Ryslen - Flight 49

Flight 49

Striped Black-White Rainbow GreenDanmorchaeth
(Written by Shanie)

The sun has long risen over Nidus Ryslen when Danmorchaeth decided to rise. Not just wake up, oh no, not this time. Rise to mate. With a small yawn, the dark green cast her gaze over the colony in search of her suitors.

Prrljati - a mouthful, no doubt about it - was bathing by the lake. His blue hide was spotted blackely and his wings were dark as well. He was charming and unbonded, so there was no human in the mix to complicate things.

A red and pink dragon by the name of Aseykenth was another who sought her attentions. He was of Moire, a place known for their strange dragons. His personality and color were intruiging, though she did not particularily like the pink of his hide. She refused to let her decision be made so shallowly, however.

One who had come with Asyekenth was a pale blue with burgundy wings named Ceruklaret. He was another interesting dragon, unbonded as well. She gave him a considering look before searching out her other two suitors.

She found them near eachother, both vibrant blues. One was a sunset rainbow blue named Yentalinoperth, the only of her suitors to have a human bond. This could complicate things. However, the other blue - a rainbow blue, to be precise - was her own bond Tiaenthkinepth. She smiled to herself. He would have to prove himself worthier than the others before catching her.

With a second yawn, she got up from her perch on the ledge of her current quarters. She flicked her dark wings slightly and tossed her head before looking over her suitors again. She touched each of their minds gently, informing them of her intents to rise that day, before gliding towards the herdbeast pens. She was no prissy human-bonded dragon so she saw no need to be rude to her chasers.

They followed quickly and made their own kills as she waited for them to be done. When they had each caught a herdbeast each, she leaped upon her own. She had no human to tell her not to blood her kills, but she knew the ritual. She had been drilled in it constantly since her arrival.

Remember to blood it, Dan'. Her bond, Tiaenthkinepth, warned, watching her over his own kill.

She flicked her tail and sank her teeth into its neck. I know, Tiaen'. She said curtly.

He looked slightly downcrest to having been shot down. No encouraging words from her, no assurances that he would catch her. The other males took heart from this - wary of the female's bond - and blooded their own kills.

Danmorchaeth made her way through three herdbeast rather quickly. With a small grin for her chasers, she moved as if to take another yet leaped into the air instead. A few steady downbeats and she was high in the air, getting farther with every second.

The males leaped up after her, Tiaenthkinepth in the lead and Prrljati trailing slightly behind. The other three were pretty much even in the middle, not bothering to fight eachother for second place. They all knew that there were no consolation prizes in flights. Only first place got their reward.

With a soft croon to them, she lead them up into the sky. She closed her mind off from her bond's hearing his soft growl of hurt at this act. She would explain it all to him later. At the moment, she was more concerned with her flight and staying away from the males until a victor was decided.

Aseykenth fought his way to the front, his startlingly red and pink coloring clearly visible to the chased female. He neared the rainbow green's tail, yet Danmorchaeth would not let him have her that easily. With a feral grin, she cupped her wings to her sides and dove down, making him miss.

The other males followed eagerly, yet Aseykenth was left behind and slightly confused. He valiantly tried to regain ground, now rather behind the hind-most Prrljati.

Next, determined Ceruklaret and Tiaenthkinepth both made their moves at the same time. Tiaenthkinepth came from the right, Ceruklaret from the left. The green saw them both and, with a smirk, flapped harder so as to rise above them. They both saw this and flew at her, thinking she was running out of energy.

With a chirp, she dove again. The males, unable to turn quickly enough, nearly crashed into eachother. Luckily, they escaped without major injuries. They both headed back to Ryslen, though, as they were too hurt - physically and mentally - to continue. This ended their part in the flight.

Now, Yentalinoperth and Prrljati had gotten a considerable lead over Asyekenth. With a grumbled to himself, the red-pink turned away and gave up, sending her a sad look.

However, Danmorchaeth did not see him. She was too busy wrestling her tail from Prrljati's grasp. To her surprise, the little spotted blue had a terribly hard grip. Tentalinoperth, however, would not have his female be lost so soon. He dove at Prrljati, knocking him off of her tail.

The green sped away, leaving the two to untangle themselves and pursue her once again. She looked back to see where they had gotten to, only to see Yentalinorperth following gamely. She looked around for Prrljati, wondering if the charming other blue had given up.

Looking for me? He asked as he suddenly dropped on her back.

Danmorchaeth chuckled low in her throat as she let him catch her, sending Yentalinoperth back to his rider - defeated. Not anymore. She informed him.

Tiaenthkinepth watched his bond be caught with a jealous heart. True, her clutch would be spectacular, that he had to admit. He was just annoyed that Prrljati had beat him. He would win next time, though.

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