Ryslen - Flight 45

Flight 45

Special Green Clareth
(Written by Dracleia)

Clareth had been in such good spirits since they arrived at Ryslen that Kenyeva didn't even notice her bond's increase in color. Being of old blood, Clareth had become so quiet over the past few hours that Kenyeva had begun to wonder if she had gone to sleep.

I rise! Clareth announced, pouncing on her first victim.

Kenyeva swore and scrambled around looking for her jacket. By the time Kenyeva had found it, the rest of the riders had begun to arrive. Abandoning her thoughts of freshing up, she smiled warmly at all the riders, and sent Beryl to the kitchens for some refreshments.

Clareth glanced up at her suitors and snorted to herself. Out of the five whom had expressed interest in her, only two were worth her attention. She eyed Dhumdhuanath warily; she knew he was an experienced chaser, and she vowed to herself to keep an eye on him. The other wildly colored male was a Ryslen native by the name of Rizetrith. His red and silver coloring attracted her attention, keeping her from really noticing either of the blues or the copper that were also vying for her.

Clareth took one last beast down before she flung her muzzle into the air. You shall never catch me, you sorry excuses for dragons! Clareth bellowed, surprising even her rider. Kenyeva looked around at all the riders, her eyes coming to rest on a man they called M*jora. She smiled, and offered the men the drinks that Beryl had been sent for.

Clareth jumped into the air, watching her suitors scramble up after her. Laughing to herself, she did a few corkscrews and rolls before shooting up into the clouds.

Black-brown-red Dhumdhuanath was the first into the air behind her, followed by copper Zugpferdth, then red-silver Rizetrith, and finally blues Alerath and Amaneth. Clareth looked back only once, and instantly regretted her decision. Dhumdhuanath had caught up to her and was within reach of her tail. Instantly, she veered left and dove downwards, gaining just a bit of speed, but losing altitude.

Instantly, the two blues were on her tail. Both seemed to have formed an alliance of some sorts; to keep the bigger dragons out of the running. Amaneth snapped at the copper Zugpferdth, who snarled and snapped back. Watch who you're snapping at, little one! Zugpferdth bellowed at the blue, who snorted and puffed out his chest. Watch who you call little, you moron! Amaneth roared back, whipping his tail around to snap in the copper's direction. Rizetrith rolled his eyes and ducked around the fighting duo, vying to get in front of Dhum'.

You two keeping fighting; gives me a chance to get back to my lovely. Dhumdhuanath murmured, moving in closer to Clareth. Since she could hear everything the dragon's were saying, Kenyeva started laughing.

Clareth grumbled and spiraled around some more, trying to shake Dhumdhuanath from her tail. Alerath found a thermal and shot above Clareth and Dhumdhuanath. Rizetrith tried to follow, seeing the oppertunity, but missed it by mere seconds, and backwinged at the wrong minute. Crowing defeat, he floated down to the ground, with his tail between his legs, so to speak.

Clareth, darling, I promise I don't bite...hard. Dhumdhuanath purred, trying to catch her tail. Clareth purred back, and whipped her tail into his nose. Nice try, Dhum' darling. Clareth mocked, shooting up above him. Alerath found this to his advantage; she'd flown right into his grasp. With a surprised sqawk, Clareth flew right into Alerath. Taking his prize, he wrapped his tail around hers and crooned. Dhumdhuanath swore, and circled down to the ground, along with Amaneth and Zugpferdth. Clareth warbled and wrapped her neck around his, accepting her mate.

Kenyeva smirked and watched as all left the room, except B'tius. Moving closer to him, she whispered, "I guess 'accidentally' running into those you find interest in gave Alerath inspiration." B'tius blushed fiercely, but smiled nonetheless.

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