cold as it was at their home Weyr (in fact it was quite warm) she still succumbed to the habit. Only recently had Linneth’s flight been filled with participating males, and the stormy blue female was as proddy as ever...

I- ridermine- am far from proddy! Linneth retorted tartly. Caditha frowned, tucking back several strands of her white-pink hair.

It’s either that or I don’t understand the definition of proddy. She replied with a sigh. She hadn’t been in the best of moods, lately. Perhaps in the result of Linneth’s proddy-ness.

I’m not proddy! The stormy blue snapped again, but I am rising- now. So I suggest you get to the feeding grounds- now. Cadithia coughed, almost choking on her afternoon meal at this.

You’re what!? But before anything could be done, Linneth’s call was echoed throughout the dragonary, calling all participants and anyone else who was interested. Cadithia pulled herself from her seat and darted from the area- to the feeding grounds.


Linneth’s neck stretched out to observe the feeding grounds before her with a hiss- her chasers. Two blues, a gold-blue, an aquamarine and a ‘partial glitz yellow’… What kind of colour was ‘partial glitz yellow’? And aquamarine was just another shade of blue- giving it its own name was just silly. Then again… she herself was a stormy blue… they could have just called her a blue, but her mother had insisted that her and her brother were to be stormy blues.

Ah well, it didn’t much matter which colour they were, right? It was all about who was fast enough, agile enough, and smart enough to catch her.

Her cloud-patterned wings spread wide before taking off, drifting down to the grounds with a silent cackle as the beasts scattered in terror with her arrival. Her talons latched into the ground as she landed, letting out a roar of pride before pouncing on her first victim. She snapped its neck and prepared to pull a hunk of meat from the corpse… sweet, raw meat…

Blood it! Cadithia’s voice screamed inside her head. The blue beastess bucked her head, making an attempt to block her rider’s voice out, You want to fly well? You want a good clutch? BLOOD IT! Linneth hissed with whirling red eyes but complied, leaning in to drain the blood from her kill. It was… satisfying. So she did it with her second, and her third… She was ready.

Taking another look over her chasers, she leaps into the air with wide wings. The males followed- quickly. They were faster then she had expected… but still not fast enough. She was a good distance ahead of them… she would be able to keep ahead for a good time.

Only minutes into the flight, Yukith seemed to get impatient and made his move- pulling ahead from the pack. Linneth screamed her rage, whirling onto her back and kicked the yellow hard in the chest.

You will not simply decide to catch me! She hissed, pulling father away from them. Yukith beat his wings but had fallen so far behind that even if he’d managed to regain himself he would never catch up… and so he took to between, returning to his rider’s side. Linneth miffed in dismissal. One down, four to go.

Naviculath took an easy lead from the pack- the sheer power of being part gold a definite advantage. Meanwhile Zuheilenth scrambled, frustrated as he was falling behind but there seemed to be nothing he could do about it. Linneth did somewhat of a barrel-role, rising higher in the air as the blue returned to his rider. It was upsetting that they were dropping out so quickly… like flies.

The flight went on, not seeming to change in any way- Naviculath taking a large lead with Kith and Earwynth neck in neck behind him. The stormy-blue female was starting to wonder if the flight would ever end before her wings faltered and the realization sunk in- she was getting tired, and she wanted to mate.

The two- Kith and Earwynth- noticed this and both started forward to attract the attention of their potential prize. The aquamarine’s wing snagged with the blue’s wing and the two were sent off course, spiraling towards the ground. Earwynth bugled in frustration and took to between- to his rider… but Kith wouldn’t give up. He spread with wings wide and righted himself, using reserved energy in attempt to catch up to the gold-blue. Naviculath craned his neck to inspect the blue curiously and started to move forward to the female before him.

Linneth watched the approaching gold-blue for a moment, then turned her attention to Kith. She was much more interested in him. He was determined… a good attribute for a male. Silently she soared towards the males- around Naviculath- and towards Kith. She crooned affectionately, allowing him to take her. The two twined, and drifted towards the ground together while the gold-blue returned to his rider.

Do you really think my name is beautiful, Kith? The stormy blue asked softly. Kith nudged her, holding his wings wide to slow their decent.

Yes, and you’re very pretty, too.

And so ended the forty-fourth flight of Ryslen.

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