Ryslen - Flight 46

Flight 46

Huge Light Green Xenarioth
(Written by Sherra)

Xenarioth was not in a good mood when she realized that it was time to rise. Finally five chasers had been found to compete for her but she found them sadly lacking. She was bigger than all of them and all but one were brown or close enough to brown that she grew furious. When Chranith politely suggested that a green who was so large and powerful as her should not judge other dragons by color she grew angry enough to flame him, chasing him around Ryslen for several hours before she quieted. Now she sat perched on the edge of a ledge, glaring down at the flight fields and feeling angry at the world.

They aren't even worthy of my rejection, they are all so pitiful, she growled as she clawed at the stone ledge. I doubt that there is even one of them capable of matching me in flight. Pity. Rasa glanced over at her dragon, her slightly glowing dragon. Xenarioth began to growl, raising her wings and hanging slightly over the edge of her ledge. But now I fly, worthy suitors or not. If none shall catch me then none shall! Try and fail, you dismal males, for I am Xenarioth! Xenarioth screamed a challenging roar as she launched towards the flight fields. Rasa began to jog over to the flight area for the riders while the males gathered.

"You guys don't know what you're getting into," she muttered as the male riders gathered round. "Xenarioth can fly circles around all of your silly beasts and will. Not even a bronze... hmph." She glared out the window at where Xenarioth was sucking the blood out of a beast. She didn't need any encouragement, her voracity was so intense.

Xenarioth's eyes glowed red with her rage as she slashed the throat of another panicked animal. Pitiful, useless, weak males! You dare to think yourselves worthy of me?

Some of the male dragons were starting to look edgy as they saw Xenarioth suck the life out of another animal. They had known that she wasn't going to be an easy fly but this was just starting to get intimidating. However, when she spread her wings and crouched low onto the ground they all echoed her motions, springing into the air after her as she began her flight.

Xenarioth startled all of the males chasing her by pulling a tactic not widely seen in mating flights. Instead of shooting high into the sky like most dragons did in the beginning of their flight she stayed low. Silver Erdbeereth had expected her to head for the clouds and so was quite disappointed when he saw her down low. He dived after Xenarioth but was still behind the rest of the males.

Xenarioth flew so close to the ground that her wingbeats stirred up great clouds of dirt when she passed over bare ground. Kohavaeth and Rotuth seemed to be trying to keep on her level while the other three were flying slightly above. Xenarioth zig-zagged above the ground and nearly frightened to death a group of travelers passing over a road below.

If you are having problems keeping up with me now then you will never catch me! Announced Xenarioth as she made a turn... straight for a forest.

She has to be crazy! Exclaimed Rotuth as he backwinged himself to a hover. I'm not following her in there to hit into a tree!

Guess you won't catch her then! Called Peimolath as he whizzed by the brown. Rotuth hmped to himself as he flapped back towards the main area. This was just a bit too much for him.

Following Xenarioth was a dangerous task indeed. Erdbeereth had caught up with the other males now but clipped his wing on a tree which severely diminished his turning capacity. However, he refused to give up and kept flapping after the blazing light green. He was going to catch her, no matter what it took!

Xenarioth zoomed left and right to dodge particularly high trees as she whizzed over the forest. Her world was a green blur with blue above, she was going so fast. She pulled off a sharp turn around a large oak when she saw a wall of trees blocking her path in front. Well, it was time to get out of the forest now. She plowed forward straight ahead, pulling up at the last moment to climb almost vertically into the sky.

Erdbeereth had been worried that Xenarioth would smack into a tree but was relieved when he saw her escape and head upwards. But.... Erdbeereth tried to turn upwards but his wingtip just couldn't take the speed. He fell out of control and crashed through the foliage of the trees, getting tangled up but not hurt. He was out of this flight.

There were only three chasers now, two black/browns and one celestial beast. However, Xenarioth continued her upwards path while they fought to keep up. She rose high above the forest and into fluffy white clouds before passing above even them into the freezing sky beyond.

The three males were aghast at Xenarioth's flight tactics. Why was she flying so high? The air was thinner up here so it was harder to fly. She might be fine with it with her burst of flight energy but it was draining on the males chasing her. Their breath came out in frosty gasps and it wasn't long before Chranith realized that this was too much for him. Disappointed at loosing, Chranith spiraled back downwards to the distant ground below.

Now it was only Kohavaeth and Peimolath in that cold air above the clouds. They were tiring but Xenarioth seemed to be slowing as well. But, that didn't meant hat she would stop taunting them. Is that the best you can do? I've seen flitters that fly faster! She yelled as she executed a turn that would make a white dragon jealous.

However... that turn might have been fine for a smaller dragon but on her it was something else entirely. Her already tired wing muscles were strained past their limit on this turn and with a cry of pain one of Xenarioth's wings gave out. She flapped wildly with her healthy wing as she began to plummet downwards, the ground approaching at an alarming rate.

The two males watched in horror as they saw the injury and both glanced at eachother as they saw the green fall. She is too big! Cried out Kohavaeth. If we try to help her then we will fall too!

It only took an instant for Peimolath to make his decision. I don't care! He bugled mentally as he tucked his wings to his sides. I'm going to try to save her! With that he dived, streaking down after the blaze of white and green.

Xenarioth had a head start on the black/brown but her attempts to slow her fall were working enough for Peimolath to catch up. Peimolath gripped her shoulders to stabilize her and stop her spinning before positioning himself below her and pumping his wings with all of his might. The ground seemed to be zooming towards them at an impossible speed as the two dragons struggled in the sky to stop their fall. All around Ryslen warning calls were trumpeted but no dragon could get there in time to help the two of them.

Beneath Xenarioth, Peimolath flapped like he had never flapped before. His wings creaked with the effort and his muscles cried out in pain but he kept beating his wings against the air that wouldn't seem to support him. Xenarioth's one wing pumped as well but for a moment it seemed like all was lost.

And then they slowed. Peimolath's mouth dropped open in joy as he realized that they were under control again, that the ground wasn't going to crush them with its speed. They were floating slowly down now like a leaf upon an autumn breeze. They both made it down and both panted with the fatigue of slowing that fateful fall.

Peimolath's head was hanging towards the ground when he heard a strange noise, something like a purr. He looked up to see Xenarioth looking at him, her eyes glowing a shade of brilliant blue. Mating upon the ground wasn't the usual way of doing it among dragons but as Peimolath would soon find out, it was just as satisfying.

Rasa didn't make a fuss as Nuadha led her away from the other riders. Something terrible had almost happened and his dragon had helped to avert it. Now all was well and Xenarioth's clutch would soon be on the sands. With the breeding of a gigantic light green and a dark brown who knew what would result from the eggs, but it was a flight to remember.

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